11 Aug 2020

[Cash Shop Update 120820] Bling of the Orient

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] Blingy Coral Decorative Package - Sale ends 26th August
2) [Special] Red Cloud Decorative Package - Sale ends 26th August
3) [Special] Rising Dragon Special Sale - Sale ends 26th August
4) [Sale] Slot Expansion Discount Sale - Sale ends 26th August
5) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 26th August
6) Removal & Updates

Blingy Coral Decorative Package

Bling bright like a STARfish~


Red Cloud Decorative Package

Wu Kong cosplay in Red? Let's go yo~!


Note: Packages can be equipped by either gender, but are recommended for the gender as stated on the packages.

Rising Dragon Special Sale

Release your inner dragon with the Dragon Ring and the Descendants of the Dragon weapon!


Note: The Dragon Ring is a friendship/couple effect ring and can only be purchased with Maple Cash.

Slot Expansion Discount Sale

Get rid of your worry for storage space and expand them with the Slot Expansion Discount Sale~!


Heavenly Wing Box Update

Boxes can fly, because they have wings. Join me on a journey through the skies~

You can obtain the following capes from the Heavenly Wing Box.

Removal & Updates
  • Magician's Oversized Mount Hat from the Cash Shop Update of 29th July 2020.