17 May 2017

Beyond Patch Notes (v167)


Dear Maplers,

Experience beyond unimaginable powers of your characters, and embrace the impact of changes!
Evolve BEYOND the horizon.

This Patch notes will cover the following :

1. 5th Job Advancement Updates
2. New System: Maple Union
3. New Content: Dream Breaker
4. Game Updates & System Changes
5. Skill Adjustments
6. Theme Dungeon: Omega Sector (Releases 31st May 2017)
7. New Boss: Kawoong (Releases 31st May 2017)
8. Content Reopening: Mu Lung Dojo (Releases 14th June 2017)
9. Boss: Lucid (Hard Mode) (Releases 21st June 2017)

5th Job Advancement Updates

The 5th Job Advancement system has undergone various revamps!
Experience new skills and further evolve your characters!

Advancement Quest Changes


• The cooldown time between activating each Arcane Stone has been decreased to 4 hours.
• In addition to the existing rewards upon completion of the quest: 5th Job: Record of Powers, Awakening of Powers, you'll now receive 5 Core Gemstones.
• Players who completed the quest before this Patch Update can receive these additional rewards between 17 May (After Update) - 9 August (Before Maintenance), by accepting the quest History Observer's Gift from the light bulb on the left.

V Matrix Update


• Each V Matrix Slot will be unlocked every 5 levels after level 200.
• You can now have a maximum of 14 V Matrix Slots. (Unlocks up to Level 250!)
• Over 50 new skills has been added! They can be learnt via the V Matrix system.

BEYOND V Core Skills

Experience BEYOND your true powers with these newly added skills!







New System: Maple Union

Have you ever wanted to have a Boss Battle with ALL your characters?!
Now, it is possible!

Build your very own Maple Union!


• Access the Maple Union UI through the Menu Button and selecting "Maple Union".
• Maple Union system is a new system which replaces the existing Character Card and Part Time Job system.
• Start Maple Union questlines by talking to Ms. Appropriation the Dragon Slayer once your Union Level is 500 or more and you have 3 Union Characters.

image Tip: Ms. Appropriation is located in almost ALL Major Towns!



Union Characters
• Just like the Character Card system, each Union Member has a Character Rank based on their level.
• Characters must be at least Level 60 and have completed 2nd Job Advancement to become a Union Character.
   → For Zero, the character must be at least Level 130, and only the highest-leveled Zero will count as a Union Character.
• There are some changes to the Character Ranks as follows;

Battle Map & Attacker Unit Effects


• The Attacker Unit Effects consist of two effects: Unit Member and Unit Spirit Effect.
   → The Unit Member Effect is based on each individual class.
   → The Unit Spirit Effect is where you place your characters on the Battle Map, where you'll receive various bonus stats.
• To add a Union Character on the Battle Map, click the "Add Member" button.
   → Drag and drop the character you wish to place on your Battle Map.
• The attack power you deal on each character is based on the Character Rank and Star Force.
• The effects you receive from Attacker Unit Effects is shared across ALL characters in the same world.

Unit Member Effects
• By placing the Union Character on the Battle Map, you'll be able to receive the Unit Member Effects.
• Each class has it's own Unit Member Effects.
• If you place the same class, only the highest character level of that class will be effective.
• The list of each classes Unit Member Effects is as follows.


Unit Spirit Effects


• Based on the area occupied by your attackers on the Battle Map, you'll be able to obtain various Unit Spirit Effects.
• Each job branch will be represented by different shapes, and they differ depending on the Character Rank.
• You can overlap two shapes on a single unit square when linking the Character Bricks on the Battle Map.
• Character Bricks must be linked on the Battle Map for the Unit Member Effect and Unit Spirit Effect.
• The Character Bricks based on Class / Rank of the Union Member is as follows.


