26 Oct 2021

[Cash Shop Update 271021] Night Terrors on Showa Street

1) Harlequin Noir et Blanc/Blanche Package - Sale ends 10th November
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 10th November
3) Halloween Special - Sale ends 10th November
4) Removals

Harlequin Noir et Blanc/Blanche Package

Bonjour, Harlequin Noir et Blanc Monsieur?

Note : Cash Items obtained here are Permanent.


[Update] Heavenly Wing Box

Evilyy wings for grabs~

Note : Dishearten Wings is Untradeable and cannot be put in Cash Wardrobe. To discard Dishearten Wings, please locate NPC Clothes Collector located in Henesys Market.


Halloween Special

U know u wan dem Shadow package~ LESGETIT!!

Note :
  • Cash Items in Hallowoot Shadow Package (M) and (F) are Special Label Equipments.
  • You can only purchase the Hallowoot Shadow Package (M) and (F) based on your character's Gender.
  • The Overall and Shoe in Hallowoot Shadow Package (M) and (F) are Gender Locked.
  • Trick or Treat Chair and Halloween Broomstick Chair are Tradable and Permanent.
  • Cash Items from Hallowoot Box are obtainable by random chance and have a 90-days duration period only.




    From the Cash Shop Update of 13th October 2021.

  •   ➢ Amaryllis Adventure Set
      ➢ Daffodil Dream Set
      ➢ Movable Mount Coupon (90 days)
      ➢ Movable Mount Coupon (Permanent)
      ➢ Damage Skin - Autumn Leaves Exchange Coupon
      ➢ Autumn Night Constellation Ring
      ➢ New Mapler Package
      ➢ Return Mapler Package

    Stay safe, keep your distance.