23 Aug 2022

[Cash Shop Update 240822] Midnight Summer

1) Midsummer Night's Dream Set - Sale ends 7th September
2) Removals

Midsummer Night's Dream Set

Midnight night~ Summer Night Night~

  • All decorative cash items are permanent.
  • All items contained in both Midsummer Night's Dream Set can be equipped by characters of both genders.
  • Each package contains the following items:-
      ➢ A Piece of Sweet Dream
      ➢ Night Skylight Overall/Night Skylight Dress
      ➢ Fantastic Shoes/Fascinating Shoes
      ➢ The Great Fairy's Wings
      ➢ Midsummer Lily of the Valle
      ➢ Midsummer Night's Jewel
      ➢ Emerald Resting Chair Exchange Coupon
  • Upon usage of Emerald Resting Chair Exchange Coupon , you will be able to obtain a tradeable and permanent Emerald Resting Chair.
  • You are advised to utilize the exchange coupons before their expiry to prevent loss of items. Items lost due to expiry cannot be compensated.


    From the Cash Shop Update of 10th August 2022.
  •   ➢ Mysterious Keeper Set (M)
      ➢ Mysterious Keeper Set (F)
      ➢ Heavenly Wing Box

    Midsummer Vibes~~