24 Sep 2019

Autumn Tales Event Notes (v189)

Dear Maplers,

Ah, it's Autumn? I only know Summer.... but... I guess it's time to rewrite the tale of Summer! Join Pink(?) Bean in a Pink Bean playground and fight to be the best! After that, kick back and relax this Autumn as you take in all of nature's blessings!



1. Pink Bean World
  1.1 Pink Bean Mu Lung Dojo
2. The Wandering Minstrel
3. Return of the Toben Hair Warrior (available from 2 October)
4. Monster Encyclopedia (available from 16 October)
5. The Story of Stone and Wind (available from 23 October)
  5.1 Stonewind Story Coin Shop
6. Halloween x Haste (available from 30 October)
  6.1 Halloween Club
  6.2 Halloween Greeting
  6.3 Halloween Riding
  6.4 Halloween Haste
7. Sunday Maple
Note: This page will be updated with more information as the patch progresses.

Pink Bean World

It's a world of... Pink..? And Green... and blue.... purple... BEANS. Get your beanie on!

Event Duration: 25th September 2019, After Patch ~ 22nd October 2019, 2359hrs
Requirement: Create a Pink Bean Character in Pink Bean World
How to Start: Enter Pink Bean World via the World Selection Screen
A mysterious world has appeared within the realm, a place filled with… PINK BEANS. Yeah, you totally did not read it wrong. P-I-N-K B-E-A-Nsssssssssssss. Kyuuuut~

Ohh ohh, I’ve also heard that the Pink Beans are going to have an annual competition something sowothing Mu Lung Dojo and cool rewards are prepared for it too!! I am so tempted to participate in that competition. GIVE ME THAT EXCLUSIVE PINK BEAN UMBRELLA!!

  • Pink Bean Diary will be making a return.
  •    ➢ Maple ID Rewards will be available for characters in the same Maple ID, after the event world has closed.
  • Certain features will be disabled in Pink Bean World.
  • Pink Bean will not be able to access on-going events in other worlds.
  • Server-wide buff will provide the following benefits:
  •    ➢ EXP x1.5
       ➢ ATT, M.ATT +30
       ➢ Damage to Normal Monsters +30%
       ➢ Damage to Boss Monsters +30%
  • All Pink Bean World related rewards will only be redeemable from the 23rd October 2019, 1000hrs till the 5th November 2019, 2359hrs after Pink Bean World has closed.
  • An additional quest will appear outside of Pink Bean World will be available for reward collection after the event has ended for completed quests only.
  • All rewards are limited to only ONCE per MapleID.
  • Pink Bean Diary’s Progression is character bound. However, the prizes can only be claimed ONCE per MapleID.
  • Some rewards are untradable, so please be sure to redeem them on the correct character.

  • Pink Bean Mu Lung Dojo

    Cream of the beans, assemble!
    Expert Bean? Win some cool prizes when scaling Mu Lung Dojo!


  • Dojo record for Pink Beans will be recorded without any weekly reset taking place.
  • There are no entry limits to attempting Mu Lung Dojo, but only the first 3 clears of the day will be recorded on the leaderboard.
  • At the end of the event period, top ranking Pink Beans will receive rewards that can be redeemed within their Maple ID.

  • image

    The Wandering Minstrel

    Hum dee dum hummm~ What a familiar tune~

    Event Duration: 25th September 2019, After Patch - 22nd October 2019, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 61+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept the starting quest [The Minstrel] The Wandering Minstrel from the Star Notifier
    Tunes played by the forgotten one... Wait Eunwol ish that eu? Probably not, Eunwol was involved with the Black Magic cornflake... right? Mingy doesn’t look like a local tho. Well no harm trying to lend people a helping hand.

    Psst... A mysterious adventurer approaches you and says, this magical book allows you to play different tunes. SO DOPE. My response was like, wait what... are you for REAL?!! Who cares, as long as I can get my hands on cool things, right?!


  • Plagiarists, Lip-sync Performers and Rhythm Destroyers will appear randomly while hunting Level Range Monsters.
  • Upon completion of the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th quest, players will be rewarded with additional items.
  • ETC Item Unique Melody will not drop from level range monsters unless the [The Minstrel] Unique Rhythm quest is in progress.
  • Upon starting your journey to discover each story, you are required to complete 3 daily quests available from Mingy via the Star Notifier to register the selected story into the Minstrel’s Music Score.
  • Upon selection of the completed story in the Minstrel’s Music Score, the BGM will change accordingly to the selected story.
  • You may obtain another The Minstrel's Music Score if you have misplaced it. Recovery quest for the The Minstrel’s Music Score is only available ONCE per character.
  • Song Collection and Quest Completion for The Wandering Minstrel is by character.
  • Some rewards are untradable, so please be sure to redeem them on the correct character.

  • Rewards

  • 5th Song Completion: Spike Mask
  • 10th Song Completion: Party Sunglasses
  • 15th Song Completion: Assemble Music Garden
  • 20th Song Completion: The Legendary Minstrel Chair

  • Return of the Toben Hair Warrior

    Your tutee will always be a tutee.. He will never surpass you. Or will he?

