14 Nov 2018

Black Mage Event Notes (v180)

Dear Maplers,

The time has come for all Maplers to gather our strength and band together.



1. Burning World
2. Tera Burning Project
3. Maple Relay Season 1
4. Popeyes
5. Sunday Maple


Experience the thrill of entering a new empty world, and burn all your characters!

Event Duration: 14 November 2018 (After Patch) ~ 22 January 2019, 2359hrs



  • Just by playing in Burning World, you can obtain several great benefits to assist in your training!
      - 1.5X EXP Gain
      - +50 Weapon ATT/Magic ATT
      - +30% damage dealt to normal monsters
      - +30% damage dealt to boss monsters
      - +30% Critical Rate
      - +30% Critical Damage
  • You can create up to 2 Mega Burning Characters in Burning World. Mega Burning Characters will receive the Burning benefit until Level 130.
  • Maximum of 4 characters can be created in Burning World.
  • Should a Tera Burning Character be created in Burning World, you can still create 2 Mega Burning Characters and one other normal character. However, please note the limitation of creating only 1 Tera Burning Character in the same Maple ID.
  • Several cash shop items cannot be purchased in Burning World, such as Character Slot Expansion Coupon, Storage Expansion Coupons and House Wedding Tickets.
  • Several in-game functions are also restricted, such as Meso Market, Maple Union, Monster Collection, Monster Life and Link skills.
  • In addition to the usual equipment rewards obtained from Mega Burning, upon reaching even higher levels, there will be special rewards! Obtain items such as:
      - Root Abyss Armours
      - Fafnir Weapons (Time-Limited)
      - Condensed Strength Crystalline
      - Pendant of the Spirit
      - Aqua Letter Eye Decoration
      - Yellow Cubes
      - Miracle Circulators
      - Dea Sidus Earrings
      - Epic Potential Scroll
      - Crimson Resurrection Flame
      - Core Gemstones
      - Selective Arcane Symbol Coupons



    Remember Mega Burning Project? Well, not anymore! Tera Burning is the new in!
    Enjoy 1+2 Level Up all the way to Level 200 with a twist on the classic Burning Project!

    Event Duration: 14 November 2018 (After Patch) ~ 22 January 2019, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Newly Created Characters, except Zero Characters. Character must be selected as the Tera Burning Character upon creation.
    Maximum 1 Tera Burning Character PER Maple ID across all worlds

    Event Mechanics

    What is Tera Burning Project?
    Burning Project is an event where characters can enjoy leveling at triple the normal amount!
    You will also receive various gift boxes on your burning character!

    After selecting to burn your character at the character creation screen, accept the quest Tera Burning Project! Get a Gift! from the Star Notifier on the left to receive the following:
  • Mysterious Secret Box
      - Open it up to receive a Snail Roon Pet (25 hours)!
  • Lv. 30 Equipment Box
      - You can open this box once you reach Level 30 to obtain relevant equipments for your character!
  • Legendary Secret Box
      - This box can only be opened once you reach Level 100 to obtain equipment!
  • Limited-time Root Abyss Set Box
      - This box can be opened once you reach Level 150 to obtain Root Abyss Armours and a Limited-time Fafnir Weapon Box!
      - The obtained equipment will be untradeable, enhanced with relevant stat 70% Spell Trace Enhancement Scrolls, 12 Star Force, 3-line Epic Potential.
      - The equipment cannot be used with the Todd's Hammer, Scissors of Karma, fused or extracted, Equipment Enhance system.
      - The Limited-time Fafnir Weapon Box will include a weapon suited for your job that is time-limited.
  • Eternal Flame Title Coupon
      - Title can be obtained upon completing Another Power: Arcane Force quest. Psst, it has a really neat bonus!
    Stay hot and burn on!


    Ready... set... Relay!

    An event with a simple concept: 1. Stay online, 2. Complete Missions, and 3. Be rewarded!

    Duration: 14 November 2018 (After Patch) ~ 18 December 2018, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
    How to Start: Accept the quest, Maple Relay Event Notice, from the Maple Relay icon on the left of the screen.

    Maple Relay Daily Login Rewards


    • Accumulate playtime and complete missions to receive Everyday Maple Relay Boxes!
    • You can obtain up to 4 tiers of Everyday Maple Relay Box daily.

