26 Feb 2018

Maple Film Festival Patch Notes (v174)

Dear Maplers,

With the NOVA patch coming to an end, explore the depths of the Fox Valley and check out the various QoL and System Updates we have in store for you!


Table of Contents

1. Fox Valley Theme Dungeon (Available from 7 March 2018)
2. Maple Detectives Revamp (Available from 14 March 2018)
3. System Updates
4. Existing Skill Adjustments

Fox Valley Theme Dungeon

Hey look, an airplane made out of a Leaf? Guess it wouldn't hurt to pick it up...


Level Requirement: 185+
Initial quest: [Fox Valley] A Leaf Airplane from Somewhere (available from 7 March, after maintenance)
How to access: Maple Guide (180) or Leaf Airplane from Pantheon


Join the cheeky and overprotective Maru on his adventures and his self-proclaimed quest to protect his beloved Fox Village. As a proud member of Pointy Ears Guards, assist Maru and help save the Fox Village.


Upon completing the Fox Valley Theme Dungeon, you can receive a commemorative medal.



Following a short hiatus, the Maple Detectives are back in town to solve the mystery of the missing pets!
Join Chase, Hayato, Kanna, Zen, and Jett on a journey and discover the secrets PULSAR hides!

Re-opens 14 March 2018, after maintenance
Initial quest: Maple Detectives Icon on the left side of the screen.

Maple Detectives Changes

  • Quests are less tedious in the first half of the storyline.
  • Hyper Space Dungeon daily entry limit has been increased to 5 per day.
  • Increased EXP obtained from Hyper Space Dungeon Final Reward.
  • Decreased damage done by rotating lazers in Hyper Space Dungeon.
  • Bonus Stages NPC Shops sell a larger variety of items.
With Maple Detectives coming back, there is also a re-opening event! Check out the v1.74 Event Notes for more information.


Trade System Improvements

  • The upper limit of the amount of mesos that can be held in a single inventory has been increased from 9,999,999,999 to 29,999,999,999. This also applies to all transactions.
  • Auction House has been improved. You can now search for information regarding recently completed trades, and save several items to a saved list for easy reference.
  • Maple Auction House tips can now be seen from NPC Eggrich in the Free Market Entrance.
  • Transaction fees are now at a standard rate of 5% across all transaction amounts and medium. This applies to normal cash trade, cash item trade, Auction House transaction, dropped mesos, and Alchemist Extractor fees.
  • The use of Free Market is now restricted, with the exception of the Free Market Entrance.

Profession System Reorganization

  • All secondary professions now extract and fuse items. Alchemists can extract up to 10 items at once, while Smithers and Accessory Crafters can extract up to 5 items at once.
  • Extraction and fusion can now be done anywhere within Ardentmill.
  • Item fusion system has been adjusted. Resulting item will not be able to gain potential if items fused do not have potentials.
  • Pocket equipment items can now be extracted and/or fused.
  • Item fusion will no longer award mastery.
  • New Profession skills have been added. They are obtainable by achieving at least a Master Craftsman level in Accessory Crafting or Smithing.

    • Smithing - Weapon Refining
      The Smithing Master skill uses Enchanted Whetstones to sharpen your current weapon. Weapon Refining is not affected by the Buff Duration Bonus and Cooldown Reset effects.
      • Master Craftsman: Requires 1 Enchanted Whetstone. Increases Critical Damage by 3% for 40 minutes. Unequipping or replacing a weapon cancels the skill's effect. Has a cooldown of 3600 seconds.
      • Meister: Requires 2 Enchanted Whetstones. Increases Critical Damage by 5% for 40 minutes. Unequipping or replacing a weapon cancels the skill's effect. Has a cooldown of 3000 seconds.
    • Accessory Crafting - Accessory Polishing
      The Accesory Crafting Master skill uses mana extracted from Magic Pebbles to protect your Accessories against Status effects. Accessory Polishing is not affected by the Buff Duration Bonus and Cooldown Reset effects.
      • Master Craftsman: Requires 1 Magic Pebble. Blocks 1 Abnormal Status Effect for 20 minutes. Has a cooldown of 3600 seconds.
      • Meister: Requires 2 Magic Pebbles. Blocks 1 Abnormal Status Effect for 30 minutes. Has a cooldown of 3000 seconds.
  • The time and animation when crafting, extracting, and fusing has been smoothened and is now faster.
  • Two new items have been added for profession skills, Magic Whetstone and Magic Pebble. Each can be crafted by the respective professions.
  • Maple Achievement "1+1 is 1+" and "1+1 is 1++" will no longer be able to be completed and have been moved to the Memories category.

Chat Window Improvements

  • The chat window can now be undocked from the bottom left of the screen, and can be moved anywhere around the game client.
  • External Chat Window can be activated from the Game Settings when playing in Windowed mode. This causes the chat window to open in an external window.

  • You can now add a custom tab displaying filtered chats according to your preference. You can also adjust existing tabs to your liking.

