22 Mar 2021

[Cash Shop Update 240321] When Moon and Stars Collide

1) [Special] Moon Bunny Packages - Sale ends 7th April
2) [Special] Spring Star Royal Beauty - Sale ends 7th April
3) Removals

Moon Bunny Packages

What if.. what if... bunnies were from the moon just like dinosaurs were on earth? *gasps in shocking revelation*
Note : Both Moon Bunny Packages (M) and (F) comes with a 10% EXP Boost Ring that last 14 days.


Spring Star Royal Beauty

Spingy Stars that grants beauty to it's beholder. Grab them before they spring away~
Note : Each purchase of Spring Star Royal Hair Coupon or Spring Star Royal Face Coupon comes with a free gift of Lucky Star (11) that is Untradable regardless of bought with Maple Cash or Maple Points.



From the Cash Shop Event of 10th March 2021.
  ➢ Golden Apple (1)
  ➢ Golden Apple (5)
  ➢ Golden Apple (15)
  ➢ Golden Apple (50)
  ➢ Golden Apple (100)

Always Shine Bright =)