27 Jul 2021

[Cash Shop Update 280721] Whales Love Sunsets

Dreaming of the wonders of the night sky.

1) [Special] Sunset Whale Rings (Sale ends 11th August)
2) [Special] Willy Whale Set Packages (Sale ends 11th August)
3) Removals

Sunset Whale Rings

Enjoy the Sunset with the Whales.

Note : Both Sunset Whale Label Ring and Sunset Whale Quote Ring are Permanent.


Willy Whale Set Package

Willy the Whale why are you so big? Willy the Whale : "Deep Heavy Breathing"

Note : Cash Items in both Blue Willy Whale Set (M) and Purple Willy Whale Set (F) are Permanent.



From the Cash Shop Update of 7th July 2021.
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry Ten Package
  ➢ Luna Crystal (1)
  ➢ Luna Crystal (3)
  ➢ Luna Crystal (5)
  ➢ Blue Night Butterfly
  ➢ Twinkling
  ➢ Purple Dream
  ➢ Pink Dream
  ➢ Sapphire Dream
  ➢ NEW Pet Skill Package

From the Cash Shop Update of 14th July 2021.
  ➢ Butterfly Spirit Overall
  ➢ Flower Spirit Overall
  ➢ Perfect Innocence Scroll
  ➢ Shielding Ward
  ➢ Superior Shielding Ward
  ➢ High Quality Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  ➢ Shield Scroll
  ➢ Return Scroll
  ➢ Guardian Scroll
  ➢ Special Additional Potential Provision Scroll
  ➢ Avatar Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Platinum Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Vicious' Hammer (3)
  ➢ Chair Assembly Kit

Stay safe.