27 Feb 2018

Maple Film Festival Event Notes (v174)

Dear Maplers,

With the end of the NOVA expansion, it is time to start out the post-nova events with a large variety of different events! Enjoy the highly anticipated Maple Film Festival alongside many other events while we bring you more content this upcoming Summer!

Table of Content:

1. Maple Film Festival
2. Spring Return
3. Pink Bean’s Flower Cake
4. Maple Spring Break Attendance
5. Sunday Maple - Memories of Discounts
6. Saturday Burning Time
7. Maple Rainbow Challenge
8. Mega Burning Project
9. Stellar Detective Reopening Event
10. Lady Blair’s Dream Express

Maple Film Festival

Pass around the popcorn among your fellow Maplers and enjoy a series of parody films that features iconic Maple Folks such as Cassandra, Kemdi, Orchid and many more.

For more information regarding the Maple Film Festival Screening, please refer to the special Maple Film Festival Promotional Flyer here.
See you at the theatres!

Spring Return

We’re calling back Maplers of old to return for this time limited event!

Duration: 27 February 2018 (after maintenance) ~ 20th March 2018, 2359hrs
Eligibility Criteria: No login activity since 0000hrs 10th August 2017 to 0000hrs 27th February 2018

If you have been away from MapleSEA during the time period stated above, all you need to do is return to the game between now until 2359hrs 20th March 2018 to receive a special Spring Break Welcome Back Gift containing goodies to welcome you back to the Maple World and to enjoy our new content and exciting events.


Inside the Spring Break Welcome Back Gift you’ll receive:
- x1 Ring of Clan
- x1 7-day World Map Warp Drive
- x1 Shining Effect
- x5 Safety Charms
- x5 Wheel of Fortune

Pink Bean’s Flower Cake

Yummy~ Pink Bean’s at it again!


Duration: 27 February 2018, (after maintenance) ~ 13 March 2018, 2359hrs
Requirements: Level 33+ (Zero Classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to start: Click on the Pink Bean NPC in town(s)

Pink Bean is celebrating Spring with his/her very own Flower Cake that is deeeelicious~

Event Mechanics

- Hunt Level Range Monsters to obtain delicious Flower Cakes
- Level Range Monsters are monsters between -20 and +20 of your Character’s Level.
- Upon using Flower Cakes, you will receive a Popcorn Coin & EXP.
- You can obtain up to 60 Flower Cakes daily.

You also stand a chance to get a very rare Pink Bean Hair Pin from consuming these Flower Cakes.


Every Day Thanksgiving Gift!

It’s time for Spring~ Come online daily and collect some sweet rewards from the daily mission event!

Duration: 4 March 2018 (after maintenance) ~ 14 13 March 2018, 2359hrs
Requirements: Level 33+ (Zero Classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to start: Click on the Star Icon > Click on the calendar icon
Limit: Once per day per world

Daily Missions


- Perform daily mission to get an Everyday Thanksgiving Gift Box (Inter-Account Transactions Available)
- Hunt 200 Level Range Monsters to complete the mission.
- Level Range Monsters are monsters between -20 and +20 of your Character’s Level.
- Boxes obtained will increase depending on how many times it has been completed.


- x2 EXP Coupon (15 Mins)
- Delicious Thanksgiving (+30 Attack & HP for 15 mins)
- Popcorn Coin

Sunday Maple - Memories of Discount

Thank god it’s Sunday~

First Sunday: 4 March 2018

- Star Force enhancement 30% off!
- 20 Selected Arcane Symbols (1 per world)!
- Popcorn Coin gain and drop rate x2!

Second Sunday: 11 March 2018

- King of the Rings Coin Shop 30% off!
- Dun-Krrash 100% off!
- Popcorn Coin gain and drop rate x2!

Third Sunday: 18 March 2018

- Ability Reset 50% off
- Honor EXP x5 when getting a Medal of Honor!
- Popcorn Coin gain and drop rate x2!

Fourth Sunday: 25 March 2018

- King of the Rings Coin Shop 30% off!
- Potential Evaluation cost 50% off!
- Popcorn Coin gain and drop rate x2!

Saturday Burning Time

As a special celebration, on 10 March, 17 March and 24 March, there will be an all-day Burning Time! Burning time increases the spawn rate of Elite Monsters!

Maple Rainbow Challenge!

It’s that time again. Rainbow Challenge is Back! Embrace the colours of the rainbow with missions every day of the week! Join the Maple Rainbow Challenge! And receive daily rewards whenever you complete a challenge.