15 Square Area Section
• The inner square area is available regardless of your Union Rank.
• Stats in this area can be swapped around the Battle Map but cannot be repeated.
• The list of Unit Spirit Effects you can receive in the Inner Square Area is as follows.
   → STR (+5 per unit)
   → DEX (+5 per unit)
   → INT (+5 per unit)
   → LUK (+5 per unit)
   → ATT (+1 per unit)
   → M.ATT (+1 per unit)
   → HP (+250 per unit)
   → MP (+250 per unit)

40 Square Area Section
• Stats around the outer square areas are fixed.
• Based on your Union Rank, you'll be able to unlock one-square outline in the outer square area.
• Achieve the following Union Ranks to unlock each line.
   → Novice Union 4
   → Veteran Union 1
   → Veteran Union 3
   → Veteran Union 5
   → Master Union 2

• The list of Unit Spirit Effects you can receive in the Outer Square Area is as follows.
   → Status Resistance (+1 per unit)
   → Obtainable EXP (0.25% per unit)
   → Critical Rate (+1% per unit)
   → Boss Damage (+1% per unit)
   → Stance (+1% per unit)
   → Buff Duration (+1% per unit)
   → Ignore DEF (+1% per unit)
   → Critical Damage (+0.5% per unit)

Union Ranks

• Based on your Total Union Level, you'll be able to upgrade your Union Rank using Union Coins.
• The higher your Union Rank, the more Union Characters you can place on the Battle Map, which allows you to have even more Attacker Unit Effects!
Please refer to the table below for the list of Union Ranks and its requirements.


Union Battle & Union Coins


• The Union Battle is a new system fought by you and all the attackers placed on the Battle Map, which allows you to earn Union Coins!
• By clicking on the "Join Battle" button on the Union UI, you'll be able to fight the boss with your attackers!
• Inside the Union Battle, you'll see all your characters attack the boss monster in the center of the map.
   → Attackers will deal damage based on their Attack Power.
   → Attack Power is determined by each attacker's Star Force and Level.
   → You can control your own character and use skills freely in this map.
   → The boss monster will not move nor will it attack, but will summon Dragons and Wyverns from time to time, which will be used to complete certain daily quests.
• The Boss HP is divided into two sections: Shield HP (Purple Gauge) and Regular HP (Green Gauge).
   → The Automatic Attacks will damage the Purple Shield HP gauge first.
   → The Purple Shield HP Gauge can only be damaged by your Battle Map Attackers automatic attacks.
   → The Green Regular HP Gauge can be damaged by your currently controlled character.
   → When the boss is left with the Purple Shield HP gauge, your currently controlled character will not be able to deal damage to the boss.
• The Boss HP is updated every 5 seconds. Every 100b damage dealt to the boss will reward 1 Union Coin.
• Even if you're offline or not in the Union Battlefield, your attackers placed on the Battle Map will still continue to deal damage to the boss and accumulate Union Coins.
   → Simply enter the Union Battle time to time to collect your hard-earned Union Coins by your Maple Union!
   → All Union Coins will be credited upon exiting the Union Battlefield.
• Daily quests are available to obtain even more Union Coins!

Union Coin Shop

• Union Coins can also be used to purchase various items from the Union Coin Shop!
• The Union Coin Shop purchase limit is reset every Monday at midnight.

New Content: Dream Breaker

Destroy Nightmare Music Boxes and save the residents trapped in the Dream City!

Level Requirement: 220+
Quest Pre-requisite: Clock Tower of Nightmares 4th Floor
How to Access: Top of the Clock Tower of Nightmares or the Maple Guide (Level 220) via NPC Dream Rag Doll.


• Upon entering, you'll have 3 minutes to protect the Sleepy Music Boxes and destroy the corruption of Nightmare Music Boxes!
• Destroy Nightmare Music boxes and turn the gauge completely yellow to clear the stage within the time limit. When the gauge is completely purple due to Nightmare Music boxes, you'll fail the stage.
• There is technically no limits on the number of stages in Dream Breaker, so do your best till the very end!
• Based on your highest clear record, you can choose to begin at the 1st Stage or any 10th stage that you have previously cleared.

