10 Dec 2022

Annual 12.12 KNOCKOUT Sale - 2022 Edition


1) Limited Day Sale - 50 Cube Bundles
2) 12.12 Storewide Discount

Limited Day Sale - 50 Cube Bundles

20% OFF!

  • No further discount will be available for the 50 cube bundles promoted here as the displayed package prices here is inclusive of the 12.12 -20% discount.
  • These special bundle will only be available during our 12.12 Knockout Sales.


    12.12 Storewide Discount

    It's 2022's turn.

    How’s it going, Maplers!

    As we tread into the festive season once again, let's kick 12/12 off with MapleStorySEA's annual tradition:
    The 12.12 KNOCKOUT sales!

    Event Period:
    12th December 2022, 0000hrs ~ 2359hrs (GMT+8)

    Coming back with a bang is our storewide* 20% off sales happening ONLY on this date! For 24 hours only (after a short Cash Shop downtime on 11 December 2350hrs), players can go into the Cash Shop and enjoy discounted items on this special date!

    Knock yourselves out with these special rates as you grab a gift for yourself or your special loved ones and give yourselves a pat in the back getting through year 2022! P.S: Christmas is coming!

    *Categories/ Items that are NOT included in this promotional event are as follows:
  • Single/Bundle Cube
  • Wonderberry
  • Package Category items
  • Items on sale from Cash Shop Update of 30th November 2022
  • Items on sale from Cash Shop Update of 7th December 2022

    This promotion is available to ALL Maplers, so KNOCK yourselves OUT!

    * Please note that the cash shop will be down for a short period of time before and after the promotion.

    - Not The MapleSEA Administrator (this time)
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