18 Nov 2016

V Weekend


We're glad to announce that there will be a multitude of events coming your way this weekend, starting from tonight!

• Hot Day

Date : Saturday, 19th November 2016

Time : 0000hrs - 2359hrs (GMT +8)

To celebrate the first Saturday of the arrival of V Patch, a Hot Day reward box is prepared for all Maplers!

Click on the reward box icon on the left side of your screen image to receive the following:

→ 50x V Coins
→ 100x Spell Traces
→ 1x Gold Richie's Handkerchief
→ 1x Mysterious Storm Growth Potion (7 Days)
→ 1x Innocent Scroll 50% (7 Days)

• All rewards will be obtainable via the Reward Box icon , located on the left side of the screen
• All rewards are claimable only once per Maple ID
• The minimum level required to obtain the Hot Day rewards is Level 33+ (for Zero classes, you are required to have completed Chapter 2 Story Quests)
• Players who remained online in-game since the day before may require to relogin in order to receive the Hot Day reward box
• Please ensure that you have sufficient room in your Inventory tabs when obtaining the rewards
• If you wish to claim them at another time, kindly use the ‘X’ button at the top right corner of the window
• Take note that the ‘Decline’ button will void your reward permanently
• There will be no reimbursements for rewards unclaimed from the event

• Double Miracle Time

Date : Saturday, 19th November 2016

Time : 2000hrs - 2100hrs (GMT +8)


During this period, lucky players will be granted a "Double Miracle Time Blessing" image if they successfully upgraded their equipment's rank up to the Legendary tier!

The blessing grants a map-wide buff which gives Weapon Attack +30 and Magic Attack +30 for 15 minutes.

Details :
If you have received the Double Miracle Time Blessing, the following message will appear in your chatbox:


Double Miracle Time increases the chances of upgrading equipment rank for the following types of Cubes:

• Miracle
• Super Miracle
• Premium Miracle
• Revolutionary Miracle
• Enlightening Miracle
• Red
• Black

But hold on!

ALL the aforementioned cubes above will be on sale during this period of time!

• 2x EXP/Drop Event

Here's your perfect opportunity to stack up all those Rested EXP Coupons with the server timed EXP events and level up to 200 before the official release of the 5th Job Advancement!

Date : Friday, 18th November 2016

Time : 2000hrs - 0000hrs (GMT +8)

Date : Saturday, 19th November 2016

Time : 2100hrs - 0000hrs (GMT +8)

Date : Sunday, 20th November 2016

Time : 2000hrs - 0000hrs (GMT +8)

We hope you enjoy a happy first V Weekend!