Tactics Board UI

• The Tactics Board UI provides various information and useful skills, to aid you while you're in Dream Breaker.
• There are 5 Rooms in the map, each of the rooms having it's own Music Box. Protect the Music Boxes from nightmares!
• You can view the information of each Music Box of each Room using the UI.
• 4 Tactics skills are available to aid you using the cost of Dream Points, which can be obtained by clearing Dream Breaker Stages.
• Each Tactic Skills can only be used ONCE per stage, so you are recommended to use the skills wisely.
• The list of effects of the Tactic Skills is as follows.
   → Gauge Hold: Stop the gauge from moving for 5 seconds. (Cost 200 Dream Points)
   → Bell of Self-Awareness: Removes 1 random Nightmare Music Box. (Cost 300 Dream Points)
   → Summon Rag Doll: Summons a Rag Doll which attracts nearby enemies for 15 seconds. (Cost 400 Dream Points)
   → Detonation: Instantly kills all monsters and prevent them from spawning for 10 seconds. (Cost 900 Dream Points)

Based on the highest cleared stage you've achieved, you'll receive the following:
• EXP based on the highest cleared stage.
• Dream Coins
   → You can exchange 30 Dream Coins for Arcane Symbol: Lacheln via NPC Dream Rag Doll.

• Complete the Dream Breaker during the Dream Breaker Open Event to receive DOUBLE the Dream Coins obtained! Click here to learn more!

Best Dream Breakers Ranking Board

• The Top 5 players of the week will be placed as Character Statues on the right side of Lacheln Downtown.
• During the ranking reset period, Sunday (23:30) to Monday (00:30), you'll not be able to access the content.
• Talk to the Top 5 Dream Breakers, and you can obtain EVEN MORE Dream Coins!
• Simply talk to the Top 5 Character Statues in Lacheln Downtown after finishing Dream Breaker 3 times a day to receive the bonus Dream Coins.

Every 10 stages from the 30th Stage onwards, you'll be able to receive various medals up to the 100th stage.
• These are the medals you can obtain.
   → Clear 30 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 30 Occupant
   → Clear 40 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 40 Occupant
   → Clear 50 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 50 Occupant
   → Clear 60 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 60 Occupant
   → Clear 70 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 70 Occupant
   → Clear 80 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 80 Occupant
   → Clear 90 Stages: Dream Breaker Stage 90 Occupant
   → Clear 100 Stages: Master Dream Breaker

Game Updates & System Changes

Various systems and game contents has been updated in this patch.

Closed Areas & System Removal

The following contents are closed temporarily to prepare for a revamp. Stay tuned for a new experience!
• Mu Lung Dojo (Returning 14 June 2017)
• Fantastic Theme Park

The following systems will be removed due to the introduction of the Maple Union system.
• Character Card System
• Part-Time Job System

Monster Collection Changes


• The requirement to access the Exploration Tab of the Monster Collection is now Level 33+. (Zero Characters must complete Chapter 2)
• The rate to register Monsters below Level 50 has been improved.

Monster Expedition Changes

• The minimum Monster Expedition time of 30 minutes has been changed to 1 Hour.
• The following rewards has been changed to be Inter-Account Transaction only.
   → Suspicious Cube
   → Yellow Cube
   → Purple Cube
   → Crimson Resurrection Flame
   → Rainbow Resurrection Flame
• The Silver Carved Additional Seal reward has been changed to be Untradable.

Boss Related Changes

• Story Mode Lucid will be added during the release of Hard Lucid. You must have the quest "Showdown" in progress to access this option.
   → Clearing Story Mode Lucid allows you to clear the quest Showdown.
   → You'll be able to proceed to the quest [Dream Fragment] Sixth Subconscious upon clearing the quest Showdown.

• Number of S-Grade Hypercores dropped from Lotus (Normal/Hard) has been increased.
• Number of Warped Brand Soulstone dropped from Damien (Normal/Hard) has been increased.
• Number of Butterfly Wings Water Drop Stones received from the Music Box upon clearing Lucid (Normal) has been increased.
• Conversion of exchanging an Absolab Coin from NPC Sensitive Squadroid has been revised.
(20 A-Grade Energy Core + 1 S-Grade Hypercore = 1 Absolab Coin)
• Conversion of exchanging a Stigma Coin from NPC Quartermaster Sakaro has been revised.
(20 Faded Brand Soulstone + 1 Warped Brand Soulstone = 1 Stigma Coin)

Area Changes

Arcane River
• Monsters HP and EXP has been adjusted in the Road to Extinction region.
• The Arcane Force required in the Flame Zone of Extinction & Cave of Rest has been changed.
   → Flame Zone of Extinction -> 40 Arcane Force
   → Cave of Rest -> 60 Arcane Force
• Condition to access the Hidden Hunting Grounds in the Road to Extinction has been changed to completing the quest: Eliminate Arma.
• The Arcane Force required in the Hidden Hunting Grounds in the Road to Extinction has been changed to 80.
• Hidden Hunting Grounds in Chew Chew Island & Dream City Lacheln has been removed.
• The drop rate of Arcane River Water Drop Stones in Dream City Lacheln has been adjusted.

