14 Nov 2017

OctoMaple Heroween Levelling Result

Dear Maplers,

Many of you have trained MapleStory Heroes during the Heroween Levelling Event, and we will now announce the winner for the event!


Congratulations! Tonaki has achieved Level 215, a whopping 4 levels ahead of the 2nd in running!

Listed below are the levels of the highest level each MapleStory Hero made during the event achieved, alongside Tonaki! Each of them will be awarded with 35,000 Maple Points!
  • Tonaki, Level 215 Evan from Bootes
  • Effectant, Level 211 Phantom from Bootes
  • Subneo, Level 210 Luminous from D2J
  • PeachyDlRB, Level 209 Mercedes from Aquila
  • rscV, Level 204 Aran from Aquila
  • LauraHearts, Level 203 Eunwol from Aquila

Players who are ranked in the top 20 will also receive 20,000 Maple Points (excluding the top 6 winners). Congratulations to the following players!
InvIVinn, magiluv, NotAnEIf, Pixiefishie, AscendioX, xKry3, snowyloveu, cuckedbyguan, KIEKEE, ENNlE, Senseiplss, GaryyyChia, ADDOLA, EInqiE.

Players who are ranked in the top 21 to 50 will receive 10,000 Maple Points, and all other players who participated in this event (Reached at least Level 100 and completed 4th Job Advancement) will receive 3,000 Maple Points!

Note: Please note that the Maple Points crediting might take up to 2 weeks. Highest level achieved refers to characters that are created during the event period and are either Aran, Evan, Mercedes, Phantom, Luminous, or Eunwol only. A follow-up email will be sent to the top winner's registered email address.