Community Features Adjustments

  • Groups in Buddy lists can now be edited by right-clicking it.
  • Guild invitation will now display the Guild Name.
  • Guild invitations can now be sent to players in a different channel.
  • Blacklist registration limit has been increased from 26 to 100.
  • All conversation from characters registered in the Blacklist is now blocked, including Whisper, All chat, Skill Macro shout, and pet speech bubble.
  • Guilds can now be added to the blacklist. Guild invites from a blacklisted guild will be automatically declined.
  • The "/find" command has been disabled.
  • A setting is now available to allow/disallow other players from teleporting to you via the Hyper Teleport Rock "Chase Character" function.

Achievement System Updates

  • New achievements have been added
  • Refreshing achievements function has been added. This can be done once per character.
  • Achievements can only be refreshed while in town.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • The MapleStory.exe icon has been changed
  • An error where Xenons could gain higher MP amounts while using INT equipment has been rectified. Affected users have had their MP reset
  • Due to the Lucky Item changes, only one Lucky Item will take effect when multiple Lucky Items are equipped. All Scarlet Rings already equipped will have their states changed to "Cannot be traded once equipped"
  • Character effects and equipped cape will now show properly in the Character Selection Screen.
  • Ursus rewards have been adjusted to be more proportionate to the amount of people participating
  • Players who do not perform any actions for a certain amount of time or does not deal damage to Hekaton will not receive rewards from Hekaton.
  • Hekaton's HP will not increase after a certain point when people enter the map
  • Corgi Label Ring Display Issue has been rectified
  • Additional Potential Scrolls can now be obtained from Elite Boss Rewards and can now be bought in the Union Coin Shop
  • Fixed an error where Kanna equipping 3 pets will cause the pets to move randomly
  • Fixed an error where keydown skills sometimes did not show the preparation animation on other characters.
  • Fixed an error where Thieves' Venom Burst will affect enemies that cannot be attacked.
  • Fixed an error where Phantom's Joker will hit enemies that cannot be attacked.
  • Fixed an error where Night Walker's Element: Darkness would overwrite other skills
  • Fixed an error where Guided Arrow did not take into account Mercedes's Union Attacker Unit effect
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes' Ishtar Ring did not increase Ignis Roar's duration correctly when using Sylvidia
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes could not link Rolling Moonsault to Rising Rush properly
  • Fixed an error where Mercedes' Ignis Roar was not saved by Buff Freezers.
  • Fixed an error where Blasters repeatedly cancelling skills would cause the client to close
  • Fixed an error where Cadena will move to an abnormal position when using a hidden field portal while using Weapon Arts: Dancing Daggers.
  • Fixed an error where Cadena will rise to an abnormal area which prevented skills from hitting Cadena while using Chain Arts: Takedown.
  • Fixed an error where Beta’s appearance would disappear when tagging after Alpha used Shadow Rain.
  • Fixed an error where certain effects of Illium’s Invoke: Longinus would not be affected by transparency options.
  • Fixed an error where Bowmaster's installed Arrow Platter will sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed an error where Battle Mage's Summon: Death will sometimes not trigger while using Master of Death
  • Fixed an error where Wild Hunter's Rampage As One did not affect Enhance: Summon Jaguar
  • Fixed an error where Mechanic's Metal Armor: Tank had a weird hitbox


All Classes
  • All soul weapon skills cast delays have been reduced.

  • Explorers

  • Advanced Combo: Fixed an error in the tooltip where Combat Orders does not reflect the actual increase per orb.

  • Paladin
  • Sacrosanctity: Fixed an error where the skill effect is still visible to other characters after the skill ends.
  • Holy Unity: Final damage boost when bonded with a party member has been adjusted such that it is the same when casting it alone. Final damage of the mirrored attack by the bonded party members has been decreased, and the range for bonding with a party member has been increased. If the bonded party member goes out of range, the boost will continue on yourself. If no party member is bonded while a party member enters the range, the bond will be automatically applied with that party member.
    An error that occured due to party members leaving the party has been fixed.

  • Dark Knight
  • Beholder: Fixed an error where Beholder’s skills would not activate if used at the same time as using a portal
  • Reincarnation: Fixed an error where Reincarnation works incorrectly when activated while a party member has Celestial Protection active

  • Adventurer Magicians
  • Infinity: Instantly gives 65% final damage upon casting the skill. Final damage over time has been decreased from 9% to 3%, and maximum final damage boost upper limit has been removed.

  • Archmage (Fire, Poison)
  • Fire Aura: Attack frequency of Fire Aura has been decreased from every 1 second to every 3 seconds, while damage has been increased from 250% to 400%. Number of hits has been increased from 1 to 2. Maximum number of monsters hit has been decreased from 15 to 10.

  • Archmage (Ice, Lightning)
  • Freezing Breath: Cooldown has been increased from 120 seconds to 180 seconds.
  • Ice Age: Duration of the frozen area has been decreased from 30 seconds to 15 seconds, while damage has been increased from 500% to 750% (at max level)

  • Bishop
  • Blessing Ensemble / Blessing Harmony: Final damage boost per buffed party member has been decreased.
  • Angel Ray: Damage has been increased from 295% > 315% (at max level).