• The starting quest [Kritias] Sudden Appearance of a Kingdom has been adjusted to Level 170. (Existing characters that started on the quest may still proceed)
• The monsters in Kritias during Quest Story mode has been adjusted to match the new adjustment.

Crimsonheart Castle
• You can now proceed to the questline without completing the Mini-Game sections.
• Mini-Game related quests can be done once per day upon clearing the Mini-Game initially.

Golden Temple
• The Golden Temple questline has been revised.
• Certain maps in the region has been revised.
• The number of monsters spawn in the Golden Temple region has been increased.

Lion King's Castle
• Number of items required to complete the quests has been decreased.
• The number of monsters spawn in the Lion King's Castle has been increased.

Minar Forest
• Map sizes has been decreased on the Western and Eastern Leafre Forest region.
• Hidden teleporters has been added to allow convenience of moving within maps.
• Certain monsters will no longer inflict abnormal status effects.
• The number of monsters spawn in the region has been increased.

• Quests of Magatia has been adjusted to make it easier to do, with more details given in the quest window.
• Certain quests can now be started without wearing the Alcadno / Zenumist capes.
• Spawn rate of D.Roy and Homunscullo has been increased.
• Upon completion of the Magatia questlines, you'll be able to obtain a Medal: Magatia's Alchemist.

New Star Force Fields

New Star Force fields has been added in existing regions.

Lion King's Castle (You must complete the Lion King's Castle questline up to the Rose Garden to access)
• Rose Garden: Hidden Garden 1 (Star Force: 45)
• Rose Garden: Hidden Garden 2 (Star Force: 50)
• Rose Garden: Hidden Garden 3 (Star Force: 50)

Kerning Tower
• Kerning Tower: 2nd Floor Cafe <4> (Star Force: 80)
• Kerning Tower: 3rd Floor Fancy Shop <4> (Star Force: 80)
• Kerning Tower: 4th Floor Record Shop <4> (Star Force: 80)
• Kerning Tower: 5th Floor Cosmetics Store <4> (Star Force: 80)
• Kerning Tower: 6th Floor Hair Salon <4> (Star Force: 80)

System Improvements & Changes

• Item buff display has been added when you wear equipment with time-based buffs like the Pendant of the Spirit.
   → Tooltip of the buff will also show your current Bonus EXP gain, and how long more is needed to the next stage.

• The Character Stat Window elements: Critical Rate / Critical Damage display has been split into 2 rows, to make it easier to identify.
   → Critical Damage will now display up to 2 decimal points.

• When changing damage skins, a notification has been added for confirmation.
• You'll be able to purchase arrows and recharge throwing stars / bullets via NPC Nack in Ardentmill.
• You can now search quest titles in the Quest UI on the In Progress tab.
• A hotkey has been added for the Battle Statistics system.
• When using Spell Traces to upgrade items, you'll be informed once again of the scroll you're about to use.
• When you change channel at the Entrance of Arkarium's Altar, you'll not be warped back to the Crack in Time map.
• Mystic Door and Teleport Rock related items can now be used in the Lion King's Castle region.
   → You'll be able to teleport up to the respective questlines on the respective section you've completed the quest on.
• The EXP system when you're in a party has been changed.
   → You'll start obtaining Shared Party EXP once you start attacking monsters in the field.
   → If you have not attacked any monsters / on a safe spot for more than 10 seconds, you'll no longer receive the Shared Party EXP.

