28 Sep 2021

Step Up Patch Notes (v208)

Step up your game to a new era with MapleStorySEA!



1. Job Balancing
2. Fairy Bros' Daily Gift Revamp (From 1st October 2021, 0000hrs)
3. System Improvements and Updates
4. Closure of Content

Job Balancing

Step Up Balance~

General Changes
  • [Buff Skills that increase Ability] : The issue where damage is not applied when an attack triggered just before the buff ends but hits after the buff ends has been alleviated.
  • [Skill Sound Effects] : You can no longer hear the sound effects of other characters' skills.
  • [Dark Sight Skills] : You can no longer harvest while using this skill.
  • [Aura Skills] : They will now be applied to party members faster.
  • [Soul Skills] : Fixed an issue where if you entered the command while using another skill, you could not jump or use Soul skills after that skill has ended.
  • [Screen shaking effect skills] : The screen shake effect will now be cancelled if you change maps after using it.
  • [V Matrix] : Fixed an issue where if you used the mouse wheel to scroll pages after selecting a Core, the currently viewed page's Core would be selected.

    Other Miscellaneous Skill Changes and Improvements
  • Screen darkening and shaking effects from skills used by other characters will no longer be applied.
  • If Dark Sight skills, which are automatically activated when being attacked or using some skills, avoids an attack proportional to max. HP, its duration will be partially reduced instead of being canceled immediately.
      ➢ Shadower, Dual Blade's Advanced Dark Sight
      ➢ Night Walker's Shadow Jump
      ➢ Cadena's Chain Arts: Chase
      ➢ Ho Young's Incognito
  • You can now right-click Dark Knight's Reincarnation skill to turn the continuous effect on/off.
  • Marksman's Arrow Illusion will now attract boss monsters in range regardless of where it was installed.
  • Viper's Energy Charge‘s on/off charge effect will now also be applied to other characters.
  • Soul Master can no longer be knocked back by any attack during Swirling Moon/Sunset Splitter's use action.
  • When Aran reaches 1000 Combo, the screen effect during Adrenaline Boost will now be shown for a short time to inform you about reaching it.
  • Luminous's Flash Blink‘s monster search range in the upwards and downwards direction has been increased by 150% when used in non-town maps.
  • Demon Slayer’s Demon Bane’s command to instantly end the invincible attack has been changed from re-using the skill to re-using the skill with the down arrow key. Demon Bane now gives an additional 1 second of invincibility after the invincible attack ends.
  • Certain Wild Hunter's cast delays for buff skills have been decreased.
      ➢ Soul Arrow: Crossbow's cast delay has been decreased by 55%.
      ➢ Call of the Wild's cast delay has been decreased by 50%.
      ➢ Feline Berserk's cast delay has been decreased by 50%.
      ➢ Silent Rampage's cast delay when used while riding the Jaguar has been decreased by 29%, which is the same as when the Jaguar is summoned.
  • Xenon’s Mega Smasher now has an additional 1 second of invincibility after the attack ends. This skill can no longer be used by double clicking on the skill UI.
  • Buff Freezers will now be applied to Xenon’s Overload Mode and Hologram Graffiti: Fusion
      ➢ However, if Overload Mode is protected, your MP will be not be restored when you resurrect.
  • The search range for Kaine's Chasing Shot has been increased by 50%.
  • Certain buff skills with cooldowns can now be registered to the Pet Auto Buff. Skills that can be registered will be indicated in theirskill descriptions.
      ➢ All Jobs : Mihile's link skill Knight's Watch, 5th job Decent skills
      ➢ All Explorers : Epic Adventure
      ➢ Captain : Untiring Nectar
      ➢ All Cygnus Knights : Glory of Guardians
      ➢ Striker : Static Charge
      ➢ Mihile : Queen of Tomorrow
      ➢ Cadena : Elite Serum
      ➢ All Heroes : Heroic Memories
      ➢ All Demons : Demonic Fortitude
      ➢ All Resistance : Will of Liberty
      ➢ All Floras : Wrath of God
  • 5th job common skill : Blink
      ➢ Cooldown : Decreased from 40 seconds at level 25 to fixed 20 seconds
      ➢ HP Cost : Decreased from 5% max HP to 3% max HP
      ➢ All Stats Passive Boost : Changed to a passive ATT/MATT boost
      ➢ Added the feature that allows you to float in air for a certain amount of time when you hold the key down
  • The following screen effects will no longer block the HP gauge of Boss monsters.
      ➢ Aran's Adrenaline Boost
      ➢ Luminous's Light and Dark status display
      ➢ Demon Avenger's Exceed display
      ➢ Cadena's Chain Arts: Fury
      ➢ Illium's Glory Wing
      ➢ Ark's Vigor gauge display
  • When a bind skill is used on an enemy that is resisting binds, the effects of the skill other than the bind debuff will now be applied.
      ➢ Paladin's Smite
      ➢ Arch Mage (I/L)'s Freezing Breath
      ➢ Wild Hunter's Jaguar Soul
      ➢ Xenon's Confining Entanglement
  • Certain jobs’ skills have had attack speed increasing effects added or their existing effects have been increased.
      ➢ Hero : Weapon Mastery's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Paladin : Weapon Mastery's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Explorer Magician : MP Increase's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Explorer Bowman : Archery Mastery's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Canon Shooter : Buck Shot's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Flame Wizard : Verses of Flames' attack speed boost has been increased from 1 stage to 2 stages. Magic Mastery's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Luminous : Spell Mastery's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
      ➢ Angelic Buster : Melody Cross' attack speed boost has been increased from 1 stage to 2 stages.
      ➢ Kinesis : Pure Energy's attack speed has been increased by 1 stage.
  • The maximum limit for mastery has been increased from 95% to 99%.

