25 Aug 2020

[Cash Shop Update 260820] White Warriors and Patriots

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] White Warrior Decorative Package - Sale ends 9th September
2) [Special Sale] MY National Day Sales - Sale ends 9th September
3) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack - Sale ends 16th September
4) Removal & Updates

White Warrior Decorative Package

Show thy purity in the warriors code with the White Warrior Packages~!


MY National Day Sales

Merdeka! Celebrate Malaysia's 63rd Birthday with a cool hair cut & by looking sharp~

Note: Hairstyles listed above can be selected by the user.

Note: With the exception of the Malaysia National Day Fireworks, all items listed in the image above are permanent.

Damage Skin Booster Pack Update

The Damage Skin Booster Pack has been updated.

Eyeing all of them? We have you covered! Purchase the 5x Damage Skin Booster Pack Bundle and get a bonus Damage Skin Extraction Exchange Coupon!
*Note: The Damage Skin Extraction Coupon is untradable, with no expiry.


*Note: Marked Damage Skins are untradable. However, all Damage Skins extracted with the use of a Damage Skin Extraction Coupon can be traded.

Removal & Updates
  • Maple Royal Style, Masterpiece Machine & SEA Royal Face Coupons from the Cash Shop Update of 5th August 2020.
  • Cash Shop Update of 12th August 2020.