13 Nov 2017

NOVA Patch Notes (v171)

Dear Maplers,

NOVA is finally here! Rescue trapped Rock Spirits, explore a new Episode in the Dimension Library, and play Cadena!


Table of Contents

1. 5th Job Advancement Updates
2. New Class: Cadena (Available from 22 November 2017)
3. Spirit Savior
4. Boss Rewards Revamp
5. Maple Achievement
6. Dimension Library: Episode 4 - The Bard of the Snowfield (Available from 6 December 2017)
7. Existing Skill Adjustments
8. Miscellaneous Updates


Ready to power up with all-new V skills? In NOVA, each type of classes have a new common skill, in addition to the already existing common skills available!


V Job Advancement and Arcane Symbol Changes

  • The cooldown time required between charging each Arcane Stone has been removed (previously 4 hours).
  • Upon using Core Gemstones, you will now only receive Core Gemstones that you can equip in your V Matrix.
  • Maximum level of Arcane Symbols has been increased to 20.



Born into a noble family of Grandis, Cadena’s life took a turn for the worse when Magnus invaded, her family among those marked for death. By sheer will of luck, Cadena was rescued by an unknown savior, an associate of the Shadow Merchants.
Eventually, she abandoned her original name and took the name Cadena for herself, which reflects on her choice of weapons, Chains. Vowing to avenge her family’s death, she joined the Shadow Merchants and honed her skills, starting on her journey to become stronger.

Cadena can be created from 22 November 2017 onwards (after maintenance).

Key Attributes

  • Faction: Nova
  • Class: Thief
  • Main Stat: LUK
  • Weapon: Energy Chain (1 handed)
  • Secondary Weapon: Weapon Transmitter
  • Maple Union Attacker Unit Member Effects: LUK +20/40/60/80/100

New Town: Savage Terminal


Cadena will begin her journey in the stronghold of Shadow Merchants, in Savage Terminal, a planet in Grandis.
Savage Terminal can be accessed from Pantheon.


Cadena Skills

Cadena uses her chains as her primary weapon, while summoning a large variety of weapons from her arsenal to aid in her quest for strength and victory.








Cadena can also learn Nova Common and Thief Common V Skills.


A new daily dungeon is now available in Arcane River's Arcana. Rescue the trapped Rock Spirits in Spirit Savior in exchange for Spirit Coins! Spirit Coins can be exchanged for Arcane Symbol: Arcana. Spirit Coins awarded will depend on the score achieved in Spirit Savior.


Entry Conditions:
  • Above level 225.
  • Completed quest [Arcana] Return of a Harmonious Forest
  • Solo content - No Entry allowed in a party
  • 3 entries per day
General Mechanics:
  • 3 minutes time limit
  • Rescue as many Trapped Rock Spirits as you can!
  • Attack the Trapped Rock Spirits to free them.
  • Save them by using the NPC Chat key.
  • Avoid the map obstacles and the Poisonous Chaser that kills Rock Spirits! If you get hit by the Poisonous Chaser, your defense points will fall. Take note!
    • The Poisonous Chaser will start chasing you once you free the Trapped Stone Spirits.
    • Poisonous Chasers are invincible and cannot be killed, and explodes upon contact.
    • Upon contact, all Stone Spirits still with you will be lost, and you will lose a portion of your defense points.
    • The more Rescued Stone Spirits you have with you, the faster and stronger the Poisonous Chaser will be.
  • Return to the rescue point in the centre of the map, sending the Rescued Rock Spirits to safety, to obtain points.
  • When the time runs out or your defense gauge drops to zero, Spirit Savior ends and you can obtain coins based on your score obtained.
  • For every 1000 points obtained, 1 image Spirit Coin will be given.
  • Exchange 3 image Spirit Coins for 1 image Arcane Symbol: Arcana!


  • The more Rock Spirits you rescue, the higher your points!


Bosses now award more mesos compared to the past! New NPC Collector is now in the Free Market!

Bosses will now stop dropping mesos, but instead drop a Glowing Soul Crystal, which can be sold to the Collector for a large sum of mesos.


Boss Entry and Clear Limit Changes

Please take note of changes to the following boss's entries in the upcoming patch. Bosses not listed are not affected.
  • Easy/Normal Zakum - 1 Entry daily (shared)
  • Chaos Zakum - 1 Clear weekly
  • Easy/Normal/Chaos Horntail - 1 Entry daily (shared)
  • Easy/Normal/Hard Von Leon - 1 Entry daily (shared)
  • Normal/Hard Hilla - 1 Entry daily (shared)
  • Easy/Normal Magnus - 1 Clear daily (shared)
  • Easy/Normal Cygnus - 1 Clear weekly (shared)
  • Normal/Hard Lotus - 1 Clear weekly (shared)
  • Normal/Hard Damien - 1 Clear weekly (shared)
  • Normal/Hard Lucid - 1 Clear weekly (shared)

Boss Rewards

Bosses will now drop a fixed amount of Suspicious Cubes, Boss Medal of Honours, and Elixers/Power Elixirs.
New Accessories have been added to Hard Lotus and Hard Damien, the image Loose Control Machine Mark and the image Magical Eye Patch.

