20 Dec 2022

Ignition II Patch Notes (v219)

Continues to Play with Fire!



1. [New Content] My Home
2. [Content Update] Monster Park Expansion
3. [Content Update] Boss Extreme Mode
4. [New Area] Grandis Continent - Awakened Laboratory Odium (Available from 25th January 2023)
5. Zero Continued
6. Bug Fixes
7. Content Removal

[New Content] My Home

You can now have your very own Home in MapleStorySEA!

Click on the image above to find out more!

[Content Update] Monster Park Expansion


[image]Monster Park New Dungeons

These new dungeons are accessible through the Tiger Stripe gate (3rd Portal from the left) in Monster Park, upon completion of their Quest Pre-Requisites.

  • Moras, Swamp of Memories
     ➢ Quest Pre-Requisite: [Moras] Her Plan
     ➢ Recommended Level: 235~245

  • Esfera the Sea of Beginning
     ➢ Quest Pre-Requisite: [Esfera] A Mirror in a Mirror
     ➢ Recommended Level: 240~250

  • Celestars, Oceanic Galaxy of Stars
     ➢ Quest Pre-Requisite: [Celestars] Identity of the Light
     ➢ Recommended Level: 245~250

  • Moonbridge
     ➢ Quest Pre-Requisite: [Moonbridge] A Path Opened
     ➢ Recommended Level: 250~255

    [image]Monster Park Extreme

    Level Requirement: 260+
    How to Participate: Be in a Party of 1-4 people
    How to Access: Enter through Monster Park map, located at the far right portal

  • Monster Park Extreme can only be cleared ONCE per day per world.
  • Failing or leaving the map without clearing the content will not deduct your clear count.
  • The clear count of Monster Park Extreme is separated from the regular Monster Park Dungeons.
  • Spiegelmann will guide you on the type and number of monsters you need to hunt.
  • Hunt mobs to summon the boss by activating the Altar, and defeat the Boss in order to succeed in Monster Park Extreme.


    [Content Update] Boss Extreme Mode


    Extreme Mode Added
  • Extreme Mode has been added for Black Mage and Chosen Serene.
  • Black Mage (Extreme) shares the same entry count and clear count with Hard Mode. (3 Entries a day, 1 Clear per month)
  • The Re-Entry cooldown time for Black Mage has been adjusted to 60 minutes.
  • Chosen Serene (Extreme) shares the same entry count and clear count with Normal/Hard Mode. (3 Entries a day, 1 Clear per week)
  • Arcane and Authentic Force requirement for full damage for Extreme Mode bosses are the same as their other modes, at 1320 Arcane Force (Black Mage) and 150/200 Authentic Force (Chosen Serene).
  • Certain boss pattern have been adjusted to increase the overall difficulty.
  • Glowing Soul Crystal rewards have been added for Black Mage (Extreme) and Chosen Serene (Extreme).

    Note: Fragmented Memory of Black Mage (ETC Item) for the Genesis Weapon questline can only be obtained from Black Mage (Hard).

  • New boss related mileage quests are added.
     ➢ [Mileage] Annihilate Extreme Black Mage for Wealth and Honor
     ➢ [Mileage] Annihilate Extreme Chosen Serene for Wealth and Honor

  • New boss related achievements for Black Mage (Extreme) and Chosen Serene (Extreme) has been added.
     ➢ [Black Mage] Encore
     ➢ [Black Mage] Creation or destruction,that is the question
     ➢ [Black Mage] The true salvation of Maple World
     ➢ [Black Mage] Nemesis
     ➢ [Serene] Is the Sun gone?
     ➢ [Serene] Sealing Stone is just for the show


    [New Area] Grandis Continent - Awakened Laboratory Odium

    New Area Exposed?!!

    Awakened Laboratory Odium will be available from 25th January 2023 (After Maintenance)

    Level Requirement: 275+
    Quest Pre-Requisite: Completed quest [Hotel Arcs] Hotel Arcs Again and [Karotte] Gatekeeper Kalos
    How to Access: Lightbulb Quest Notifier Icon, [Odium] Contact from Edelstein



    A laboratory that closed its eyes a long time ago, hidden in the skies.
    After climbing the Unstoppable Tower of Karotte, the Maple Alliance faces new challenges behind a locked laboratory with dangers and conspiracies. Discover the truth hidden in the laboratory behind the locked doors...



  • Odium is split into 4 further sub regions as follows:
      ➢ Path to the Castle Gate
      ➢ Occupied Alley
      ➢ Sunny Laboratory
      ➢ Laboratory Behind the Locked Door

  • Explore the technologically advanced Researchers' City of Grandis, hidden in the skies for a long time!
  • As the story quests are unlocked, more regions will be available for your exploration.
  • Special side quests are available upon completion of the main story quests.
  • All Odium fields in this region require 230/260/280/300 Authentic Force to deal full damage.


  • Upon completion of Odium story questlines, you will receive Authentic Sybmol: Odium. Daily quests will also be unlocked for obtaining more symbols.
  • Select 1 out of 6 quests to complete, and you’ll receive 5 Authentic Symbol: Odium.
  • Accept the quest through NPC Sasha at Researchers' City or via the Daily Quest Lightbulb icon on the left, [Daily Quest] Explore Odium Area.

    Zero Continued

    You can create Zero class until 7th February 2023, 11:59pm.
    Note: You need at least a level 100 or above character except Zero to create Zero class.


    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Dynamic Field did not appear normally in Zipangu, Showa Town and Eastern China maps.
  • Fixed an issue where players could target and damage certain hazard mechanics in Will.
  • Fixed an issue where Damien does not correctly use attack patterns occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue where Cygnus in Mu Lung Dojo 60F does not reflect damage while being attacked.

    Content Removal

    As announced on 14 December 2022, the following contents will be removed during the Ignition II Update (v219).
  • Beast of Fury
  • Wish Hill

    For more details, you may refer to the web news here!

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