15 Apr 2024

[Updated 18/4] Mapril Patch Notes (v231)



1. Miscellaneous Updates

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the weapon mastery increase effect of Kanna's Tessenjutsu skill is not applied in the character information window
  • Fixed an issue where the meso acquisition amount increased by cash coupons was not displayed properly in the character information window
  • Fixed an issue when a summoned monster dies to Akechi Mitsuhide, the current phase is skipped
  • NPC Nadia and Mrs. Rococo has been added in Cernium Square
  • Guild Castle materials will no longer drop when it is completed
    Updated 18 Apr: If you still receive ETC drops, please talk to NPC Benedict to update the collection status.

  • The outfit for Darkhound (F) android has been changed

  • Mileage can now be obtained from the following bosses:
     ➢ Princess Nou: 200
     ➢ Normal Ranmaru: 30
     ➢ Hard Ranmaru: 30
     ➢ Akechi Mitsuhide: 200

  • The following decorative items has been replaced.
     ➢ Heathcliff's Armor > Pumpkin Bat Overall
     ➢ Wings of Fire > Phoenix Fire Wings
     ➢ Demon Wings > Lucifer Wings

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