08 Oct 2019

[Completed] Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 9th October 2019

[Update as of 9th October 2019, 1200hrs (GMT +8)]

All game services have resumed as of 1200hrs (GMT +8).

Meanwhile, the following issues are still currently being investigated:
• Hair Colour Change Coupon does not work properly with some types of Hair Colour affected by Mix Dye Coupon
• Several Select Tab Slot Expansion Coupons does not work when attempting to expand Storage Slots

Also, do remember to take note of the Passport Password Reset Exercise as well.

Happy Mapling!

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 9th October 2019, from 0900hrs to 1200hrs (GMT +8).

Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid any unforeseen complications.

Additionally, MapleSEA Passport services will also temporarily be unavailable during this time.

Meanwhile, you may wish to check out the following update notes:
Cash Shop Update Notes

- MapleSEA Administrator