  • Adventurer Archers
  • Avian Awakening: Phoenix / Freezer will be automatically summoned after Evolve ends.

  • Bowmaster
  • Extreme Archery : Bow: Defense reduction has been decreased from 40% to 25%

  • Shadower
  • Assassinate: Damage boost obtained based on Killing Points has been changed to Final Damage 100% boost.

  • Dual Blade
  • Asura: Damage has been increased from 380% > 420%

  • Captain
  • Eight-Legs Easton: Increased attack range.

  • Cygnus Knights

    Wind Breaker
  • Albatross: Cape effect can now be turned off by right-clicking on the skill icon.

  • Night Walker
  • Shadow Servant: Cast delay has been reduced.
  • Quintuple Toss: Damage has been increased from 315% > 340%, and last star's damage has been increased from 430% > 475% (at max level).
  • Shadow Illusion: Cast delay has been reduced.

  • Striker
  • Tidal Wave: Character will now be invincible while using skill.

  • Mihile
  • Advanced Sword Mastery: Critical Damage boost has been increased from 8% > 10%, and passively increases Critical Rate by 15% (at max level).
  • Claimh Solais: Will now automatically create an additional sword of light upon attacking while the skill is on cooldown. Created sword of light deals increasing damage for every additional created sword.

  • Heroes

  • Support Jump: Come Back! will be automatically used when Support Jump is activated.
  • Swift of Thunder: Damage has been increased from 135% > 150%.

  • Mercedes
  • Elven Grace: Will now increase damage dealt to regular monsters by 10%.
  • Rising Rush: Rush damage has been increased from 210% > 250%, final hit's damage has been increased from 220% > 250% (at max level), number of hits has been increased from 1 to 2.
  • Aerial Barrage: Passive damage boost to Rising Rush has been changed to a damage 100% boost.
  • Gust Dive: Damage has been increased from 195% > 260% (at max level), number of hits has been increased from 3 > 4.
  • Ignis Roar: Buff duration has been increased from 10 seconds > 15 seconds
  • Ishtar's Ring: Damage boost to Swift Dual Shot has been removed, now passively increases Unicorn Spike's damage by 100%
  • Spikes Royale: Damage boost to Leaf Tornado has been increased from 60% > 130%.
  • Lightning Edge: Damage boost to Gust Dive has been increased from 50% > 170%.
  • Rolling Moonsault: Damage boost to Rising Rush and Aerial Barrage has been changed to a 195% damage boost.
  • Advanced Stunning Strikes: Damage has been increased from 300% > 380% (at max level).

  • Phantom
  • Mille Aiguilles: Damage has been increased from 100% > 110% (at max level).

  • Luminous
  • The Gate of Truth: Will now deal increased damage when hitting only 1 enemy. Damage will be increased to 750% when only attacking 1 enemy (at max level).

  • Resistance

    Demon Slayer
  • Demon Lash: Cast Delay has been reduced.
  • Raven Storm: Character will now be invincible while using skill. Cooldown has been increased from 10 seconds > 30 seconds.
  • Demon Impact: Damage has been increased from 420% > 460% (at max level).
  • Demon Cry: Cast Delay has been reduced.

  • Battle Mage
  • Summon: Death: When active, now displays a special UI. Existing buff icon has been removed.

  • Xenon
  • Surplus Overload: Now consumes a percentage of Max MP at the time of casting the skill. Plasma damage has been decreased from 1800% > 1420% (at max level), while the amount of times it can be triggered is increased.

  • Mechanic
  • Metal Armor: Debuff effect will now be displayed on top of the character's head
  • Multiple options: M-FL: Metal armor will not disappear even if not in use, but it will not attack.

  • Nova

  • Final Form: Jump delay has been decreased, Double Leap can now be used while in Final Form.
  • Blade Burst: Can now be used in the air.
  • Prominence: Character will now be invincible while using skill.

  • Cadena
  • Weapon Arts: Cinderblock Smash: Vertical attack range has been decreased.
  • Weapon Arts: Assault & Battery: Final attack's vertical attack range has been decreased.

  • Angelic Buster
  • Soul Resonance: Damage has been increased from 610% > 730% (at max level), damage reduction during skill casting has been increased from 20% > 35%.

  • Child of God

  • Doubletime: Now increases Beta’s attack speed by 1 stage at 10 stacks.

  • Modern World

  • Ultimate-Train: Psychic Point cost has been decreased from 25 > 20.

  • Flora

  • Crystal Control: Can now be moved while Reaction skills are activating.
  • Reaction: Destruction II: Now deals additional 20% damage to bosses.
  • Glory Wing: Now deals additional 30% damage to bosses.
  • Crystal Ignition & Reaction: Spectrum: Now deals additional 20% damage to bosses.