    Fairy Bros' Daily Gift Revamp

    Better gifts with Step Up rewards!

    The revamped system and reward list for Fairy Bros' Daily Gift will begin on 1st October 2021.

  • The conditions to obtain Daily Gift has been changed as follows.
          - You can now receive gifts as long as you have defeated 300 level range monsters shared in your world.
          - Certain content and event monsters are not including in the amount.
          - After midnight, the number of defeated level range monsters will be reset.
          - The existing specification where you cannot claim gifts between 2345hrs - 0015hrs will maintain.

  • The daily gift rewards has been revamped to as follows.
    (All rewards listed last for 7 days upon claiming, with the exception of Spell Traces)


  • The new item, Slot Selection Expansion Coupon, allows you to select either one of the following.
          - Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon
          - Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon

    System Improvements and Updates

    Auction House

  • Search filter has been added for Additional Options (Flame stats) and Upgrade Counts.

  • When you click the Receive All button, it has been changed to receive the most recent items first.
  • If there are more items that meet the quick search criteria than can fit on the list that appears, a guide message will appear so you can continue looking at the next list.

    Boss Content

    Boss UI Improvements
  • The Boss UI will now display the current boss status with the following:
          - Available: Displayed when boss challenge count is available.
          - Unavailable: Displayed when boss challenge count is used but the boss is not cleared.
          - CLEAR: Displayed when the boss is cleared.
  • You can hover the Boss UI to view details of the Challenge Count and Clear Count respectively.


    General Improvements

  • The size of the icons of Equip items, Absolabs/Arcaneshade essence and Damage Black Heart dropped by boss monsters has been increased to make them easier to see.

  • Mileage rewards from defeating bosses can now be accepted under the quest [Mileage] Receive Boss Elimination Mileage Reward.

  • Boss Monster Practice mode has been increased from 5 times a day to 20 times a day.

  • If you defeat a boss at the same time as when the time limit ran out, the time limit will now be extended.
  • When you defeat the final phase of a boss monster, you will now be given an invincibility effect for a certain period of time to prevent dying to the remaining patterns.
  • Boss exit portals has been changed to use mouse click to exit instead of using Up Arrow key to prevent accidental exiting.
  • Fixed an issue in Black Mage and Serene where sometimes the time limit would not be set to 5 minutes after clearing them.

