21 Sep 2021

[Cash Shop Update 220921] Loots Beyond This World

All items in this update will be available in the Cash Shop from 22nd September 2021, 1000hrs until 29th September 2021, 0959hrs (GMT+8)

In the depths of the forest, equipment beyond this world was discovered

1) Legend of the Light/Dark Gumiho Ring
2) Weapon Box
3) Symbol Premium Coupon Package
4) Removals

Legend of the Light/Dark Gumiho Ring

The foxes howl in the night sky and devour their prey

Note : Both Rings are Permanent.

Weapon Box

Only the strong survives

Note : Cash items obtained from the weapon box are Permanent and Random.


Symbol Premium Coupon Package

The Symbol of Life has appeared

Note : Arcane Symbol Coupons are Untradable regardless of purchase method using Maple Cash.



The following items from the Cash Shop Update of 8th September 2021 will be removed on 22nd September 2021, at 1000hrs (GMT+8)
  ➢ Neon Purple Star Set (M)
  ➢ Neon Pink Heart Set (F)
  ➢ Heavenly Wing Box

Wake me up when September ends~