18 May 2019

Adventure: Momentum Patch Notes (v186)

Dear Maplers,

... you know what, I'll tl;dr this for you. Easier 5th Job. Practice mode on weekly bosses. Haven, Campsite, Kritias Daily quests became weekly quests. New Nameless Daily for more symbols. SG/MY maps became high-level maps (170~190+). Cheaper Star Force. More Hyper Stats. Maple Union made convenient. And my personal favourite? Princess Nou Secondary Weapons. Curious? A tl;dr can only do so much. Read on to find out more!

...and with that, here's our schedule for a fun-filled and exciting v186, Adventure!
  22 May 2019 - Momentum
  5 June 2019 - Pathfinder
  10 July 2019 - Odyssey

MapleStorySEA Adventure (v186) Patch Notes can be found here!

Momentum Reorganization

A plethora of changes!

Content Reorganization

1. Quest Improvements
2. 5th Job Advancement
3. Boss Reorganization
4. Theme Dungeons
5. Temple of Time Update
6. Kritias Update
7. Twilight Perion Update
8. Fox Valley Update
9. Road to Extinction Quest Changes
10. Daily/Weekly Quest Reorganization
10. Singapore & Malaysia Map Reorganization
12. Removal of Obsolete Maps

System Changes

1. Star Force Enhancement
2. Spell Trace Enhancement
3. Arcane Symbol
4. Hyper Stats
5. Maple Union

Content Reorganization

Quest Improvements

  • Tutorial quests have been adjusted to ease the beginning story quests for several jobs up till 2nd Job Advancement.
  • Story quests for several jobs have been adjusted to make them easier.
  • General 3rd and 4th Job Quests have been simplified.

    The following jobs are affected:
  • All Explorers
  • All Resistance
  • All Heroes
  • All Nova
  • All Knights of Cygnus
  • All Flora

    5th Job Advancement

  • Pre-Requisite Temple of Time quests have been removed.
  • Accumulation of EXP in Arcane Stones have been removed as a requirement to advance to 5th Job.
       ➢ The stones can still be used to store obtained EXP.
  • Additional Story Quest has been added.
  • All new characters that advance to 5th Job will obtain 3 V Skills that belong to their respective jobs.
  • Achievement quest "I'm V-aster Than Anyone Else" will no longer be complete-able.

    Boss Reorganization

  • Practice mode has been added.

       ➢ Only for bosses that can be cleared once per week.
       ➢ All characters can access Practice mode of a boss if they have completed all pre-requisites to access the boss.
       ➢ All characters have a daily limit of 5 entries to Practice Mode, regardless of the boss entered.
       ➢ Practice mode entry limit is separate from entry limits and clear limits of regular modes.
       ➢ No rewards can be obtained while killing bosses in practice mode, including EXP and loot.
       ➢ Quests related to killing the regular bosses cannot be completed in Practice Mode.
       ➢ Monster Collection cannot be completed by using Practice Mode bosses.
  • Pink Bean battle flow has been adjusted.
       ➢ All statues (Solomon, Rex, Hugin, Munin, and Ariel) will now appear at the same time.
       ➢ Statues will not respawn after defeat.
       ➢ Cancel Attack and Damage Reflect buff duration have been decreased, and will not be casted as frequently.
       ➢ Chaos Pink Bean will now only respawn twice (total 3 bodies).
  • Clear limit of Chaos Pink Bean and Hard Hilla have been changed to 1 Clear per week.
  • Drop rate for several Chaos Pink Bean loots have been increased:
       ➢ Golden Clover Belt
       ➢ Pink Holy Grail
       ➢ Black Bean Mark
  • Selling price of Glowing Soul Crystals have been increased for all bosses.
  • Additional Suspicious Cube can now be obtained from several bosses:
       ➢ Lotus (Normal, Hard)
       ➢ Damien (Normal, Hard)
       ➢ Lucid (Normal, Hard)
       ➢ Will (Normal, Hard)
       ➢ Dusk
       ➢ Djunkel
       ➢ Heretic Hilla
       ➢ Black Mage

  • Ranmaru and Princess Nou has been updated to receive the same Boss Reward Adjustments as other bosses

       ➢ Glowing Soul Crystals have been added
       ➢ Suspicious Cube, Boss Medal of Honor, Elixir/Power Elixir drops have been updated
       ➢ Miscellaneous scroll drops have been removed.
  • Ranmaru Entry Limit has been changed to once per day regardless of difficulty.
  • Princess Nou Clear Limit has been changed to once per week.
  • Princess Nou Practice Mode has been added.
  • Channel Restriction for Ranmaru has been removed.
  • Reward for Princess Nou boss has been changed

       ➢ Following the shard system, Princess Nou Secondaries can now be obtained by collecting Shard of Fascination dropped by Princess Nou.
       ➢ Collect 15 Shard of Fascination to obtain any Princess Nou Secondary of your choice.
       ➢ Exchange Shards 10 times to experience Chance Time, where there is a higher chance to obtain an item with a higher potential!
       ➢ Please note that unlike the Coupon version of Princess Nou Secondary Items, the Princess Nou's Soul Shield obtained cannot be traded upon obtaining them. Please exercise caution and double check before exchanging for them.