MVP Changes

Special Tier Retention Bonus
• If your MVP Tier is the same as it is in the previous month, you'll receive an additional "Special Tier Retention Bonus" amount of Maple Points while collecting your monthly special packs.
   → If you retain at Silver MVP, you'll receive a Retention Bonus of 500 Maple Points.
   → If you retain at Gold MVP, you'll receive a Retention Bonus of 4,000 Maple Points.
   → If you retain at Diamond MVP, you'll receive a Retention Bonus of 9,000 Maple Points.

MVP Package Changes
• Additional rewards has been included in the Special Tier Daily Packages.
• Additional rewards has been included in the Diamond MVP Tier Special Monthly Package.

Read more about the MVP here.

Skill Adjustments

Various skill adjustments has been made in this update as below. Note that all % values stated here are based on the respective skill's Max Level.

• Raging Blow: Attack range increased, Number of attacks in Enrage mode is decreased to 5, Damage is increased to 285%.

• Elemental Charge: Elemental Charge's Buff now has a 30 second duration, refreshed everytime you use a Charge Skill.
• Flame Charge: Attack range has been increased.
• Blizzard Charge: Attack range has been increased.
• Lightning Charge: Attack range has been increased.
• Divine Charge: Attack range has been increased.
• Blast: Ability to consume Elemental Charge to receive the Buff is removed, Blast now takes the elemental attribute of last Charge skill used.
• Threaten - Bonus Chance: Chance increased to 25%.

Dark Knight
• Dark Impale: Attack range has been increased.
• Cross Over Chains: Final damage boost based on current HP decreased to 20%, now increases 50% final damage passively.
• Lord of Darkness: Ability to heal additional HP when attacking bosses has been removed.
• Beholder Shock: Attack range increased, number of hits increased to 2, cooldown decreased to 12 seconds, will now instantly move in front of character before attacking.
• Revenge of the Beholder: With existing effects, now passively increaes Beholder Shock's damage.
• Dark Spear: Damage is decreased, Cooldown is decreased to 10 seconds.

Arch Mage (F,P)
• Ignite: Issue where Ignite damage would damage monsters during Damage Reflect / Damage Ignore is fixed.
• Mist Eruption: Cast delay is decreased.
• DoT Punisher: Damage reduction has been added when multiple fireballs hit one monster.

Arch Mage (I,L)
• Freezing Effect: With existing effects, lightning attribute attacks on monsters inflicted with Freeze stacks will have their damage increased and decrease the Number of Freeze stacks by 1.
• Ice Aura: With existing effects, ability of freezing up to 15 nearby monsters will be inflicted with a Freeze stack.
• Ice Age: Cooldown is decreased to 60 seconds, Area of Ice duration has been increased to 30 seconds.

• Hurricane: Damage increased to 350%.
• Armor Piercing: Reactivation cooldown of 9 seconds has been added, the cooldown is decreased by 1 second per attack.

Night Lord
• Spread Throw: Each skill additional directional attack's damage is now decreased differently, cooldown is increased.
• Showdown Challenge: EXP / Item Drop Rate bonus is decreased to 5%.
• Showdown Challenge - Enhance: EXP / Item Drop Rate bonus is decreased to 5%.

• Transformation: The final damage boost has been increased.

Cannon Shooter
• Big Fuse Gigantic Cannonball: Cannonball preparation time is increased.

Flame Wizard
• Blazing Orbital Flame: Damage decreased, cooldown is increased to 8 seconds.

Night Walker
• Shadow Spear: Chance of reactivation is increased, Damage and cooldown has been decreased.

• Extreme Blitz: Damage boost has been changed to passive effect, cooldown of 180 seconds is added, duration decreased to 90 seconds.
• Lightning in Unity: Damage boost effect has been added.

• Piercing Vision: With existing effects, now passively increased your final damage by 25%.
• Cane Expert: With existing effects, now passively increased your final damage by 20%.

• Spirit Concentration: Cooldown fixed to 120 seconds, Duration has been adjusted, final damage boost has been added.

Demon Avenger
• Demon Frenzy: HP cost per second is increased to 6000, Maximum Healling has been decreased.

• Combo Focusing: Damage boost effect will now appear in the stat window.

• Rock 'n Shock-Cooldown Reduction: Reduction in cooldown decreased to 25%.
• Bots 'n Tots: Cooldown increased to 60 seconds.
• Robot Mastery: Duration of summoning has been decreased.