  • The resurrection logic has been changed to "respawn directly" instead of "reloading the map" for the following bosses:
          - Zakum (Easy/Normal/Chaos)
          - Von Bon (Normal/Chaos)
          - Vellum (Normal/Chaos)
          - Lotus (Normal/Hard)
          - Damien (Normal/Hard)

  • Fixed an issue where Cube Chairs could not be used in certain boss entry map.
          - Cygnus' Garden
          - Mirrored Throne of Light

    Boss-Specfic Improvements

  • Ursus Matching
          - When queuing for Ursus, if all characters have responded and someone cancels it, they will be rematched immediately.
          - The window asking to move after being matched can no longer be closed with the ESC key.

  • Hilla (Hard) life leech pattern has been revamped.
          - Instead of caging a player, Hilla will now summon Skeleton Knights which she continuously drains health from and you must defeat all of the monsters to stop her healing.
          - Minions in Hilla will no longer give experience.

  • An issue where in Horntail boss, if you moved to the next phase when a party member is dead, they would be instantly resurrected.
          - It has been changed that only the party members who use the portals will be moved.

  • Pink Bean
          - Pink Bean's required entry material "Chaos Marble" has been removed.
          - [Pink Bean] Breaking the Ward quest can no longer be completed.
          - The Chaos Marble is no longer consumed when entering Normal/Chaos Pink Bean.
          - The entry condition has been changed so that you can only enter once per day, regardless of difficulty.

  • Root Abyss Bosses
          - Pierre (Normal/Chaos)’s hats have been changed to have different patterns to make them easier to distinguish.
          - Purple Pierre and Blue Pierre’s hat patterns have been changed.
          - Fixed an issue in Chaos Pierre where if the split pattern was activated 1 time then Pierre’s HP was healed to return to the previous phase, it would instantly split again without a grace period.
          - Fixed an issue in Pierre where if you had the same colour hat and dealt more than a certain amount of damage, Pierre would not recover health. When Pierre recovers health, it can now only recover up to 15% max HP at a time.
          - Fixed an issue in Chaos Von Bon where after exiting his inner world, if Von Bon was hit by a physical attack in his fatigued state, it would be cancelled instantly.
          - After defeating Pierre and Crimson Queen, the map duration will be increased to 5 minutes and the character will not take damage, similar to other boss monsters.

  • Papulatus
          - The curse pattern’s stun and seal will now be applied only up to 30 seconds.
          - The curse pattern’s stun will now be cancelled when Papulatus is defeated.
          - Papulatus can no longer be binded while in Alarm mode.

  • Lotus
          - Fixed an issue with Lotus where in phase 2 and 3’s platform pattern, sometimes platforms would exist but they could not be stood on.
          - Fixed an issue in Lotus where if a party member died in Phase 1 then didn’t revive until the party members entered phase 3, they would not be able to move after being moved to phase 2.

  • Damien
          - Fixed an issue in Damien where if playing a party, sometimes 2 or more Damiens would appear.
          - Fixed an issue in Damien Phase 2 where the smack down attack’s duration was longer than the effect.

  • Lucid
          - In Lucid (Easy/Normal), the Nightmare Golems and Nightmare Poison Mushrooms have been changed from taking fixed damage to having normal HP.
          - Lucid will now cast the bomb debuff on all characters, and you will only be able to see your own bomb and its remaining explosion time.
          - When the bomb explodes, instead of the damage being distributed amongst nearby party members, the damage you take yourself will now be decreased based on the number of nearby party members.
          - The bomb’s damage has been decreased from 199% max HP to 180% max HP.
          - When the bomb pattern is activated, a 'Dream zone' containing Lucid’s memories will now appear at specific areas in the map. If you are near the 'Dream zone' when the bomb explodes, you will receive the same damage reduction effect as if you had 1 party member nearby.
             * However, if there is even 1 other party member nearby, you will not receive the damage reduction effect from the 'Dream zone'.
          - Fixed an issue Phase 2 where Lucid would move for a certain period of time after being binded.
          - Fixed an issue Phase 2 and 3 where if you died after falling to the bottom of the map and revived, the HP reduction and potion lock would still be active.

  • Will
          - In Phase 1, a crack image has been added to the platform in one area to better distinguish the areas.
          - In Phase 1, the map move pattern has been changed so that at least 1 party member is moved to each dimension.

