17 Oct 2023

[Cash Shop Update 181023] Trick or Get Tricked!

1) Naughty Meow Set Package - Sale ends 1st November
2) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit - Sale ends 1st November
3) Karma of Scissors Bundle Sale - Sale ends 1st November
4) Removals

Naughty Meow Set Package

Note: Naughty Meow Pumpkin Set and Naughty Meow Ribbon Set can be equipped by both gender


[Update] Chair Assembly Kit

  • Scarecrow Chair is an Invitation Chair where you can invite another player.
  • Halloween Ghost Couple Chair has a special effect when 2 players sit close together.


    Karma of Scissors Bundle Sale



    From the Cash Shop Update of 4th October 2023
  •   ➢ SEA Royal Face Coupon
      ➢ SEA Royal Hair Coupon

    From the Cash Shop Update of 11th October 2023
      ➢ Choice Additional Cube (1)
      ➢ Choice Additional Cube (11)
      ➢ [My Home] Furniture Slot Expansion Coupon (Discount Removed)