28 Jun 2022

Destiny 2 Update Patch Notes (v215)

Destiny, reimagined~



1. [New Boss] Gatekeeper Kalos
2. [New Area] Unstoppable Tower of Karotte
3. [New Equipment] Eternal Set Equipment
4. Sengoku Skill Rebalancing
5. Zero Class Creation Reopen
6. Miscellaneous Updates

Gatekeeper Kalos


“The door does not open to those who are not qualified.“

Level Requirement: 270+
Quest Pre-Requisite: Completed [Karotte] Gatekeeper, Kalos.
How to Access: Through a special portal located at Karotte: Skyscrapper.


Basic Information
  • Access the boss fight through a special portal located at - Karotte: Skyscrapper.
  • Only Chaos Mode of Gatekeeper Kalos is available.
  • Gatekeeper Kalos can be fought in a party consisting of 1~6 party members.
  • Gatekeeper Kalos has an entry limit of three times a day and a clear limit of ONCE per week.
  • Gatekeeper Kalos requires 250 Authentic Force (Phase 1) and 300 Authentic Force (Phase 2) respectively to deal full damage.


    Individual Rewards
  • Glowing Soul Crystal
  • Kalos's Remaining Willpower (Find out more below at [New Equipment] Eternal Set Equipment)
  • Kalos's Soul Shard

    Party Shared Rewards
  • Suspicious Additional Cube
  • Resurrection Flames (Crimson, Rainbow, Black)
  • Amazingly Positive Chaos Scroll 60%
  • Additional 50% EXP Coupon
  • Sparkling Blue/Red Potions
  • Small EXP Accumulation Potion
  • Large Boss Medal of Honor
  • Crusader Coins
  • Potential / Advanced Potential Scroll
  • Power Elixir
  • Twisted Essence of Time
  • Cube/Flame Crafting Materials
  • Primal Essence

    * All rewards stated above have a random chance of being obtained through the Gatekeeper Kalos’s Treasure Box, accessible upon defeat of the Gatekeeper Kalos.

    Boss Soul
  • You can obtain the new Soul Skill: Gatekeeper's Roar or Defeat the Intruder when you exchange 10 imageKalos Soul Shards.


    Unstoppable Tower of Karotte

    Level Requirement: 270+
    Quest Pre-Requisite: Completed all quest related to Hotel Arcs.
    How to Access: Left Quest Light Bulb, [Karotte] New Mission


    A mysterious tower that rises and collapses on its own indefinitely... Nineheart requests an investigation of the weird phenomenon beyond Hotel Arcs, the Unstoppable Tower of Karotte.


    Eternal Set Equipment

    Wads better than ACS? ETS ofcos~ F3 (ETernal Set)


  • Collect 10 imageKalos's Remaining Willpower to exchange the all-new Eternal Equipment.
  • Kalos's Remaining Willpower can be obtained by defeating Gatekeeper Kalos’s Treasure Box.
  • Upon obtaining them, Eternal Equipment will be "Cannot be traded once equipped".


    Sengoku Skill Rebalancing

    Adapting is essential.



  • image Kishin Shoukan
      ➢ Increases Kishin Shoukan Enhancement damage rate from 2% to 3%
      ➢ Kishin Shoukan Enhancement Level 20 bonus changed to Max Targets +1
      ➢ Monster Regeneration speed bonus has been removed
      ➢ EXP gain +10% bonus has been added

  • Adjusted some of 4th Job skill's enhancement core damage rate value
      ➢ Shikigami Haunting : 5% > 2%
      ➢ Falling Sakura : 5% > 2%
      ➢ Celestial Fury : 5% > 2%

  • Changes to Phantom Yaksha and Kishin Shoukan's damage applied method
      ➢ Damage formula has been adjusted to apply character's damage formula
      ➢ Character's critical rate, critical damage, ignore DEF and normal/boss monster additional damage options will be applied accordingly

  • image Cherry Blossom Barrier, image Bellflower Barrier
      ➢ Default barrier range increased by 115%
      ➢ Enhancement barrier range increased by 121%
      ➢ The Stance effect is removed

  • image Ether Spot
      ➢ Ether Spot range increased by 265%

  • image Spiritual Energy Recharge
      ➢ Removed Max HP consumption

  • image Rock Yaksha
      ➢ Can now be activated in the air
      ➢ Provides 25% ~ 70% Stance passively

  • image Nine-Tailed Fury
      ➢ Cooldown time increased from 45s to 180s
      ➢ Buff duration time increased from 35s to 150s

  • imageimage Will O' Wisp
      ➢ Now displays amount of Stacks on the Buff icon

  • image Haku's Company
      ➢ Allows on/off Toggle for Haku. Only applies to other players
      ➢ 10 seconds cooldown

  • image Geomancer
      ➢ Provides 30% Stance passively


  • image Blade Force

      ➢ Increase the Stance provided by Blade Force to 100%

  • image Sanrenzan
      ➢ The number of hits for the 1st to 3rd attack has been changed to 3 Attack Counts
      ➢ Damage increased to 120%
      ➢ MP Cost reduced by 44%

  • image Jin Sanrenzan
      ➢ The number of hits for the 1st to 3rd attack has been changed to 4 Attack Counts
      ➢ Damage increased to 180%
      ➢ MP Cost reduced by 44%

  • image Fuu Sanrenzan
      ➢ The number of hits for the 1st to 3rd attack has been changed to 4 Attack Counts
      ➢ Damage increased to 260%
      ➢ MP Cost reduced by 36%

  • image Rai Sanrenzan
      ➢ The number of hits for the 1st to 3rd attack has been changed to 4 Attack Counts
      ➢ Damage increased to 320%
      ➢ MP Cost reduced by 41%

  • image Shinsoku
      ➢ MP Cost decreased by 36%
      ➢ Movement speed increased from 70 to maximum of 200 while using the skill
      ➢ Hit interval changed to to attack faster

  • image Battoujutsu Stance
      ➢ Casting delay decreased by 62%

  • image [NEW-II]Quick Leap
      ➢ Double Jump Skill while in Battoujutsu Stance mode

  • image Sudden Strike
      ➢ Debuff duration increased from 10 Seconds to 30 Seconds
      ➢ Attack range increased by 152%
      ➢ Skill action delay decreased by 18%

  • image Hyoru Getsuken
      ➢ Fixed an issue where the Damage Increase Buff does not reset

  • image Master of Blades
      ➢ Mastery increase from 75 to 80

  • image Bushido's Focus
      ➢ Changed to Passive Skill

  • image [NEW-IV]Akatsuki Trace
      ➢ Passive Skill
      ➢ Iaigiri no Rai and Shinsoku has a 60% chance to trigger an attack 1 time at 440% Damage

  • image Sword Celestial - Susanoo
      ➢ Final attack count changed to 8

    Zero Class Creation Reopen


    You can create Zero class until 2nd August 2022, 11:59pm.

    Miscellaneous Updates

  • Visual effect of certain Cash Items have been updated.
  • Time restriction of collecting rewards from Fairy Bro's Daily Gift between 2345hrs and 0015hrs daily has been removed.
  • The process of the Auto Patcher has been improved.

  • To Destiny EVENT Notes v215!

    Enjoy your Destiny!

    ~~~ End of Patch Update Notes~~~