12 Oct 2017

OctoMaple - A Month of Treats!


Happy OctoMaple! This October, we have a whole array of activities lined up to show our appreciation towards your continued support for MapleStorySEA, despite tough and trying times over the past few months. We hope that you will enjoy these fun-filled OctoMaple! There will be many activities with many special rewards, and a Grand Prize Lucky Draw at the end of OctoMaple. The more activities you participate in, the higher your chances of winning the Grand Prize! Each activity will award a certain amount of points, so get ready your masks, collect OctoMaple points, and #mapleseahallowoots away!

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1. Hallo-Social-Life!

WHERE: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
WHEN: Now to 31st October 2017, 2359hrs
HOW: #mapleseahallowoots

Flaunt it to win it! Post a picture of yourself or your Maple Character dressed up in Halloween costumes with the hashtag #MapleSEAHallowoots.

• Dress up your in-game character or yourself and post your best costumes on social media.
• Publicly post it with the hashtag #mapleseahallowoots and your character IGN/World.
• In-game submissions have to be taken at a specific map: Haunted House.
→ Go to NLC from the Mirror of Dimension. (min. level required: 13)
→ Go towards the left and take the NLC taxi by the Pharoah Yeti.
• Submissions will be collated and posted to MapleStorySEA's Facebook page.
• Submissions can either be of an in-game character or in real life.
• The winners and runner ups of each category will stand a better chance in winning the Grand Prize Lucky Draw!

→ Winner for each category: 100 OctoMaple points
→ 2nd-5th: 75 OctoMaple points
→ All Participants: 50 OctoMaple points

Terms and Conditions
• Any inappropriate/obscene/vulgar entries will be automatically disqualified.
• In-game screenshots are to be taken at a specific map.
• Entries not sporting the hashtag #mapleseahallowoots or Player IGN will be disqualified.

2. Heroween Levelling!

WHERE: Maple World
WHEN: 14 October 2017, 0000hrs to 23 October 2017, 2359hrs
HOW: Level your characters as if there’s a zombie after you!

Tired of the repetitive task of levelling without reward? This OctoMaple, level up the Maple Heroes to stand a chance to win exclusive MapleStory Figures! Level-up like there’s no tomorrow, fastest fingers wins!

• Create a new hero (6 available classes – Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evan, Eunwol)
• Reach the highest level possible during the event period.
• Fastest person across all Worlds to reach the highest level within the event period wins the figurine according to the Maple Hero played.

→ Winner: 100 OctoMaple points + 1 MapleStory Figure of the played Job + 35,000 Maple Points
→ Other 5 Heroes with the highest level each (excluding winner): 75 OctoMaple points + 35,000 Maple Points
→ 7th to 20th highest levels (across Jobs): 50 OctoMaple points + 20,000 Maple Points
→ 21st to 50th highest levels (across Jobs): 25 OctoMaple points+ 10,000 Maple Points
→ Participation: 10 OctoMaple points + 3,000 Maple Points

Terms and Conditions
• Each Maple ID can participate with as many characters as they wish, but only the highest character will be selected.
• Only heroes that are created between 14th October 2017 and 23rd October 2017 will be eligible for participation.
• Rewards will be based according to the highest tier achieved, and does not stack.
• Characters that are found violating the Terms of Use and Abuse Policy will result in severe penalties taken against the account.
• In the event of a tie, the character that hit the highest level in the shortest time since character creation will be deemed the winner.
   Mercedes created on 1st October, hit level 250 on 20th October (20 days)
   Phantom created on 17th October, hit level 250 on 22nd October (6 days).
   Luminous created on 1st October, hit level 250 on 12th October (12 days).
   Winner : Phantom, as total days taken = 6 days. Although Luminous hit level 250 first on 12th October, he took a total of 12 days to achieve it. Hence, Phantom is the fastest person to reach the highest level and will receive a limited edition Phantom Figurine.
• All decisions by Asiasoft Online are final and binding.

3. Surprise Mail!

WHERE: Your Asiasoft Passport's e-mail inbox
WHEN: Whooooo knows~
HOW: Don't trash it!

Been an avid fan of MapleStory over the years? Check your e-mail inbox for a sweet treat!

