15 Sep 2020

[Cash Shop Update 160920] Of Randomness and Mystery

Dear Maplers,

1) [Special] New and Returning Mapler Special Package - Sale ends 23rd September
2) [Special] Today's Package Sale - Sale ends 21st September
3) [Special] Mysterious Cosmetic Coupons - Sale ends 23rd September
4) Removal & Updates

New and Returning Mapler Special Package

Welcome, and welcome back! Specially curated package filled with necessities to get you up to speed!

The New and Returning Mapler Package includes:
  • 3X EXP Coupon x5 to aid in your levelling process
  • [7 Days] Teleport World Map to aid in your travelling convenience
  • [7 Days] Proof of Clan that provides a 10% Bonus EXP while hunting, and an additional 5% Party Bonus EXP for any party member with the Proof of Clan equipped
  • [7-Day] Miu Miu the Travelling Merchant to quickly access the General NPC Store from wherever you are
  • Pet Merlion (Returning) or Pet Butterfly (New), a companion to aid your adventures for 14 days
  • Wanna be a Hipster? Random box to get back on top of the fashion scene!

  • The New Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that are created after 29th July 2020.
    The Returning Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that have not logged in since 1st July 2020

    Today's Package Sale

    Enjoy today as if there's no tomorrow! Special cosmetic packages ranging from Pink Beans to Pepe will be on sale everyday for 5 days straight! With the exception of the Today's Pink Bean Package which will only be available after game services are lived, each package is only available for the period of 24hrs!

    Starting from 10AM until 9:59AM the next day, the following packages will be available for sale:
  • Today's Pink Bean Package - 16th September ~ 17th September
  • Today's Yeti Package - 17th September ~ 18th September
  • Today's Orange Mushroom Package - 18th September ~ 19th September
  • Today's Slime Package - 19th September ~ 20th September
  • Today's Pepe Package - 20th September ~ 21st September

  • Mysterious Cosmetic Coupons

    Mix life up a little~ A little mix-up didn't hurt anybody!

    Note: The colors will be randomly selected and applied upon using the coupon. Therefore, please save your face/hairs beforehand!

    Removal & Updates
  • Damage Skin Booster Packs from the Cash Shop Update of 26th August 2020
  • Beautyroid Decoratives Sale from the Cash Shop Update of 2nd September 2020
  • Heroes of Nyan Pet Equipment Sale from the Cash Shop Update of 9th September 2020