29 Nov 2022

[Cash Shop Update 301122] Immense Presence

1) Wisp's Wonderberry & Luna Crystal - ends 21st December 2022
2) NEW Pet Skill Package - ends 21st December 2022
3) Grand Cube Packages - ends 4th December 2022
4) Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale - ends 14th December 2022
5) Removals

Wisp's Wonderberry & Luna Crystal

These are wonderberries but absolutely NOT EDIBLE!

  • Wisp's Wonderberry Pets are not shown wearing their respective pet equipment.
  • Wisp's Wonderberry 10 Package are being sold in Cash Shop during this duration.


    Luna Crystal Update

    Petite pets FTW

    Note: Luna Crystal (3) and (5) Bundles are being sold in Cash Shop during this duration.
    To understand better about Luna Crystal, come HERE!


    Get all 3 Luna Petite pets to complete the ultimate death's death collection. #1PerMapleID #[LunaCrystal]LoomingDeath


    Pet Equipments Sale

    Sprinkle dem blings on your pets with their pet equipments!

  • Emoticon Set, Meowmi's and Mewmi's pet equipment will be PERMANENTLY added into the Cash Shop.
  • Emoticon Set, Meowmi's and Mewmi's pet equipment have a duration of 90 Days.
  • Polar Space Travel Set and Petite Darkness Set pet equipment are PERMANENT.


    NEW Pet Skill Package

    Further training for your pets~

    Note: The pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill (which can be purchased seperately in the Cash Shop) prior to use Expand Range Skill.


    Grand Cube Packages

    Is it time? *-*

    3 Special Grand Cube Packages will be on sale! Each Grand Cube Package consists of 30 cubes, and a number of Grand Enhancement Boxes as well as a coupon for a Potential Scroll with a special function!


    Items obtainable from Grand Enhancement Box
  • Spell Trace
  • Suspicious Cube
  • Chaos Scroll of Goodness 50%
  • Incredible Chaos Scroll of Goodness 60%
  • Golden Hammer 100%
  • Carved Silver/Golden Seal
  • Yellow/Purple Cube
  • Crimson/Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  • Epic/Unique Potential Scroll 100%

  • Items obtained from the Grand Enhancement Box are Random.
  • Grand Enhancement Box and Potential Scroll Coupon are Untradeable.

    Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale

    Upgrade your equipment and reach new heights with our various utility scrolls, purchasable in bundle of 2's!



    From the Cash Shop Update of 16th November 2022.

  •   ➢ Add Slot (Etc)
      ➢ Add Slot (Use)
      ➢ Add Slot (Equip)
      ➢ Add Slot (Storage)
      ➢ Add Slot (Set-up)
      ➢ Perm Hyper Teleport Rock
      ➢ Pendant Slot Perm Expansion Coupon
      ➢ Aura Pendant (Perm)
      ➢ Transparent Package (Perm)
      ➢ Hyper Miracle Circulator (1)
      ➢ Hyper Miracle Circulator (11)