09 Nov 2021

[Cash Shop Update 101121] Hear Ye, Step Up Until You're On Air

Can you hear the Bell ringing?

1) Animal Weapon Box (Sale ends 17th November)
2) Seraphim Random Box (Sale ends 16th November, 2359hrs)
3) Shadow Style (Sale ends 16th November, 2359hrs)
4) Ignition Ring (Sale ends 16th November, 2359hrs)
5) 4hrs 2X EXP Coupons (Sale ends 16th November, 2359hrs)
6) Mysterious Mix Beauty Coupon (Sale ends 16th November, 2359hrs)
7) Eargasmic Headsets (Sale ends 17th November)
8) Removals

Animal Weapon Box

Party like the animals.

Note : All Cash Items are Permanent.


Seraphim Random Box

Dam colorful sia~

Note : Seraphim Weapon obtained are by random and are Permanent.


Shadow Style

Pemanent Shadow.. Shadow.. Shadow.. Shadow.. Shadow..

Note : This Permanent Shadow Style is Untradable regardless of purchase with Maple Cash.


Ignition Ring

This ring turns a burning field monster map to a Level 10 Burning Field.

Note : This ring only has a duration of 24 hours upon purchase.


4hrs 2X EXP Coupons

More value for your grinds =)

Note :
  • Same EXP Coupon does not stack each other.
  • You can only have 1 of this item in your possession at a time.
  • These 4hrs 2X EXP Coupons are Untradable regardless of purchase method with Maple Cash.


    Mysterious Mix Beauty Coupon

    Blending the colors of life.

    Note :
  • Mix Colors of both coupon obtained are by random.
  • Be sure to store the Hairstyle Color in the Mannequin if you still want to keep the color. Any unsaved Hairstyle Color will be gone forever.


    Eargasmic Headsets

    Listen to the music of the falling..... rain?

    Note :
  • All Headsets are Permanent.
  • Each Headset comes with a set of Unique Music.



    From the Cash Shop Update of 27th October 2021.

  •   ➢ Harlequin Noir et Blanc
      ➢ Harlequin Noir et Blanche
      ➢ Heavenly Wing Box
      ➢ Hallowoot Shadow Package (M)
      ➢ Hallowoot Shadow Package (F)
      ➢ Trick or Treat Chair Coupon
      ➢ Halloween Broomstick Chair Coupon
      ➢ Hallowoot Box
      ➢ Ghost Shoes
      ➢ Ghost Cookie Label Ring
      ➢ Franken Quote Ring
      ➢ Harlequin Face Paint
      ➢ Illuminati Face Accessory

    Lara Ara~