14 Mar 2023

MapleStorySEA x BUGCAT CAPOO Highlight Notes (v221)

All-time most buggiest cat has made its appearance in Maple World! Let's give a warm meow welcome, CAPOO!


Event Duration: 15th March 2023, 1000hrs ~ 11th April 2023, 2359hrs
Requirement: Level 101+, Zero character who has completed Chapter 2 for Story Quest
How to Start: Look for the imageCAPOO Icon on the left screen.
Special Note: Yeti X Pink Bean world is excluded from this event.


  • Accept [BUGCAT CAPOO] CAPOO came to Maple World! to receive a temporary Summon BUGCAT CAPOO and Instant Camera to start your adventure
  • Complete 1 daily random request from [BUGCATCAPOO] CAPOO is curious about Maple quest to increase your affinaty with CAPOO by clicking the Level Up Heart button and get rewards.
  • Daily Rewards : 1x imageCAPOO's Heart + 1x image2x EXP Coupon (15 min) (You will only receive 2x EXP Coupon when the Heart Growth is full)
  • Daily Random Quests range from collecting item, completing monster park, taking pictures and more!
  • Receive rewards based on the level of CAPOO's Heart Growth
  • Rewards are Per Character.
  • All Emoticons are permanently applied in the Chat Emoticon tab upon use.


    image Summon BUGCAT CAPOO
  • Based on the level of your affinaty with CAPOO, bonus character stats will be added when it is toggle ON
  • Additional stats gained can be check when you click the imageCAPOO Icon > click image > click image
  • Stats only last until the event has ended


    (Updated 14 Mar, 1810hrs)

    image Instant Camera
  • When the Daily Quest request is to take a picture with CAPOO and TUTU, go to the location guided by hints and use the Instant Camera to take a picture!
  • You will get a imageCommemorative Photo of CAPOO and TUTU item when you take a successful picture
  • Deliver it to NPC Cassandra to complete the quest
  • Note that requested locations will only be around Maple World


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