    Theme Dungeons

  • The following Theme Dungeons have been adjusted
       ➢ Ellinel Fairy Academy
       ➢ Gold Beach Resort
       ➢ Riena Strait
  • Adjusted to cater to characters within levels 30 - 59.

  • All Level 30-59 theme dungeons will now have monster level scaled with player level.
  • Runes, Bounty Hunter Portals, Flame Wolf Portals and Elite Bosses will no longer spawn in theme dungeons.
  • The EXP gain and mob kill count required for quests have been standardized.
  • All theme dungeons can be accessed via the light bulb icon.
  • Characters that have to complete Required Story Quests before accessing other quests will not be able to access theme dungeons without first completing the required Story Quests.
  • Theme Dungeon Rewards have been adjusted accordingly.
  • The Maple Guide will recommend theme dungeons in a random order.

    Temple of Time

  • Monster levels have been adjusted to 140~155 within Temple of Time.
  • Temple of Time quests level requirement have been decreased from Level 155 to Level 140.


  • Monster levels have been adjusted to 170~190 within Kritias.
  • Characters will no longer be automatically moved to enter Kritias Invasion when it is in progress.
       ➢ Entry to Kritias Invasion will now be via Quest Notifier on the left side of the screen while in Kritias.
  • Adjusted Daily/Weekly quests. See below for more information.

    Twilight Perion

  • Quest EXP will be increased.
  • Overall efficiency of hunting maps has been improved

    Fox Valley

  • Respawn rate of some maps have been increased.
  • Overall efficiency of hunting maps has been improved

    Road to Extinction Quests

  • General changes have been made to Story Quests to improve hunting efficiency and lower its difficulty.
  • Increased drop rates for quest items.
  • Standardized all story quest collection items to 50 items.

    Daily/Weekly Quest Reorganization

  • Haven, Kritias, Fallen World Tree Daily quests have been changed to Weekly quests.

  • Similar to other recurring quests, you can now select to change assigned quests for a new quest.
  • Weekly quests will be reset every Monday, 0000hrs (GMT +8:00).


  • Total number of quests changed from 21 per week (3 per day) to 5 quests per week.
  • Rewards have been changed to 10,000 Half Magic and 3 Anti-Magic Stones per week upon completing all available weekly quests.
  • EXP Rewards have been adjusted accordingly.


  • Total number of quests changed from 28 per week (4 per day) to 5 quests per week.
  • Rewards have been changed to 12 A-Grade Energy Core per week upon completing all available weekly quests.
  • EXP Rewards have been adjusted accordingly.

    Fallen World Tree

  • Total number of quests changed from 21 per week (3 per day) to 5 quests per week.
  • Rewards have been changed to 12 Faded Brand Soulstone per week upon completing all available weekly quests.

    Erda Spectrum (Road to Extinction Daily Quest)

  • A new daily quest, Erda Spectrum, has been added to Road to Extinction.

  • Requirements: Level 200+ and completed [Road to Extinction] Arcane Symbol quest.
  • Admission through NPC Nina in Nameless Village.
  • Can be completed up to 3 times daily.
       ➢ Daily count can be reduced by one and rewards can be obtained immediately upon advancing further in Arcane River areas.
       ➢ Finish up to 1 Erda Spectrum immediately upon completion of Chew Chew Island Prequests.
       ➢ Finish up to 2 Erda Spectrum immediately upon completion of Lacheln Prequests.
  • Can only be accessed while in a party of 1 ~ 3 players.
  • Obtain 2 Arcane Symbol: Road to Extinction upon completion of each round.

    How to Erda Spectrum

  • There are two stages in Erda Spectrum.
  • Hunt Erda to operate the Erda Condenser, and attack the Condenser to extract the Erda, and collect them according to their colours in the first stage.
  • Activate the Condenser and push the extracted Erda by using the "NPC Chat" key (default 'N')
  • There will be a second stage where you either use the Erda Condenser to shoo Arma away, or you use the Erda Condenser to shoo summoned monsters away. Easy!

    Singapore & Malaysia Map Reorganization

  • Singapore & Malaysia regional World Map has been added.