Duration: 21 March 2018, 1000hrs ~ 3 April 2018, 2359hrs
Requirements: Level 33+ (Zero Classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
How to start: Get the introduction quest for Cassandra
Limit: 7 Missions per day per character


There are 7 possible missions available for you to challenge yourself. You can pick any one of the 7 missions:
❖ Challenge! Monster Hunt
      ➢ Hunt 500 Level Range Monsters
❖ Challenge! Master of Patience
      ➢ Help Cassandra hold onto a Locked Rainbow Box for 20 Minutes
❖ Challenge! Find Who I am
      ➢ Find the correct NPC from their silhouette and take their picture
❖ Challenge! Profession
      ➢ Accumulate a Fatigue level of over 100
❖ Challenge! Greeting
      ➢ Find Maplers and greet them
❖ Challenge! Monster Park
      ➢ Clean 1 Monster Park
❖ Challenge! Party Quests
      ➢ Complete 1 Party Quest

For more info on the missions, click on Cassandra and select [Event] Challenge! Maple Rainbow Information

Special Missions

Keep completing those missions to earn a terrific title & a ‘flashy’ chair! If you complete Challenge! Rainbow Day! 7 times, you will be able to obtain Rainbow-colored Maple! Title~


There is a secret way to obtain the Rainbow Polaroid Chair~ So, get your telescopic camera lens out and start looking!
p.s. You’d have to find it 30 times...!


For each time you complete Challenge! Rainbow Mission, you will get 1 of the following:
- 2X EXP Coupon (15 Mins)
- Loot Fountain (20 Mins)
- Meso Drop x2 Coupon (15 Mins)
- 50 Mileage Coupon
- Fatigue Recovery Potion
- Trait Pouch x1
- Two Suspicious Cube

For each time you complete Challenge! Rainbow Day, you will get 1 of the following:
- 3X EXP Coupon (15 Mins)
- Core Gemstone
- Selective Arcane Symbol x2 Coupon
- 100 Mileage Coupon
- Monster Park Reborn Free Admission Ticket
- Selective Trait Box x1
- Fifteen Suspicious Cubes

Mega Burning Project - Spring Edition


Mega Burning Project has returned, once again!
Enjoy 1+2 Level Up all the way to Level 130!

Duration: 7 March 2018 (after maintenance) ~ 20th March 2359hrs (GMT+8)
Requirement: Newly Created Characters, excluding Cadena and Ilium. Character must be selected as the Burning Character upon creation.

Event Mechanics

What is Mega Burning Project?
Burning Project is an event where characters can enjoy leveling at triple the normal amount!
You will also receive various gift boxes on your burning character!

After selecting to burning your character at the character creation screen, accept the quest [NOVA] 1+2 Level up! Mega Burning Project! on the Star Notifier on the left to receive the following:
• Mysterious Secret Box
   → Open it up to receive a Snail Roon Pet!
• Lv. 30 Equipment Box
   → You can open this box once you reach Level 30 to receive relevant equipments for your character!
• Legendary Secret Box
   → This box can only be opened once you reach Level 100, to receive a Level 100 Set Equipment!
• Keep on Burning Title Coupon
   → This coupon can only be opened once you reach Level 130, to receive a Keep On Burning Title, which consist of awesome stats for 14 days!

Stay hot and burn on!

Stellar Detective Reopening Event



Duration: 14 March 2018 (after maintenance) ~ 27 March 2018, 2359hrs
Requirement: Started with Stellar Detective
How to start: Click on the Calender Icon in the Star Notifier.

With the reopening of Stellar Detectives, we also bring a daily event just for you to enjoy while you re-discover Stellar Detective! Simply obtain 20 points in the Hyper Space Dungeon to check your attendance for the day!

There will also be benefits such as more EXP obtained from the final reward from the Hyper Space Dungeon, and a higher chance of entering the bonus stage during the event!


- Four 1.5x EXP Coupon (30 Mins)
- x3,500 Spell Trace
- Golden Hammer 50%
- Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon

Lady Blair's Dream Express

Transfer your cash items freely once again!

Duration: 7 March 2018, 1000hrs ~ 13 March 2018, 2359hrs

During this period, you can freely transfer your Cash Items between different characters / factions in the same world!

Event Mechanics

• For a limited time only, you will be able to transfer most cash items between your characters within the same world!

Transferring Cash Items

1. Enter the Cash Shop
2. Pick a Cash item that you wish to transfer, and ensure that it is placed in your Cash Inventory/Wardrobe
3. Right-click on the item and select the Transfer button
5. Select the recipient of the item from the drop down
6. Click the OK button

The selected item will now appear in the selected character’s Cash Inventory/Wardrobe the next time you login to that character

Cash Item Transfer Limitations

• You can only transfer cash items between characters within the same world
• Cash Item transfer between two characters of the same class types (e.g Explorer, Resistance etc) will still result in a successful transfer, although its good to note that they are already able to share items between their Cash Wardrobe
• There are a few items that cannot be transferred, for example the following:
   → Friendship and Couple effect items