  • Dusk / Djunkel
          - In Dusk (Normal/Chaos) and Djunkel (Normal/Hard), when they are defeated, the drops will now be dropped around them.

  • Heretic Hilla
          - When there are party members who exited, the number of candles required will now be decided based on the number of remaining party members. The number of candles will change after the next soul cut.
          - Fixed an issue in Heretic Hilla where sometimes party members’ Death Counts were not visible.
          - Fixed an issue where death counts are consumed after defeating Heretic Hilla.

  • Serene
          - In Phase 2 Dawn Phase, the wisp explosions’ status effect has been changed from Seal to Opposite Keys.
          - The conditions to increase Midnight’s angle have been made easier.
          - Fixed an issue in Serene phase 2’s Noon and Midnight forms where the attacks were faster than the effects.

  • Black Mage
          - In Phase 3, the colour of the powerful damage laser’s skill effect has been changed to be different from the regular laser skill effect.
          - Fixed an issue in where sometimes if you died due to the damage of stacking the Creation and Destruction debuffs, a Death Count would not be immediately consumed but it would be consumed after resurrecting.
          - Fixed an issue in phase 1 where debuffs from skills applied to the Wailing Walls.
          - Fixed an issue in phase 4 where if you were hit by the Destruction Bomb pattern, the Destruction debuff was applied before the damage.

    Cube and Resurrection Flame Acquisition Improvements

  • When you defeat Elite Monsters and Elite Champions, they will now drop the following items at various rates.
          - Yellow/Purple Cube (Tradeable, Expires in 7 Days)
          - Crimson/Rainbow/Black Resurrection Flame (Tradeable, Expires in 7 Days)
          - Blade of Chaos/Powerful Blade of Chaos (Tradeable, Cube Crafting Materials)
          - Unextinguished Flame/Never Extinguished Flame/Black Never Extinguished Flame (Tradeable, Resurrection Flame Crafting Materials)

  • In the following contents, certain items have been removed from the rewards.
          - Elite Monsters/Elite Champions: Golden Hammer 50%
          - Elite Bosses' Rare Treasure Box: Yellow/Purple Cube, Crimson/Rainbow Resurrection Flame
          - Mythical Veins: Blade of Chaos, Powerful Blade of Chaos
          - Mythical Herbs: Unextinguished Flame, Never Extinguished Flame
          - Alicia's Ring Boxes: Blade of Chaos, Powerful Blade of Chaos, Unextinguished Flame, Never Extinguished Flame, Golden Hammer 50%, Crimson Resurrection Flame

  • You can now craft Black Resurrection Flame (Tradeable, Expires in 7 Days) through Accessory Crafting at Meister Level with the following ingredients:
          - Magic Crystal x500
          - Resurrection Fragment x30
          - High Spell Essence x50
          - Black Never-Extinguishing Flame x5


    Inner Ability

  • In the Character Stat UI, Ability Reset UI and Miracle Circulator UI, each Ability lines will now be displayed in different colour depending on it's tier.
  • When resetting Inner Ability, the rank can no longer go down. Since ranks can no longer go down, the function to lock Ability rank has been removed.
  • The chance to increase ranks from Epic to Unique is increased.
  • The method of resetting Ability lines will remain the same. The first line will always be the same rank as your Ability and the second/third lines’ ranks will be set based on the probability of the overall Ability rank.
  • The Honor EXP required to reset Inner Ability per reset is as follows:
          - Rare Tier: 100 Honor EXP
          - Epic Tier: 200 Honor EXP
          - Unique Tier: 1500 Honor EXP
          - Unique Tier(+1 Locked Line): 3000 Honor EXP
          - Unique Tier(+2 Locked Line): 5500 Honor EXP
          - Legendary Tier: 8000 Honor EXP
          - Legendary Tier(+1 Locked Line): 11000 Honor EXP
          - Legendary Tier(+2 Locked Line): 16000 Honor EXP


    Item Changes

  • Titles will no longer be visible when using Giant Potion or while sitting down on Mu Lung Dojo Breaker Chair.
  • Transformation potions can no longer be used while in combat.
  • To improve on the accuracy of scrolls, these scroll descriptions have been updated to show detailed rates.