  • Flight to Singapore from Victoria Tree Platform will now depart instantly, and will reach Singapore Airport in 1 minute. Talk about speed!
  • Level limit to enter Singapore area maps is now Level 170.
  • Level limit to enter Malaysia area maps is now Level 190
  • Field maps have been adjusted to improve hunting efficiency.
  • Monster levels in Singapore have been adjusted to accommodate for higher levelled characters.
       ➢ Central Way Areas: Level 170~174
       ➢ Ulu Estate Areas: Level 175~181
       ➢ Mysterious Path Areas: Level 182~186
       ➢ Mysterious Path Areas (Star Force): Level 186~189
       ➢ Ghost Ship Areas: Level 186~189
       ➢ Muddy Banks Areas: Level 190~194
       ➢ Fantasy Theme Park Areas: Level 195~199
  • Boss levels in Singapore and Malaysia have been adjusted to accommodate for higher levelled characters. Level requirement to enter bosses have also been adjusted accordingly.
       ➢ Krexel: Changed from Level 140 to Level 180.
       ➢ Capt. Latanica: Changed from Level 100 to Level 190.
       ➢ Scarlion, Targa: Changed from Level 80, 100, 140 to Level 160, 180, 200
  • Monsters in most maps within Singapore and Malaysia areas will now spawn faster.
  • Hidden portals will now be marked with an appropriate portal indicator.
  • Quests have been reorganized for higher levels.

    Removal of Obsolete Maps

  • Several areas that are no longer used will be removed from the game:
       ➢ Neo Tokyo
       ➢ NLC
       ➢ Crimson Wood Party Quest
       ➢ Masters Dungeon
  • Please note that NLC's Vendor NPC, Miki, can now be found in Henesys Market.
  • Related maps and quests have been deleted.
  • Please be advised to use all your Frontier Coin currency in the Frontier Shop before the removal of the Masters Dungeon Entrance Map, Master's Road: Battlefield Entrance.

    System Changes

    Star Force Enhancement

  • Star Force Enhancement Level will no longer drop upon failing Star Force Enhancement below 10 Star Force.
  • Success rates when enhancing from 10 to 13 Star Force has been increased as follows:
       ➢ At 10 Star Force: Changed from 45% to 50%
       ➢ At 11 Star Force: Changed from 35% to 45%
       ➢ At 12 Star Force: Changed from 30% to 40%
       ➢ At 13 Star Force: Changed from 30% to 35%
  • Star Force Enhancement Mesos Cost has been decreased.

  • Star Force Formula has been adjusted to increase damage by 1% per Star Force exceeding the required map's Star Force, up to a 20% damage bonus.

    Spell Trace Enhancement

  • Spell Trace cost for equipment below Level 150 has been decreased.

    Arcane Symbol

  • Mesos cost for Arcane Symbol Enhancement has been decreased.
  • Arcane Force Formula has been adjusted to provide damage bonus in several stages.
       ➢ Have 100%~109% of required Arcane Force: 100% damage bonus
       ➢ Have 110%~129% of required Arcane Force: 110% damage bonus
       ➢ Have 130%~149% of required Arcane Force: 130% damage bonus
       ➢ Have above 150% of required Arcane Force: 150% damage bonus

    Hyper Stats

  • Hyper Stat points will now be distributed when levelling beyond 250.
       ➢ Level 250~259: 14 Hyper Stat points per level
       ➢ Level 260~269: 15 Hyper Stat points per level
       ➢ Level 270~274: 16 Hyper Stat points per level
  • Existing Hyper Stats have been adjusted
       ➢ STR/DEX/INT/LUK Hyper Stats will now award more stats per level.
       ➢ Several Hyper Stats have been removed (Speed, Jump, Elemental Resistance)
  • New Hyper Stats have been added
       ➢ Attack
       ➢ Magic Attack
       ➢ Bonus EXP
       ➢ Arcane Force (can only be added after completing 5th Job)
  • Maximum Level adjusted
       ➢ Hyper Stats with a previous Max Level of 5 such as DF/TF have been increased to Max Level 10
       ➢ Hyper Stats with a previous Max Level of 10 have been increased to Max Level 15
       ➢ Hyper Stats points can only be added into the expanded maximum levels upon completing 5th Job.
  • Upon first log-in after v186, all invested Hyper Stats will be reset.

    Maple Union

  • Requirement for starting Maple Union has changed, and can now be started as long as the account has either;
       ➢ One character above Level 60 with a total sum of Character Levels above 500, OR
       ➢ One or more character has completed 5th Job Advancement.
  • Maximum number of Union Presets is now 5.
  • All players will now have 2 preset slots unlocked.
  • Currently set Maple Union configuration will automatically be saved as Preset 1.
  • Any current Preset 1~3 in use before the update will automatically be transferred to Preset 3-5.
  • Overlapping blocks will now have a visual indicator.
  • There will no longer be physical Union Coins. Union Coins will now be shared via the entire world automatically, and the number of Union Coins will now be reflected in the Maple Union UI and in the shop.