10 Aug 2021

[Cash Shop Update 110821] SUPERSTARter Pack

1) New First Purchase Package - Sale ends 29th September
2) Master Kanna/Hayato Package - Sale ends 18th August
3) [Update] Maple Royal Style - Sale ends 1st September
4) Masterpiece Machine - Sale ends 1st September
5) [Update] Sea Royal Beauty Update - Sale ends 1st September
6) Camping Set Sale - Sale ends 24th August, 2359hrs
7) [Update] Decoratives Rotation
8) Removals

New First Purchase Package

First time? Fear not! Here's a cheap cheap package during these pandamic times to help you out in your Maple World journey!

Note: Only accounts without any prior Cash purchase transactions will be able to view this package in the Cash Shop, and only 1 purchase is allowable per Passport account.
Note: The pet obtained cannot have its Magic Duration extended.


Master Kanna/Hayato Package

Are you a master of one or a master of two?

Note : Cash Items inside the packages are Permanent.


Maple Royal Style

Night has never been so milky with the Milky Way Night Special Label! IDK what I just said.


The Milky Way Night Special Label Set consist of:
  • Aurora Crown (Hat)
  • Innocent Galaxy (M) (Male Overall)
  • Tranquil Galaxy (F) (Female Overall)
  • Enamel Galaxy (Shoe)
  • Milky Way Night (Cape)
  • Aurora Waltz (Weapon)

  • Bonus Item - Galaxy Bottle


    Collect the full Milky Way Night Special Label Set to receive the Galaxy Bottle! Bonus chair is obtainable only once per account per world.
    Note: Several non-set items in the Maple Royal Style are intended to be durational. In this update, the Chick Label Ring and Quote Ring Coupons as well as the items obtained from these coupons will be durational.
    Note: Cash Items obtained from Maple Royal Style are by random.

    Special Bundle Sale
    The 5's and 25's bundles are in as well~

    Masterpiece Machine

    Summary : same ol' same ol' Master Label Set~

    Collect the full Master Star Messenger Master Label set for your gender, which consists of the Star's Message (Hat), Prophet of Dreams (Male Overall) or Dream Guide (Female Overall), Light's Protection (Cape), Starlight Steps, and Star's Messenger (Weapon) to obtain the special Smiling Face Cosmetics Coupon (obtainable upon equipping all of the above items, once per account per world).


    Applied the Foggy or normal versions of Gentle Breeze Hair (Male) or Sparkling Wave Hair (Female)? Obtain a special Night-version of the hairstyles for your gender, the Breeze of Night (Male Hat) or Sparkling Wave of Night (Female Hat) for a different colour and style! (each wig is obtainable once per account per world).

    Note: Cash Items obtained from Masterpiece Machine are by random.
    Note: Cash Items's gender obtained from Masterpiece Machine are follow by the main Cash Item used.

    Sea Royal Beauty


    Note : Face and hairstyles obtained are by random.



    Camping Set Sale

    Lets go on an expedition, and camp under the stars! But first, we must be dressed for the occasion <3

    Note : All Cash Items in this section are Permanent.


    Decoratives Rotation

    Deco Deco Nii~



    From the Cash Shop Update of 30th June 2021.
      ➢ Burning Character Support Package

    From the Cash Shop Update of 28th July 2021.
      ➢ Blue Willy Whale Set (M)
      ➢ Blue Willy Whale Set (F)
      ➢ Sunset Whale Label Ring
      ➢ Sunset Whale Quote Ring

    From the Cash Shop Update of 4th August 2021.
      ➢ Red Tweed Check Package
      ➢ Red Warrior Package
      ➢ SG National Day Hair Coupon
      ➢ Mysterious Mix Dye Coupon Exchange Ticket
      ➢ Mysterious Contact Lens Coupon
      ➢ Train to Verne Mines Mount (90 days) Coupon
      ➢ Train to Verne Mines Mount (Permanent) Coupon
      ➢ Damage Skin - Neon Outline

    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what you are~