14 Jan 2020

[Cash Shop Update 150120] What about Blair's New Year Scroll Party?

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 22nd January 2020.

1) [NEW] 2020 New Year Party Decorative Packages
2) [Special Sale] Utility Scroll 2's Sales
3) Removal

2020 New Year Party Decorative Packages

It's been 2 weeks since 2020 hit, can I still make last year jokes without people rolling their eyes?

It's 2020! Let's party it out as we usher in the New Year with a really Special party outfit! Now even you'll be ready for Lady Blair's New Year dinner decked out in Special.


Each 2020 New Year Party Decorative Package contains 5 pieces of permanent Special Label Equipment items: Hat, Overall (Gender Specific), Shoe, Cape, and Weapon. The Overall obtained can only be equipped by the respective gender as indicated on the package.

Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale

New year, new upgrades! Upgrade your equipment and reach new heights this year with our various utility scrolls, purchasable in bundle of 2's!.


  • Cash Shop Update from Cash Shop Update of 1st January 2020 will be removed on 15th January 2020, 2359hrs.
  • Pandora's Box and Discounts from Slot Expansion from Cash Shop Update of 8th January 2020