01 Jul 2020

RISE: Yum Yum Island Patch Notes (v196)

Dear Maplers,

RISE continues for another season! Explore the mysterious islands of Yum Yum Islands and unveil the secret to the Erda of Life!



1. Yum Yum Island
2. Hottest Picks
3. Miscellaneous Changes

Patch notes include changes that were present in the game during v195 but was not stated in the previous patch notes as well. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Yum Yum Island

More fruits and vegetables? NICE!


Level Requirement: Level 215+
Initial Quest: [Yum Yum] A message from Chew Chew Village
Prerequisite: Complete 5th Job Advancement & Chew Chew Island Main Questline

This content will be available from 1st July 2020, After Patch.


A strange noise has been coming from an unexplored part of Chew Chew Island.. Lyon has tasked you to investigate whether these noises are friendly… or hostile. Little do you know that what you find will surprise everyone.

Unveil the mystery of this unexplored region in Yum Yum Island!


Upon completing Yum Yum Island, you will receive 20x Arcane Symbol Exchange Coupons!

Hottest Picks

Handpicked shopping list

Unsure of what to get? Check out the latest Hottest Picks in the Cash Shop! This is a new system that will be progressively updated to recommend the items that are the best for you. Stay tuned to this space!


Miscellaneous Changes

Road to Extinction & Chew Chew Island Improvements

  • Story quest difficulty has been adjusted.
  • The number of items required for quest completion have been decreased and item drop rates have increased:
  •   ↪ Taming a Flame Bird 1
      ↪ Taming a Flame Bird 2
      ↪ Taming a Flame Bird 3
      ↪ After Illuminating the Cave of Rest 1
      ↪ After Illuminating the Cave of Rest 2
      ↪ After Illuminating the Cave of Rest 3
      ↪ Master Lick's Signature Dish
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Five-colored Mound 1
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Five-colored Mound 2
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Slurp Forest 1
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Slurp Forest 2
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Err Valley 1
      ↪ Finding the Taste of the Err Valley 2
      ↪ Finding the Taste of Mt. Sky Whale 1
      ↪ Finding the Taste of Mt. Sky Whale 2
  • Certain monster maps in Chew Chew Island & Nameless Village have been changed.
  • Certain map platform arrangements have been improved.

  • Quality of Life Changes

  • In the Maple Auction, the mouse wheel button can be used to compare damage range on the equipment tooltips of your rings and pendants.
  • In the storage, hovering over the Slot Expansion button will now show the current number of storage slots and maximum number of storage slots.
  • If multiple of the same time limited items are in the inventory, they will now be sorted by the order of expiry dates (nearest to longest).
  • If the Right Click to Sell option is enabled in shops, there is no longer a need to set it again on the same PC.
  • In the Silent Crusade shop, players can now purchase multiple bundles of Scroll Traces and Mastery Books at one time.
  • The personality trait experience's text colour has been changed to make it easier to see in the trait window.
  • Maple News and Sunday Maple popups will now appear translucent while in combat.
  • The Carta’s Pearl, Carta’s Blue Pearl and Carta’s Red Pearl items’ descriptions have been changed to state the before/after effects of the items.
  • Players can now use other weather effect items immediately after a Guild Blessing or other non-cash weather effect has been used.
  • Players can now summon scarecrows at the Mu Lung Dojo Training Backyard, which can be accessed through the portal in the entrance of the Mu Lung Dojo.
  • The Boss Matching UI will now show a description of the boss’ entry and clear limits.
  • In Boss Practice Mode, players can now use Buff Freezers without consuming them. However, players must have at least 1 Buff Freezer in your inventory to use this feature.
  • Players can now create up to 99 Cores at the same time in the V Matrix.
  • Players can now see the names of the hairs and faces in your Hair and Face Rooms.
  • When using a Skin Care Coupon or double clicking on a coupon in the Cash Shop, the name of the character’s skin colour will now be shown.
  • The Soul Enchanter’s description has been updated to include how to use it.
  • When using the Proof of Clan, the window for gifting the item can now be aborted with the “End Conversation” button.
  • In the Cash Shop, the Royal Style and Masterpiece previews will now show items’ gender restrictions.

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes crash when Pirate uses Dash.
  • Fixed an issue where the client would crash when Mihile uses Royal Guard.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Chaos Pierre to split into 3 people under certain conditions.
  • Guild-related errors are fixed:
  •   ↪ Fixed an issue where the client would sometimes quit when moving into another map while the Guild UI is opened.
      ↪ An issue where in guild search, when you check your own guild info after checking another guild's info, the position of your guild will be shown at the other guild's position has been fixed.
      ↪ Fixed an issue where the guild ranking identified in the guild information was displayed differently from the actual ranking.
      ↪ Fixed an issue where guilds with a weekly Honor EXP value of 0 were displayed in the guild ranking.
      ↪ Fixed an issue where sentence images would sometimes overlap when using a combination type in guild mark settings.
      ↪ The current Honor EXP value ratio will no longer be visible in the Guild Honor EXP tooltip.
  • Fixed an issue where Zeroes were unable to use the Noblesse skill.
  • Fixed an issue where when searching for other guilds, the searched guild is displayed at the same position as your current guild.
  • Fixed an issue where the monsters would appear even when the Erda Condenser is activated in Erda Spectrum.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage of the skills below are not applied when Wild Hunter is riding Jaguar and Mechanic is on Metal Armor.
  •   ↪ Wild Hunter's Assistant Hunting Unit, Drill Container Unit, Feral Fury
      ↪ Mechanic's Distortion Field
  • Fixed an issue where after Adele uses Restore and then Order to command 8 Ether Swords, Order cannot be used again.
  • Fixed an issue where the burning effect is applied up to level 129 when using Mega Burning Booster.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Blaster is using Burning Breaker, the invincible buff cannot be canceled by right-clicking in the buff window.
  • Fixed an issue where Adele cannot proceed with the Reverse City quests.
  • Fixed an issue where other job characters can do ‘Beldar's Thanks' Quest specifically for Adele.
  • Fixed an issue where the action delay of Trigger Skill will be reduced if Adele uses the Trigger Skill and then Feather when there was no Ether available.
  • Fixed an issue where the connection time is updated in the Guild UI when you're disconnected after you go offline.
  • Fixed an issue where the score in Flag Race is fixed at 1 point.
  • Fixed an issue where Polo and Frito's Bounty Hunt's Portals could be replaced with other contents after a period of time.
  • Fixed an issue where when the Flame Wolf is defeated and you enter the Wolf Lair just before it respawns, you will be moved directly to the exit map.
  • Obtaining an Inkwell Coin from the Salon Lucky Box will no longer be announced to the entire world.
  • Fixed an issue where if you use the skills before the tentacles disappear in Boss Dusk, the summons would not attack and certain actions would be repeated.
  •   ↪ Dark Knight's Beholder's Impact
      ↪ Archmage (Fire, Poison) Ifrit's Fiery Anger
      ↪ Eunwol's Spirit Frenzy Mystery used by Spirit Bond Max's spirit
      ↪ Angelic Buster's Familiar Mascot
  • Fixed an issue where when Zeroes use Shadow Flash on certain platforms, it will be installed in abnormal locations.
  • Fixed an issue with Tera Burning A rewards where players could not receive the level 210 rewards.