          - Chaos Scrolls
          - Premium Pet Equipment Scroll
          - Premium Accessory Scroll
          - Miracle Scroll 50%
          - Potential Scrolls
          - Blessing from Yggdrasil Scrolls

  • Fixed an issue where certain earrings are displayed with 'Unique Equip Item' specifications.
          - Meister Earrings
          - Half Earrings
          - Scarlet Earrings
          - Inverse Jewel Earrings
          - Ifia's Earrings

  • Fixed an issue in the inventory where clicking and moving certain items would show a different image from the original item.
          - E.X.P. Entropy
          - Golem Transformation Potion
          - Orange Mushroom Transformation
          - Pig Transformation
          - Alien Gray Transformation

  • Fixed an issue where if you pressed the cancel button while opening certain reward boxes, the item acquired message will not be displayed. When you press the open button, the cancel button will now be disabled.

          - Root Abyss Sealed Boxes
          - Root Abyss Chaos Sealed Boxes
          - Alicia's Ring Box (Grade 1-10)
          - Hidden Ring Box

  • When exchanging Soul Shards, each Soul's item drop rate will now be displayed on the NPC dialogue as follows.

          - Mighty/Deft/Enlightened/Lucky/Glamourous: 15%
          - Sharp/Runic/Robust: 8%
          - Augmented: 1%

  • The Chaos Circulator’s item description has been updated to include that the reset stats numbers can remain the same.
  • The Extreme Growth Potion can now be used at Level 200 or higher. When used by characters above Level 200, they will receive the amount of experience required to level up at level 199.
  • When using scrolls, resurrection flames, soul enchanters, soul enchantment, anvils and cube items, the sound effects will no longer be heard by other characters in the map.
  • When hovering over Cash item tooltips in the chat window, they will now be compared with your currently equipped Cash items
  • If an equipment item’s stats (including additional options) becomes 0 because of the effects of Chaos Scrolls, the stat will still be displayed in the item tooltip.
  • When a pendant slot’s duration expires, the cumulative time of an equipped Pendant of the Spirit will no longer be reset after re-connecting. If the pendant slot is extended, the Pendant's effects will instantly be received.
  • The All Cure Potion‘s item description has been updated to include a list of statuses that it can remove.
  • When Mu Gong's Stamina Tonic is used, a common weather effect message will now be displayed instead.

  • Certain items maximum quantity per slot has been increased.

          - Cube Fragments (Red, Black, Additional, White, Hexa, Equality) --> 9999
          - Coins (Yggdrasil Rune Stone, Crusader Coins, Monster Park Coin, Dream Coin, Spirit Coin) --> 9999
          - Alchemy Potions (e.g. Luxury Remedy of Boss Killer) --> 999
          - Various Scrolls and Potential Stamps --> 100

  • The stats of equipment given when creating certain characters have been changed.
          - Pathfinder: Ruin Explorer's Hood (Defense decreased from 7 to 2, number of slots increased from 2 to 7)
          - Xenon: Atomic Boots (Speed and Jump stat removed)
          - Kaiser: Kaiser's Training Shoes (Defense decreased from 5 to 2, number of slots increased from 2 to 5)
          - Cadena: Agent Shoes (Defense decreased from 5 to 2, number of slots increased from 2 to 5)
          - Angelic Buster: Nova Training Shoes (Defense decreased from 5 to 2, number of slots increased from 2 to 5)

  • You can now combine Arcane Symbol / Authentic Symbol beyond the maximum growth of the current level.
          - Please note that you cannot grow them beyond the value required to reach the Symbols maximum level.

    Monster Life

  • The Care limit has been decreased from 3 to 1. The monster's EXP, farm's EXP and Waru acquisition rate has been increased to 3x.
  • When a Special category combination fails, Rank-based monsters will now appear based on the general combination logic instead of only C-rank monsters.
  • When combining monsters, the rates for Special category monsters to appear has been changed based on rank as follows:
          - Rank B: 25%
          - Rank A: 20%
          - Rank A+: 12%
          - Rank S: 7%
          - Rank SS: 3%
  • Monster Life’s Yeti Pharaoh’s potential has been increased from +5 farm experience to +15 farm experience.

