10 Oct 2023

[Cash Shop Update 111023] Cute Choices

1) Cutie Slime Pet Set - Sale ends 25th October
2) Pet Equipment & Food Sale - Sale ends 25th October
3) NEW Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 25th October
4) Choice Additional Cube - Sale ends 18th October
5) [My Home] Furniture Slot Expansion Coupon (Discounted)- Sale ends 18th October
6) No Removals

Cutie Slime Pet Set

Slimy slimy slime~

Note: Individual Cutie Slime Pet Set consist of the pet, pet equipment and pet food


Pet Equipment & Food Sale

Note: Orange Juice is Permanently added to the Cash Shop


NEW Pet Skill Package

Note: The pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill (which can be purchased seperately in the Cash Shop) prior to use Expand Range Skill


Choice Additional Cube

Additional Choices~

[My Home] Furniture Slot Expansion Coupon (Discounted)

Not enough furniture slot this Halloween? The best deals are available NOW!



No removals, why not look at the cute slimes again.

I know adopting slimes is weird but these ones are cute :3