07 Jul 2021

Pinnacle of Darkness - Kaine Leveling Event Winners

Dear Maplers,

Have you tried he who devours the darkness, Kaine?

Well, these 4 individuals can most certainly say that they have, having won the climb to the highest level in their respective worlds during our Pinnacle of Darkness event!

Congratulations to these 4 highest level Kaine characters that have reached the summit in their own world:

World Winner's IGN Winning Level






The winners will each receive a MapleStorySEA exclusive Kaine chibi plush doll and a Box Plaque containing a custom-engraved Kaine Medallion and nameplate.

All 4 winners can expect a follow up from us on further instructions to claim your prize!

If you did not win this time around, do not fret! Tune in for more events coming your way, and remember to check back at our official webpage often for event news. Do not miss another one!

Psssstt...Kaine Growth Support event is still ongoing until 3rd August 2021, 2359hrs! Simply create a Kaine class and reach level 30, 100, 150 and 200 to be rewarded in-game. And nope, there are only 4 chibi dolls and 4 box plaques produced exclusively for the Pinnacle of Darkness event which has ended on 27th June 2021. Try again next time?

- MapleSEA Administrator