• Limit Break: Final damage boost has been increased.

Theme Dungeon: Omega Sector

*This content will be available from 31st May 2017, 1000hrs*

The Omega Sector has returned!


Level Requirement: 165+
Quest Initiation: [Omega Sector] Dr. Kim's Call
How to Access: Bottom of Eos Tower or the Maple Guide (Level 160)


Receive a call from Dr.Kim, and join forces with Mesorangers for the 'Wild Card Project'! An emeregency happened and there has been a UFO invasion in the Omega Sector, and the Mesorangers have shrunk! Help the Mesorangers regain their power and infiltrate the giant UFO!

New Star Force Fields
The Omega Sector Theme Dungeon will also feature new Star Force fields for your training needs!
• UFO Interior: Hall H01 (Star Force: 140)
• UFO Interior: Hall H02 (Star Force: 140)
• UFO Interior: Hall H03 (Star Force: 140)

• Mesoranger White Medal (+7 All Stats, +350 HP/MP, +1 Weapon Attack / Magic Attack)
• Complete this Theme Dungeon during the Omega Sector Open Event to receive even more rewards! Click here to learn more!

New Boss: Kawoong

*This content will be available from 31st May 2017, 1000hrs*


Level Requirement: 180+
Quest Pre-Requisite: [Omega Sector] Seventh Member
How to Start: At the top of the UFO at Omega Sector or via the Boss UI Registration.

• Kawoong is a Boss which is located at the UFO of Omega Sector.
• He makes a cleaning robot to destroy the Mesorangers daily!
• Speak to Dr. Gray at the UFO Interior: Flight Deck to begin your challenge.

Required Party Members: 1 ~ 6
Time Limit: 30 Minutes.
Entry Limit: Once a Day.

• Mesos
• Recovery Items
• Resurrection Flame Level 110
• Kawoong's Part

Note: Kawoong's ETC parts can be sold to Merchant NPCs for 100,000 Mesos each!

Content Reopening: Mu Lung Dojo

*This content will be available from 14th June 2017, 1000hrs*

New Challenges arise! The Formidable Foes returns!
Check out the changes below!

• Mu Gong has revamped his dojo once again, bringing new heights and challenges.
   → The Dojo has now been expanded to the 63rd Floor!
• Formidable foes has been added between the 41st ~ 62nd Floor, and Mu Gong resides at the 63rd Floor.
   → Cygnus and her Knights waiting for you between the 51st ~ 56th Floor.
   → Mu Gong's disciples awaits you between the 57th ~ 62nd Floor.

New Features
• All Monsters / Bosses in Mu Lung Dojo will now feature the new Personality System, which allows them to do one of the following.
   → Dash towards you to attack in a close range.
   → Attack you within a distance.
   → Teleport randomly to attack you.

• All Monsters will also be able to use Special Skills as follows.
   → Attack speed is increased if the monster is inflicted with abnormal status effects.
   → Heal HP if the monster is inflicted with abnormal status effects.
   → Revive and be invincible for a certain period of time after dying.
   → Explode after dying, causing a stun.
   → Inflict a bind after dying.

Boss: Lucid (Hard Mode)

*This content will be available from 21st June 2017, 1000hrs*

Lucid's true power is finally unveiled...

Level Requirement: 220+
Quest Pre-requisite: Clock Tower of Nightmares 4th Floor
How to Start: Speak to NPC Gasmask at Clock Tower of Nightmares Top Floor or via Boss UI Registration.


Meet Lucid's true form, and experience her full power of nightmares.

• Required Party Members: 1 ~ 6
• Time Limit: 30 Minutes (shared between all phases of the boss fight)
• Entry Limit: Once per day
• Clear Limit: Once per week
• Recommended Arcane Force: 360

Are you able to go against the odds, and save the residents of Lacheln once again?

New Quests & Medals
• To receive the new quest challenge against Hard Lucid, you must first clear the Showdown quest.
• Receive the quest from NPC Gasmask, Master of Nightmares Defeater.
• Defeat Hard Lucid and receive a new medal: Master of Nightmares Defeater!

Upon defeating Hard Lucid, you'll be bought to the outside of the Clock Tower to hit the Music Box to obtain rewards!