13 Sep 2019

MapleSEA Passport Account Password Reset Exercise

Dear Maplers,


Following our recent launch of our new MapleSEA Passport, we will be performing a MapleSEA Passport Account Password Reset in the following weeks.

All MapleSEA Passport Accounts that do not have an OTP Mobile Number tagged to their account by 30 September 2019, 2359hrs will have their passwords reset during this exercise.

If you have not logged in to the new MapleSEA Passport and protected your account with an OTP Mobile Number yet, please do so as soon as possible.

Click here to visit the new MapleSEA Passport portal or check out our guide with a walkthrough by CM Venshi here to find out more about how to protect your account!

Note: We recommend that you bookmark this new website for easy access!

MapleSEA Passport owners that have had their account password reset due to this exercise will receive an e-mail sent to their registered Passport ID with a newly reset password that can be used to log in to their accounts after the exercise.

Players are advised to always keep their account details, including the registered email addresses up to date at all times. Players are also advised to change their passwords regularly and to never use the same password on different sites. Please do not share your account details including your password with anyone else. MapleStorySEA Game Masters and/or staff at PlayPark will never ask for your accounts' passwords.

Stay safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already protected my MapleSEA Passport Account with my phone number. Will my password be reset during this exercise?
A: Your account password will not be reset. You will still be able to log in to the MapleSEA Passport portal with your current password after the exercise. Thank you for protecting your account with a Mobile Number OTP!

Q: I have never seen the new MapleSEA Passport nor know anything about the Mobile Number OTP. What is it?
A: Please visit our guide to the new MapleSEA Passport for more information about our new MapleSEA Passport Portal!

Q: I have no access to the email address I have used to sign up for my MapleSEA Passport over 10 years ago, and my password has been sent to that email address!
A: Please contact us via iBox or LiveChat.

Q: I cannot remember any of my MapleSEA Passport Details but I know my Maple Login IDs! How can I gain access to my MapleSEA Passport?
A: Please contact us via iBox or LiveChat.

Q: Will the passwords of my MapleStorySEA Game Accounts be reset?
A: They will not be reset at this point in time. A MapleStorySEA Game Accounts Password Reset Exercise will take place in the weeks following this exercise, before the end of the year. Do keep your passport details (email, all passwords) current and updated at all times. Do keep a habit of changing your Game Account passwords frequently and to never share your account passwords with anyone else.

- MapleSEA Administrator