07 Apr 2020

Newtro Time Event Notes (v194)

Dear Maplers,

When you mix new & old together, you get an instant classic. Let's enjoy more events to celebrate MapleStorySEA's 15th Anniversary with a popular selection of events along with new events~!


1. Pink Bean is Back!
2. Return of the Rolling House
3. Royal Style Secret Shop
4. The Popularity Nomination
5. Haste Plus
6. Sunday Maple


It's Newtro Time!

Pink Bean is Back!

AstalaBeansta baby~

Event Duration: 8th April 2020 (After Patch) ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs
Requirement: Have an available character slot
How to Start: Create a Pink Bean in the Character Selection Screen


Pink Beans never die! No matter how much you do your dailies! Pink Bean is back once again chubbier as ever to help celebrate our anniversary!

Pink Bean Event Overview

  • An additional character slot will be given to all players during the event.
  • Identified as a Male Explorer Warrior class.
  • Primary Stats is Strength (STR).
  • Pink Beans will have their skills automatically unlocked according to their level.
  • Skill damage is proportionate to Pink Bean's level - the higher Pink Bean's level, the more damage will be dealt.
  • While pink by default, you can have its colour randomly changed every hour via NPC Pink Bean Statue located in Henesys, Leafre & Nameless Village.
  • Only 1 Pink Bean character can be created per Maple ID during this event period.
  • Certain game functions are unavailable for the Pink Bean class:
       ➢ Trading
       ➢ Cash Item Trading
       ➢ Storage System
       ➢ Party EXP Bonus (with non-Pink Bean classes)
  • Pink Beans can join guilds but cannot create one, or be a guild master.
  • Certain in-game contents are unavailable for Pink Beans:
       ➢ Maple Union Contribution
       ➢ Wedding System
       ➢ Profession System
       ➢ Ursus Boss Battle
       ➢ Blockbuster Contents
       ➢ Beauty/Cosmetics System
       ➢ Maple Auction
       ➢ Meso Market
  • Mileage can be obtained on Pink Bean, but settlement must be done in the Cash Shop with another character.
  • At the end of the event, the Pink Beans will not be accessible and will be deleted in the next patch update.

    Pink Bean's Secret Diary

  • Complete missions in the Pink Bean's Secret Diary to obtain rewards!
  • Rewards obtained from the diary varies between Pink Bean & account based rewards.
  • Account based rewards can be claimed until 2nd June 2020, 2359hrs.
  • Complete the entire Secret Diary to receive a Holy Pink Beanity Title and a Pink Bean Umbrella Cash Weapon!
       ➢ Can only be claimed once per Maple ID


    Return of the Rolling House

    Do you know how a house actually rolls? No? Me neither! Shh, don't let the house hear you. Let's just roll with it~

    Event Duration: 15th April 2020, 1000hrs ~ 5th May 2020, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept the quest [Rolling] The Return of the Rolling House via the Star Notifier Icon


    Missed the chance of owning someone else's house? No worries, we got you covered! You can now get your very own customizable Pink Bean’s House! Now’s your 2nd chance! Customize, plagiarize draw inspiration from others and build your very own Pink Bean House!
  • Complete the intro quest to get a Return of the Rolling House Chair.
  • The chair is now permanent once you receive it!
  • Simply hunt Level Range Monsters and collect Pink Bean's Humming to increase the level of your Pink Bean House via the quest that brings up the House UI, Let's Decorate Rolling House! (Pssttt!! There are parts made of 99.99999% Gold.)
  • You can obtain up to 200 Pink Bean's Humming per day via Level Range Monsters.
  • As the level of your Rolling House increases, the more customization options you will unlock.
  • Maximum Level of Pink Bean's Rolling House is now 12.
  • In addition, you can now add Effects and have a Sit Together with your Highest Level Character or Androids! (Before you get excited thinking you can sit with yourself, sorry to disappoint you, but the chair owner will be excluded.)
  • Pink Bean characters will also be able to participate in the event!
  • Customizable part drops have now been simplified:
       ➢ Level Range Monsters
       ➢ Elite Monsters
       ➢ Daily & weekly bosses
  • There are no longer any boss specific parts and boss related parts will be dropped by all bosses
    Maplers, Assemble!

    Royal Style Secret Shop

    Can you keep a secret or two?

    Event Duration: 8th April 2020 (After Patch) ~ 29th April 2020, 2359hrs
    How to Start: Talk to NPC Mrs. Roroco in Henesys, Leafre or Nameless Village


    Maple Royal Style Coupons giving you too many items that you didn't want? Legends say that there is someone who would be willing to take your unwanted items and recycle them for another coupon... Too good to be true? Let's find out!
  • You may convert unused Royal Style items from the current Royal Style rewardlist into 1 point for each Royal Style item.
  • You may exchange 10 points for a Maple Royal Style Coupon through NPC Mrs. Roroco
  • Points obtained via this exchange are shared within all characters within the same world.
  • Points accumulated will be removed once the event has ended.

    The Popularity Nomination

    Not our Most Eligible? Want a second shot? Or maybe you have what it takes to be the hottest dude in town?

    Event Duration: 29th April 2020, 1000hrs ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs
  • Newly created characters during the event period
       ➢ Level 30 or higher
  • Newly created Zero characters during the event period
       ➢ Must complete Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept the quest The Popularity Nomination via the Star Notifier Icon


    Amass your votes and get #lit rewards!

