14 Feb 2018

Closure of Free Market

Dear Maplers,

The Free Market has been in service for MapleSEA for almost as long as the game itself. As such, it comes with a heavy heart for us to inform you that the Free Market will cease its operations from the next Content Update in MapleSEA.

The removal of the Free Market is among the planned changes taking place in MapleSEA, in order to move forward to cater to the changing demands and challenges of the game service as a whole.

As such, please be informed that the following items will be due for removal from the Cash Shop on 14th February 2018, during the weekly maintenance. The list of Free Market related items that will be affected are as follows:

• Owl of Minerva
• Master Yeon
• All Types of Store Permits, including:
    » VIP Store Permit (All Colour Types)
    » Regular Store Permit
• All Types of Hired Merchant Stalls, including:
    » Thai Style Merchant (All Duration Types)
    » The Robot Stand (All Duration Types)
    » Teddy's 24-hour CVS (All Duration Types)
    » Mushroom House Elf (All Duration Types)
    » Granny's Snack Stall (All Duration Types)
    » Sweet Cafe (All Duration Types)
    » Jeweler Abdullah (All Duration Types)
    » Old Grandpa Shop (All Duration Types)
    » Panda Shop (All Duration Types)

Kindly take note that all existing items from the above mentioned list will still be available for use for the entire period of this patch. However should they remain unused by the next Content Patch update, Maple Points will be reimbursed accordingly.

Lastly, with the removal of the Free Market, players will still be able to perform their in-game item trades via the following:

Maple Auction system
• One-to-one trade via the "Trade Request" function, available upon right-clicking on another character
• One-to-one trade via the command, "/trade [IGN]"

As a gentle reminder, selling of Cash/In-Game Items for legal tender is strictly illegal as the ownership of all items and materials belong to Asiasoft Online and Nexon. In addition, such illegal activities are frowned upon in MapleSEA as sellers and buyers will be solely responsible for their actions. There is no mechanism to ensure the exchange is fair and will be carried out entirely.

Penalty if Caught for Monetary Trading:

1st Offence:
14 days in-game ban + Restriction of Asiasoft Passport

• Players will not be able to access the offending Maplestory game account in any way during the ban period.
• Players are required to perform an account verification on their restricted Asiasoft Passport before they can access to their offending MapleStory game account(s), but only after serving the ban period.

2nd and Subsequent Offences, if applicable:
Permanent Ban + Restriction of Asiasoft Passport

Repeat offenders will face Permanent Ban of the offending Maplestory account regardless of any previous account reactivations. In severe cases, any form of appeals will not be entertained.