Technical FAQ


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Troubleshoot Network Connection
Download Asiasoft Network Diagnostic Tool
1.Right-click on the downloaded file and select “Run as Administrator”.
2.Click “YES” if User Account Control is prompted for permission to run Windows Command Prompt.
3.Tool will start to troubleshoot.
Do not close the prompt window. It will auto-close once tests are completed.
4.Results can be found in the Windows desktop.
5.Upload the file to a 3rd party file hosting site (Eg. 4shared, dropbox, etc).
6.Send the download link to iBox customer support.

Check Server Route

The following tool checks how our servers route to your computer:

1. Go to Latency Checker.
2. Select the game and click “Run Test”
If the connection/routes are bad, please copy the result and email to We will look into it and work with our ISP to optimize the routes.

Check Latency

1. Mouse over your IGN at the bottom left of the screen.