Angelic Buster

Tear was an outcast from the moment she was born. Through an incident, a relic was fused to her arm and has given her special powers. The Angelic Buster can only be played as a female character and it comes with powerful attacks that are only rechargeable by attacking enemies.
Recommended Item: Soul Shooter

Recommended Stats: DEX

Basic 1st Job 2nd Job 3rd Job 4th Job Hyper

Basic Skill

IconSkill NameDescription
Soul Buster Inherit Eskalade’s power to control both the Soul Shooter and Soul Ring.
Grappling Heart Tosses a magical line above you to ascend to higher platforms.
Day Dreamer Move to Angelic Buster’s room, The Lovely Buster Suite. Exits to Pantheon.
Hyper Coordinate Customize your post-transformation appearance.
Dress-Up Summon the power of Eskalade to transform into Angelic Buster.
Terms and Conditions Use your mastery of contract law to make Eskalade boost Attack Power for a short time.
True Heart Inheritance Draw out Eskalade’s true strength to enhance your Soul Shooter’s hidden power.
Exclusive Spell [Master Level: 1] Increases the Weapon Attack and Magic Attack of all nearby players.
Blessing of the Fairy Grants 1 skill level for every 10 levels your highest level character has. Between Blessing of the Fairy and Empress’s Blessing, the higher increase is applied.
Empress’s Blessing For every 5 levels on your highest level Cygnus Knight or Mihile character, this skill will gain 1 Skill Point. Blessing of the Fairy and Empress’s Blessing do not stack, so only the stronger skill will be active. This skill can reach a max of Level 30, based on your Cygnus Knight or Mihile character’s Noble Mind skill.
Will of the Forces A powerful force is released, based on Willpower of the Alliance.
Link Management Teach one’s link skills to other characters in the account or check the learned link skills

1st Job Skill (Level 10)

IconSkill NameDescription
Affinity Heart I Get closer to Eskalade to draw out strength and make your body lighter.
Feather Hop Tumble while jumping with direction key. Press jump again to repeat.
Melody Cross The power of Escada increases your Attack Speed +1 level and HP.
Star Bubble Fires a condensed stream of unrefined energy. Deals area damage when projectile hits.

2nd Job Skill (Level 30)

IconSkill NameDescription
Soul Shooter Mastery Increases Soul Shooter’s mastery, accuracy, and weapon attack.
Beautiful Soul Permanently increases DEX.
Affinity Heart II Get closer with Eskalade to receive battle experience and increase resistance.
Pink Pummel Rushes through enemies, causing knockback. Has a chance to recharge.
Power Transfer Generates a shield that absorbs a portion of damage dealt by the enemy.
Lovely Sting Pierce enemies with a beam of pretty power and inflict a debuff. Use the skill again to detonate the debuff.

3rd Job Skill (Level 60)

IconSkill NameDescription
Love Me Heart Become more resistant to external damage with inner peace.
Affinity Heart III Get closer with Eskalade to increase DEX and acquire vision.
Heavenly Crash Slams the ground to create a shockwave that attacks enemies in range and launches them.
Dragon Whistle Endure Eskalade’s advances to increase Weapon Attack .
Iron Blossom Withstands enemy attacks with iron-like will.
Soul Seeker Extracts the essence of Eskalade’s power and sends it flying at enemies. Deals continuous damage until it disappears or the maximum count is reached.
Shining Star Burst Summons group of star blades enchanted with Eskalade’s power.

4th Job Skill (Level 100)

IconSkill NameDescription
Soul Shooter Expert Increases Soul Shoot Mastery and Weapon Attack.
Affinity Heart IV Increases affinity with the ancient dragon race to obtain the pinnacle of Soul Recharge.
Soul Seeking Grants a chance to summon Soul Seeker when attacking with a non-Soul Seeker skill.
Finale Ribbon Swings your ribbon with the power of love and justice to attack all nearby enemies.
Soul Resonance Resonates with Eskalade’s soul and brings him to life.
Star Gazer Borrows Eskalade’s power to receive eyes that see through enemies’ soul.
Nova Warrior Temporarily increases the stats of all team members.
Nova Temperance By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects.
Celestial Roar Sends out the soul-shaking roar of Eskalade.
Trinity Concentrate escada’s power and swipe one single enemy continuously. In addition, damage and defense ignorance rate increase.

Hyper Skill (Level 140)

IconSkill NameDescription
Soul Seeker - Reinforce Increases Soul Seeker’s damage.
Soul Seeker - Make Up Increases Soul Seeker’s recreation chance.
Soul Seeker - Recharge Up Increases Soul Seeker’s recharge chance.
Finale Ribbon - Reinforce Increases Finale Ribbon’s damage.
Finale Ribbon - Overwhelm Increases Finale Ribbon’s damage max value debuff amount.
Finale Ribbon - Cooldown Cutter Reduces Finale Ribbon cooldown.
Trinity-Reinforce Increases Trinity’s damage.
Trinity- Recharge up 4% chance to reset skill cooldown
Trinity-Extra Strike Increases the number of attacks when Trinity’s damage becomes 950%.
Supreme Supernova Employs the power of Escada and calls forth the energy of the universe to protect you against damage reflected from enemies.
Final Contract Allows you to control the power of Eskalade’s contract to its fullest.
Pretty Exaltation Resonates with Eskalade’s soul to magnify power.