31 Oct 2023

[Cash Shop Update 011123] Shangri-La Season

1) Shangri-La Deity/Fairy Set - Sale ends 15th November
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 15th November
3) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack - Sale ends 15th November
4) Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale - Sale ends 15th November
5) Removals

Shangri-La Deity/Fairy Set

Note: Shangri-La Deity/Fairy Set can be equipped by both gender


[Update] Heavenly Wing Box


[Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack

Fancy damage skin!

Purchase the 5x Damage Skin Booster Pack Bundle and get a bonus Damage Skin Extraction Exchange Coupon!
*Note: The Damage Skin Extraction Coupon is untradable, with no expiry.


Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale



From the Cash Shop Update of 18th October 2023
  ➢ Naughty Meow Pumpkin Set
  ➢ Naughty Meow Ribbon Set
  ➢ Chair Assembly Kit
  ➢ Avatar Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Platinum Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Vicious' Hammer (3)

From the Cash Shop Update of 25th October 2023
  ➢ Lil' Voodoo Doll Pets Package
  ➢ Mint Voodoo
  ➢ Sage Voodoo
  ➢ Melon Voodoo
  ➢ Chubby Owl Pets Set
  ➢ Snow Owl
  ➢ Brown Owl
  ➢ Dark Owl
  ➢ Halloween Lollipop
  ➢ OO Glasses
  ➢ Furry Hat
  ➢ Bushy Brows
  ➢ Hallowoot Shadow Package (M)
  ➢ Hallowoot Shadow Package (F)
  ➢ Harlequin Noir et Blanc
  ➢ Harlequin Noir et Blanche