• Receive an electronic mailer in your inbox
• Retrieve a unique code from the email
• Enter the code in an online form to win a mystery prize!

100 OctoMaple points upon entering the code

Terms and Conditions
• Only valid entries will be eligible to win the mystery prize.
• Each PassportID can only receive one reward.
• Electronic mailers will be sent in batches to all consenting email addresses registered in Asiasoft Online's Passport database.
• Receipt of these emails are dependent on internet traffic conditions and your online email provider's spam protection settings.
• You will not receive any email if you have opted out of receiving any e-newsletters from Asiasoft Online.
• Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd will not be responsible for any loss of of codes through lost or undeliverable mail, compromised email accounts and inaccessible email accounts.
• Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserve the rights to make any changes to the above stated promotion without any prior notice.

4. Charge ahead Halloween!

WHERE: Asiasoft Passport, Maple World
WHEN: 13th October 2017, 0000hrs to 31st October 2017, 2359hrs
HOW: Spend Maple Cash

Want more reasons to buy that appearance or pet package? Here you go! Spend @cash and spend during this period to gain a separate chance of winning the highly coveted set of MapleStory Heroes Figurines! Win-win!

• Spend a minimum of 30k @cash to be entitled to 20 OctoMaple points
• Spend a minimum of 50k @cash to be entitled to 60 OctoMaple points
• Spend more than or equal to 100k @cash to be entitled to 60 OctoMaple points, and an additional 20 OctoMaple points for every 30k @cash spent!
   E.g. Spending 130k @cash will entitle you to 60 + 20 = 80 OctoMaple points, while spending 160k @cash will entitle you to 60 + 20 + 20 = 100 OctoMaple points, and so on.

Terms and Conditions
• Only @Cash topped-up and spent in MapleStorySEA between 13th October 2017, 0000hrs to 31st October 2017, 2359hrs will be eligible for this event.
• @Cash converted and spent into other Asiasoft game titles will not be valid.
• Only pure @Cash spending will be counted towards collection of OctoMaple points.
• @Cash spent on gifting will also be valid (OctoMaple points will only be collected by the gifter, not the recipient)
• All decisions are final and binding.

5. Hallowoots! Hallohandsome, Hallopretty!

WHERE: Funan Showsuite
WHEN: 20th October 2017
HOW: Come down and have a spooky Halloween night!

Tons of activities have been lined up on 20 October, so mark your calendars, get ready your sweet tooth for all the treats lined up, and get ready your best costume for this event! (psst, best dressed walks away with prizes!)

What's Happening?
Click here to RSVP to the upcoming Hallowoots! event happening this coming Friday, hosted by Venshi!
• Participate in the Hourly Bingo happening at the event
• Stage Games have been lined up
• Free flow Refreshments are provided
• Stay tuned for a Mystery Event that will surely excite everyone!
• Attractive prizes to be won with a lucky draw!
• Come dressed your best or spookiest at this Hallowoots!
→ Best dressed event-goer will be awarded 100 OctoMaple points
→ Event-goers that dress-up will be awarded 75 OctoMaple points
All event-goers will be awarded 10 OctoMaple points regardless!

Terms and Conditions
• Event venue will only be opened to players who own a valid ticket from the RSVP.

6. Grand Prize Lucky Draw

WHERE: Asiasoft Online's office
WHEN: 8th November 2017 (updated)
HOW: Collect OctoMaple points for a Lucky Draw Chance!

Not sure what your OctoMaple points can get you? Here's what: A shot at getting the highly coveted MapleStory Heroes Figurines, and not just one, but the full set!
What are OctoMaple points?
• These are special points that are given out only during the OctoMaple event period, and are used to exchange for lucky draw chances.
• Every 20 OctoMaple points collected, gives you 1 Lucky Draw chance!
• Points are added and tabulated by the system for every activity that you choose to participate in.
• The more OctoMaple points you get, the more chances at getting your hands on your very own complete set of MapleStory Heroes Figurines for your collection!

• Draw will be held after tallying each individual's OctoMaple points.
• The winner will be contacted after the draw is conducted through their registered e-mail address tied to their Maple Account

• Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd and Nexon Korea Corporation reserve the rights to make any changes to the above stated promotion without any prior notice.