    Mission and Rewards

    Everyday Maple Relay Tier 1: Activate 2 Runes + Accumulate 30 minutes playtime.
       Reward: Everyday Maple Relay Boxes (30 Min), which consist of the following:
          → 50 Mileage
          → Polo & Frito Admission Ticket

    Everyday Maple Relay Tier 2: Clear Polo / Frito Missions once + Accumulate 60 minutes playtime.
       Reward: Everyday Maple Relay Box (60 Min), which consist of the following:
          → 50 Mileage
          → 2x EXP Consumable Buff

    Everyday Maple Relay Tier 3: Participate in Elite Boss Battle once + Accumulate 120 minutes playtime.
       → Reward: Everyday Maple Relay Box (120 Min), which consist of the following:
          → 200 Mileage
          → Super Megaphone (3 Days)

    Everyday Maple Relay Tier 4: Participate in Flame Wolf once + Accumulate 180 minutes playtime.
       Reward: Everyday Maple Relay Box (180 Min), which consist of the following:
          → 200 Mileage
          → Miracle Circulator (3 Days)
          → 50 Alliance Medals

    Please note that the playtime timer will not continue to the next tier until the respective quest is complete and the reward is obtained.

    Maple Relay Accumulative Login Rewards


    • Accumulate Everyday Maple Relay Boxes during the event period to receive Accumulative Maple Relay Boxes!
    • There are 4 Tiers of Accumulative Maple Relay Boxes, depending on the amount of Everyday Maple Relay Boxes received.

    Requirements and Rewards

    Accumulate 13 Everyday Maple Relay Boxes:
       Reward: Maple Relay 1st Box, with the following items:
          → SEA Royal Hair Coupon (3 Days)

    Accumulate 40 Everyday Maple Relay Boxes:
       Reward: Maple Relay 2nd Box, with the following items:
          → Ga-cha-pon Ticket x7 (3 Days)

    Accumulate 80 Everyday Maple Relay Boxes:
       Reward: Maple Relay 3rd Box, with the following items:
          → 10,000 Mileage Coupon
          → RED Cube x6 (3 Days)
          → Carved Golden Seal Coupon

    Accumulate 120 Everyday Maple Relay Boxes:
       Reward: Maple Relay 4th Box, which contains a special 15 Star Enhancement Unique Dominator Pendant
       Please take note of the following information for this Special Potential Pendant Item.
          → Scrolled with 70% Spell Traces of Main Stat (Xenon can choose between STR, DEX, LUK) x5
          → Fixed potential based on Main Stat: Primary Stat 15% + Critical Rate 6% (Xenon will receive 9% All Stats instead of 15% Primary Stat)
          → Cannot use scroll of any form.
          → Cannot transfer using the Todd's Hammer.
          → Cannot be traded.
          → Cannot use cube to reset its potential.



    This looks like... Louisiana! Mmm, yum!

    Event Duration: 27 November 2018, 0000hrs ~ 06 January 2019, 2359hrs
    Requirements: Level 33+ (Zero Classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
    How to start: Accept the starting quest via the star icon

    Event Mechanics

    Cassandra needs your assistance! Monsters have stolen yet more items from humans. This time, collect the letters "POPEYES" and help bring some delicious fried chicken to Maple World!
  • Hunt monsters within your level range and collect the letters "P, O, P, E, Y, E, S".
  • You will be rewarded with 35 Popeyes Coin upon completion of Cassandra's request.
  • You can perform this daily quest 5 times per character per day
  • Popeyes Coin can be spent at Popeyes Shop, accessible via NPC Cassandra.

  • Rewards

    Here's the menu of Popeyes Shop, accessible via NPC Cassandra. Spend your coins to order items on the menu!
  • Popeyes & Mountain Dew Combo Chair
  • Popeyes Chair
  • image

  • Damage Skin - Popeyes
  • Popeyes Box Hat
  • Popeyes Burger Hat
  • Popeyes Mascot Hat
  • Popeyes Mascot Overall
  • Popeyes Mascot Wing(Glove)
  • Popeyes Mascot Shoe
  • image
  • Crimson Resurrection Flame
  • Purple Cube
  • Yellow Cube
  • 2x EXP Consumable Buffs

  • To browse the full menu list, please visit the Popeyes Shop that opened in many towns and check with NPC Cassandra.

    Sunday Maple

    Guess Black Mage still can't stop the Sun from providing us our favourite benefits!

    First Sunday: 18th November 2018

  • 100% Success Rate for Star Force enhancement on the 5th, 10th and 15th Star
  • 4 5x Arcane Symbol Selection Coupon
  • 4 2x EXP Consumable Buffs
  • 1 Storm Growth Potion

  • Second Sunday: 25th November 2018

  • 2x Daily Content Rewards from Arcane River! (Road to Extinction, Hungry Muto, Dream Breaker, Spirit Savior, Moras)
  • 2x EXP Obtained from Flame Wolf
  • 2x EXP from Polo & Frito Portals

  • Third Sunday: 2nd December 2018

  • 300% EXP Buff from Runes
  • 300% EXP from Combo Kill Orbs
  • 3x EXP for clearing Sudden Missions
  • 2x Desire obtained

  • Fourth Sunday: 9th December 2018

  • Alliance Supply Shop 30% Off
  • 2x Desire obtained

  • Fifth Sunday: 16th December 2018

  • Star Force Enhancement Cost 30% Off
  • 2x Desire obtained