09 Mar 2021

[Cash Shop Update 100321] Wonders of Will-O'-The-Wisp

Hawwo Wondering Maplers,

1) [Update] Wisp's Wonderberry + Luna Crystal - Sale ends 31st March
2) [Special] Special Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 31st March
3) No Removals

Wisp's Wonderberry + Luna Crystal

Wisp's Wonderberry Update
I wonder if Wisp's Wonderberry will be back to bring wonders... hmm.. OWH IT'S HERE ALREADY!
Note : Wonderberry Pets shown are wearing it's respective pet equipment.

Luna Crystal Update
This Luna does not have Ulti but it sure does have good skills~

Get dem all 3 Luna Petite pets to get the most march-velous chair. #1PerMapleID #[Luna Crystal]TheMelodyofthePony

To understand better about Luna Crystal, come here!

Pet Equipments Sale
Add some bling to your kiutie pets and let them SHINE BRING LIKE A DIAMOND!
Note : Nya Bean, Ducklime, Pengti, Pink Otter's Scarf and Balloon Tail are PERMANENTLY added into the Cash Shop.


Special Pet Skill Package

Soar beyond the sky with your Birds and Dragons by teaching them skills~

Note: A pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill to learn Expand Range Skill which can be bought separately in the Cash Shop.

Stay Safe, Stay March-velous~