    Nomination & Rewards Overview

  • Upon accepting the quest, input the IGN that you want to nominate.
       ➢ NOTE: Please be careful when filling in the IGN as it is case sensitive.
  • After Nominating an IGN, you will receive the Nominator Reward:
       ➢ Peacock Hat x1 (Perm)
       ➢ Lv. 30 Equipment Box x1
       ➢ Lv. 60 Equipment Box x1
       ➢ Legendary Secret Box x1
  • The Nominee will receive rewards based on the number of nominations received from other players.
       ➢ 1st Nomination Reward:
        ➢ Popular Character Gift Box
        ↪Available until 3rd June 2020
       ➢ 2nd Nomination Reward:
        ➢ Special Additional Potential Scroll 100%
        ↪30 Days
       ➢ 10th Nomination Reward:
        ➢ Perfect Additional Stamp
        ↪30 Days
       ➢ 15th Nomination Reward:
        ➢ Epic Absolabs Weapon Box
        ↪15 Days (weapons are perm)
        ➢ Peacock King Hat

    *Important Notes:*

  • You can only nominate an IGN ONCE per Maple ID.
  • Only newly created characters within the event period can nominate other users.
  • Nominee rewards will only be credited after 0005hrs each day.
  • Nominees can only receive each nomination reward ONCE per Maple ID.
  • You may claim nominee rewards with any character within the same Maple ID that are level 30 and above. (Zero Characters must have completed Chapter 2).
  • You may receive the nominee rewards via the gift box on the left side of the screen.
  • The Nomination Count displayed on the "Phone UI" will only start to increase after opening the Popular Character Gift Box.

    Haste Plus

    Quickly now! Hunt everything!

    Event Duration: 6th May 2020, 1000hrs ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 101+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept starting quest [Haste Plus] Hunting Speed Haste Event! via the Star Notifier Icon


    Haste boxes are back!! Complete a variety of challenges to obtain these limited boxes which contains goodies ranging from Spell Traces to Cubes! Not enough mobs to hunt? Take advantage of the Haste Booster as well!

  • Haste Mission Weeks:
       ➢ Week 1: 6th May 2020, 1000hrs ~ 12th May 2020, 2359hrs
       ➢ Week 2: 13th May 2020, 0000hrs ~ 19th May 2020, 2359hrs
  • During the event, several haste benefits will be applied server-wide:
       ➢ Elite Monsters’ spawn rate will be increased.
       ➢ Rune Spawn Cycle & cooldown will be decreased.
       ➢ Rune EXP Buff effect has been doubled.
       ➢ Number of daily sudden missions increased from 3 to 6.
       ➢ Polo & Frito’s Portal will appear more often.
       ➢ Flame Wolf EXP has been increased.
       ➢ Boss Party Formation Buff has been increased.
  • Daily missions can be completed in any order regardless of completion sequence.
  • Daily missions will last until 2359hrs everyday and the progress will be reset upon midnight.
  • All unclaimed Haste Mission rewards will also be voided if not collected by 2359hrs.
  • Complete all 6 daily Haste Missions in a day and a hidden mission will be unlocked.
  • Haste Boosters will be available for use every time a daily Haste Mission is completed.
  • Players can only accumulate 6 Haste Boosters a day and will be reset if not used by 2359hrs.
  • Upon activating the Haste Boosters, special Haste Monsters will be spawned for 100 seconds at the player’s level range.
  • The Haste Booster can only be used in a monster field within the player’s level range.
  • Haste Boosters cannot be used if:
       ➢ There are no Haste Boosters left.
       ➢ In Event or special maps (Kritias, Mirror World, Instanced Maps etc).
       ➢ The map that is not within the level range.
       ➢ There are Elite Bosses present.
       ➢ Other players have their boosters enabled.
  • Daily mission progress and completion will be character-bound.
  • Weekly hidden missions can only be completed ONCE per world.
  • Weekly hidden mission progress will be world-bound.

    Sunday Maple

    How I missed Saturdays..


    First Sunday: 12th April 2020

  • Full Day 2X EXP Bonus
  • 30% Off Star Force Enhancement (Superior Equipment Excluded)
  • 50% Off Spell Trace Costs for Spell Trace Enhancement
  • 50% Off Ability Reset Costs
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X

    Second Sunday: 19th April 2020

  • 30% Off Newtro Coin Shop
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X

    Third Sunday: 26th April 2020

  • Gain a bonus Star Force Enhancement every successful Enhancement, up to 10 Star Force Enhancement (1 + 1 Star Force Enhancement Bonus)
  • 5x Chance of obtaining Augmented Souls when exchanging Soul Shards
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X

    Fourth Sunday: 3rd May 2020

  • 30% Off Newtro Coin Shop
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X

    Fifth Sunday: 10th May 2020

  • 100% Success Rate for Star Force Enhancement at 5/10/15 Stars (Superior Equipment Excluded)
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X

    Sixth Sunday: 17th May 2020

  • 30% Off Newtro Coin Shop
  • Obtain bonus Newtro Coins based on your Honorary Warrior Grade
  • Obtain a Newtro Selectable Damage Skin
  • Obtain 3x EXP Coupon (15 min) x5
  • Newtro Power Gain and Drop Rate Increased by 2X