    Event Duration: 2nd October 2019, After Maintenance ~ 15th October 2019, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 61+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept the starting quest [Returned Toben Hair Warrior] Toben Hair Warrior has returned from the Star Notifier
    Psst, news has been spreading around mentioning that Toben is now back and geared as ever! Who would have known that your student would be walking around with that kind of gear that soon!! Let’s head out and have a little chatter with Toben, no harm done right? Maybe he’ll have interesting experiences to share.


    Ah Toben, what are you-- I just want to hear stories regarding your adventure in Maple World so far! What? A bunch of missions? First of all, why-- oh well, I guess it's back to the classroom. Why do I even have such a student..?
  • Each lesson will be unlocked as days past by.
  •    ➢ Lesson 1 will be unlocked on the 2nd October 2019, 1000hrs (GMT +8)
       ➢ Lesson 2 will be unlocked on the 3rd October 2019, 1000hrs (GMT +8)
       ➢ Lesson 3 will be unlocked on the 4th October 2019, 1000hrs (GMT +8)
       ➢ And so on...
  • Task will be provided and has to be completed before Toben can share his experiences with you. Guess he needs a bit of memory training more than anything...
  • Some rewards are untradable, so please be sure to redeem them on the correct character.

  • Rewards


  • Lesson 1: Prepared Spirit Pendant (7 days)
  • Lesson 2: Toben Hair Warrior's Hat Box
  • Lesson 3: Carved Golden Seal
  • Lesson 4: Selective 8 Slot Expansion Coupon
  • Lesson 5: Special Medal of Honor
  • Lesson 6: Yellow Cube
  • Lesson 7: Epic Potential Scroll 50%
  • Lesson 8: Storm Growth Potion x2
  • Lesson 9: Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  • Lesson 10: Memory with Toben Hair Warrior (Chair)

  • That's not all, more rewards can be obtained even after imparting all your knowledge to Toben! Also, you might chance upon some premium goodies while listening to Toben.

    Monster Encyclopedia

    A journey towards completion... and buffs??!

    Event Duration: 16th October 2019, 1000hrs ~ 12th November 2019, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 61+, Zero characters completing Chapter 2 for Story Quest
    How to Start: Accept the starting quest [Monster Encyclopedia] Monster Hunter's Request from the Star Notifier.


    A Monster Hunter, Ga Ji, is on a journey to complete the Monster Encyclopedia left behind by her master. She seems very determined to complete it. But why? Shouldn't you lend her a hand? Maybe it's a hidden treasure trove...

    Ga Ji would happily hand over her set of cards to start any new Hunter's collection. These look unusual. What are these cards for??? Bingo?

    -Reads scribblings on Mummy Card-: Additional Damage on Boss monsters?!!
    -Reads scribblings on Starving Ghost Card-: Additional ATT/MATT?!?!
    -Slowly unveil scribblings on other cards-: ..... Item Drop Rate Buffs.... and... and.. what are these DELICIOUS things?? -spits Power Elixir-



  • Monster Cards will drop while hunting level range monsters.
  • Each monster card has to be registered into the Monster Encyclopedia via their respective quests, which can be found in the Monster Encyclopedia Event Icon (via the Star Notifier).
  • Each monster card has their own unique buff bonus and cannot be stacked with other card bonuses.
  • All monster card buffs can be activated via the quest [Monster Encyclopedia] Card Skill Activation.
  • Card Exchange can be done via the Quest [Monster Encyclopedia] Card Exchange.
  •    ➢ You will require x100 lower grade cards to exchange for x1 higher grade card.
       ➢ e.g. x100 Zombie Cards will be required to exchange for x1 Jiang Shi Card.
       ➢ An additional fee will be added in to make the exchange happen.
  • Cards will only be dropped after the card has been registered into Monster Encyclopedia. (e.g. the Jiang Shi card will not drop from hunting Level Range Monsters until it has been registered to the Monster Encyclopedia)
  • Higher tier cards have higher buff values compared to the lower tier ones.
  • Higher tier cards have noticeably lower drop chances.
  • The Monster Encyclopedia progression is character bound and not account bound.
  • The Monster Encyclopedia quests are character bound and not account bound.
  • All quest rewards are recommended to be collected by 12th of November 2019, 2359hrs.
  • Some rewards are untradable, so please be sure to redeem them on the correct character.

  • Sunday Maple

    When Sunday exists, Sunday Maple exists.


    First Sunday: 6th October 2019

  • 1x Mysterious Momon for Monster Collection
  • 2x Monster Collection Registration Chance
  • 2 Elite Monsters are summoned during spawning of Elite Monsters

    Second Sunday: 13th October 2019

  • 20x Selectable Arcane Symbol Exchange Coupon
  • 1x Storm Growth Potion

    Third Sunday: 20th October 2019

  • 30% Discount on Starforce

    Fourth Sunday: 27th October 2019

  • 2x Mesos obtained from Ursus
  • 2x Ursus Daily Entry Limit
  • 2x Maple Union Preset Coupons (30 days)

    Fifth Sunday: 3rd November 2019

  • 50% off Potential Appraisal cost
  • 50% off Spell Trace Enhancement cost

    Sixth Sunday: 10th November 2019

  • 5x chance to obtain Augmented Soul when using Soul Shard
  • 5x Medal of Honor EXP gained from Field Monsters