    Pathfinder Free Job Advancement

  • The Free Job Advancement is now open to Explorer Bowman Pathfinder's, allowing to freely change jobs between Bowmaster, Crossbow Master and Pathfinder.
  • After the 4th Job Advancement, you can use the Free Job Advancement by talking to NPC Legor at Leafre: Forest of the Priest.
  • The following Pathfinder quests can be accepted when advancing to Pathfinder class:
          - How to Return to Partem (Lv. 20)
          - Master of Ancient Power (Lv. 200)


    Quest & Map

  • You can no longer use skills in Kinesis story quests' maps.
  • Quest information has been added to [Yum Yum] Investigate Flowers 1 and [Yum Yum] Investigate Flowers 2.
  • In Maple Guide, Celestar's recommended level range has been adjusted to Level 240~251.
  • In Maple Guide, contents that rewards Mastery Books will now be displayed as Mastery Box icons.
  • In Nameless Village, a Maple Admin NPC has been added.
  • Genesis Weapon quest difficulty has been eased for Will, Lucid and Heretic Hilla.
          - You can now perform the Genesis Weapon liberation mission in a party of 2 or lesser.
          - Both party members must be on the same liberation mission to proceed.
          - If you enter the Genesis Weapon liberation mission in a party of 2, you will receive an additional penalty of 50% final damage reduction.

    The SEED Content

  • On Undersea 2F, different types of cards now have specific patterns to make them easier to distinguish.
  • On Undersea 20F and 40F, Alicia's Roar!? skill has been added to interfere with Tin Woodman's oiling and push the Scarecrow respectively. You can use the skill by pressing the NPC/Harvest hotkey on those floors.
  • On Undersea 37F, skills that lift monsters can no longer do so.
  • On Undersea 43F, description has been added to the questions of 11F/13F/21F, stating that it is based on the number of monsters you individually killed, not your party’s.
  • On Undersea 49F, monsters that cannot be distinguished by their silhouette and do not appear in-game will no longer be displayed.
  • On Undersea 50F, when Boss Dorothy dies, the meteors that appears from above will now disappear.
  • Added a common skill "Ring Activation" when equipping a SEED Skill Ring.
          - Allows you to activate the skill of your currently equipped SEED Skill Rings.
          - Shares the same hotkey even if you switch between SEED Skill Rings.

    User Interfaces

  • The Damage Skin UI’s delete menu will now only be outputted when the icon is dragged outside the Damage Skin UI.
  • The maximum number of Damage Skin you can store has been expanded from 36 to 48.
  • The Storage UI's horizontal length has been increased from 4 to 8 slot per line.


  • Resurrection Flame UI has been added, similarly to the one's on Cube UI.

  • Mu Lung Dojo related UI's has been improved.
          - The buff display location has been changed so that the buff icons do not block the timer.

          - The timer display method has been changed to countdown from 15 minutes instead of clocking cumulative time.

  • You can now see more information in the Character Stats UI.


          - Stat ATT range will now be displayed in Unit Form like the one's in Unit Damage Skin, in B/M/K formatting.
          - Final Damage % and Ignore Defense % values will now be displayed up to 2 decimal places.
          - When Stance % and Critical Rate % exceeds 100%, you can now check the exceeded amount through the mouse-over tooltip.

  • The chatting window has been improved with the following features:

          - The font size can now be adjusted in Settings > Options > Chat/Invitation category.
          - The Alliance chat colour has been changed to distinguish from Hyper Megaphone messages.
          - The Whisper icon image has been changed.

  • New Option UI settings has been added.
          - In the Graphics options UI, you can now choose whether to apply UI transparency when in combat.
          - In the Graphics options UI, you can now set whether to move pet locations behind the character or not. Note that this will not apply when pets are on different platforms from the characters or when using a rope.
          - With the introduction of Android voiceovers in v208, an option to Mute Android voices is added on the Sound Settings category.
          - In the Game Options UI, a new option has been added that lets you choose if Pet Auto HP should apply when your skills consume HP. The maximum amount shown has been changed to 95% to match the current logic.

  • When deleting Cash Items, pop-up has been added to show the item's icon and name information.
  • A tooltip has been added on the Mix Dye UI (Hair/Face) when the colour name will be displayed when hovering on them.
  • In the Todd's Hammer UI, if the item being transferred to has a higher Star Force Enhancement/Potential/Additional Potential tier than the item being transferred, the warning window will now be more visible.
  • The Resurrection and Buff Freezer UI has been combined into a single UI.
          - You can check the checkbox to use Buff Freezer, and you will use a Buff Freezer automatically when resurrected.
          - In boss fights, if you consume all your Death Counts and exit, you cannot choose to use Buff Freezers. Your buffs will be protected automatically without consuming Buff Freezers.


  • In the Maple Union UI, when looking at other presets (even if they are not being edited), it will now show the difference in attackers and battle power from the currently applied preset.
  • Certain jobs introduction and skill images on the Free Job Advancement UI has been updated.

    Other Notable Changes

  • Mu Lung Dojo calculation time has been changed to Sunday at 2300hrs - Monday at 0030hrs (GMT +8).
  • You can no longer use chairs while harvesting, crafting or jumping down.
  • The Meister effect will now be outputted based on the head instead of the character's location.
  • Particle effects has been added to the Character Selection screen.
  • Android voiceovers has been added. When logging in or interacting with your Android's when clicking them, a voiceover of your Android will be played. You may choose to mute these voices in your sound setting options.
  • If all sound settings are muted and you try to press the mute hotkey, a message stating that ‘All sounds are already muted.’ has been added.
  • When entering Flame Wolf's or Polo & Frito Hunting portals, a message will now be displayed in the chat window if the remaining number of times you can enter today is 5 or lesser.
  • Elluel's Fairy Forest and Kerning City Subway Transfer Area has been added to Victoria Island's world map.
  • Masterpiece / Special Label quests can now be started by talking to Lady Blair in Henesys Hair Salon. They will no longer appear in your Quest Notifications.
  • Equipment that cannot be equipped will no longer display the damage boost.
  • While enhancing items, you can no longer equip or unequip items, move items in your inventory, and use the item sorting function.
  • The Enhancement Mastery guild skills‘ descriptions have been updated to include a list of scroll types that are not affected.
  • Certain pet equipment scrolls’ item descriptions have been updated to include that they are not affected by Diligence or the ‘Master of Enhancement’ guild skill.
  • In the Cash Shop, a button has been added so that you can now preview Hair Coupons or Face Coupons using your character’s current hair/face colour.
  • In Monster Park, if you try to enter while the profession window is open, a pop-up message will now be displayed to tell you to close all related windows and try to enter again.
  • The character creation window illustration has been updated to use spine effects for the following classes:
          - Resistance
          - Xenon
          - Zero
  • Blaster class information has been added to the Resistance character creation description.

    Closure of Content

    As recently announced, a handful of contents has come to the end of their life span.


    Contents that will be removed:
      ➢ The Afterlands ~ [Afterlands] A Voice Asking for Help
      ➢ Monad Blockbuster and Boss Julieta ~ [MONAD:First Sign] The Old Woman's Letter
      ➢ Veracent ~ [Veracent] Back To Veracent
      ➢ Black Bean Mini-Boss (from Gold Beach Resort) ~ [Black Bean] Gold Richie Junior's Distress

    After their removal, you can no longer access the above contents.
      ➢ The Maple Guide will no longer display recommendation to The Afterlands content and Boss Julieta.
      ➢ The Boss UI will no longer display Julieta boss content.
      ➢ Dimensional Mirror will no longer display the pathway to The Afterlands, Veracent, and Abrup Base Camp.
      ➢ NPC Agent Poo will be removed from Gold Beach Resort.
      ➢ If you're in a map where the content is being removed from the v208 update, you'll be teleported to Henesys.
    Do note that equipment and items that have been obtained from the above mentioned contents will not be removed.
    As such, items such as the Remnants of Afterland (Equip Set) and Aye-aye's Armor Ticket, if any, will remain in your possession.

    To Step Up EVENT Notes v208!

    To Yeti x Pink Bean HIGHLIGHT Notes v208!

    Step Up to a new journey!

    ~~~ End of Patch Update Notes ~~~