A new Equipment Set has been added to the game, the Boss of Darkness Set.


The Set consists of the following equipment:
  • image Loose Control Machine Mark: Drops from Hard Lotus at a chance.
  • image Magical Eye Patch: Drops from Hard Damien at a chance.
  • image Black Heart: Can be forged from Damaged Black Heart by NPC Sensitive Squadron in Haven.
  • image Fantasy Belt: Drops from Hard Lucid at a chance.
image Fantasy Belt has been removed from the Boss Accessory Set.


Ever wanted a place to record your every action? Want recognition for completing other goals in-game rather than your levels or damage alone? With the all-new Maple Achievement system, new goals are available for you to work towards to!


Start the Achievements quest by clicking on the relevant quest in the lightbulb, and access if from the Menu icon!


Completing an Achievement will let you earn points. These points are shared across your entire Maple Account. Different Achievements will award a different number of points, with harder Achievements awarding more points.


By collecting Achievement points, you can increase your Achievement Grade. Listed below are the following grades available:
  • Bronze: 10pt - 4,999pt
  • Silver: 5,000pt - 19,999pt
  • Gold: 20,000pt - 29,999pt
  • Platinum: 30,000pt - 35,999pt
  • Diamond: 36,000pt onwards
  • Master: Top 100 players with Rank above Platinum
You will receive a special Achievement Insignia corresponding with your Achievement Grade which you can use to show your friends in game what your current grade is!


A new episode awaits! Enter the story in the shoes of a forgotten name and experience the war that unfolds...



Skills across the board have also received changes.

All Archers
  • Guided Arrow: Cooldown duration increased from 20 to 30 seconds, number of attacks increased from 30 to 45, damage increased from 600% > 800%. A bug where number of attacks were halved previously has been fixed.

  • Explorers

  • Insizing: Combo count consumption has been decreased from 2 > 1, critical damage boost when attacking monsters debuffed by Insizing have been increased from 20% > 25%.
  • Enrage: Critical damage increased from 8% to 20%.

  • Paladin
  • Blessed Hammer: Damage dealt by small hammers increased from 400% > 500%.
  • Holy Unity: Now increases final damage by 15% ~ 21% when party members are buffed by this skill.
  • Sanctuary: Super Stance is added while using the skill.

  • Dark Knight
  • Dark Spear: Damage increased from 465% > 520%.

  • Arch Mage (Fire/Poison)
  • Infinity: Final Damage increasing amount increased from 8% > 9%.

  • Bishop
  • Angel of Libra: Attack count increased from 8 > 12, damage decreased from 1500% > 1000%, and can now toggle Angelic Vengeance freely while attacking with this skill.
  • Heaven's Door: An error with the resurrection buff has been fixed.

  • Bowmaster
  • Hurricane: Time taken to be able to move after the skill has been decreased.

  • Crossbowmaster
  • Snipe: Damage decreased from 1470% > 730%, attack count is increased from 2 > 5.
  • Long Range True Shot: Damage decreased from 1350% > 750%, attack count is increased from 2 > 5.
  • Net Throwing: Can now be used while moving backwards, cooldown increased from 5 > 8 seconds, description of the skill has been amended accordingly.

  • Shadower
  • Assassinate: Damage has been adjusted from 627% > 550%, final attack count has been increased from 2 > 3.
  • Meso Explosion: Damage has been increased from 100% > 200%, description of the skill has been amended accordingly.
  • Eviscerate: Moving distance of the skill has been decreased.

  • Dual Blade
  • Asura: Can now jump downwards while using this skill, can be cancelled by pressing the skill key again while using this skill.

  • Captain
  • Physical Training: A 10% ~ 20% damage absorption has been added to this skill.
  • Rapid Fire: Damage increased from 300% > 325%.
  • Majestic Presence: Damage increased from 250% > 275%.
  • Brain Scrambler: Damage increased from 475% > 525%.
  • Ahoy Mateys: Critical damage increased from 10% > 25%.

  • Cannon Shooter
  • ICBM: Damage has been increased from 4200% > 7000%, invincibility has been added while the skill is being casted, cooldown has been added when casting.

  • Cygnus Knights

    Flame Wizard
  • Blazing Orbital Flame: Cooldown decreased from 8 > 5 seconds, damage decreased from 955% > 655%.

  • Night Walker
  • Quintuple Star: Attack range has been increased for the first 4 attacks.
  • Shadow Servant: Final damage has been increased from 65% > 70%.
  • Shadow Illusion: Final damage has been increased from 65/45/25% > 70/50/30%.
  • Dominion: 20% damage boost has been replaced with 20% final damage boost.

  • Striker
  • Tidal Wave: Cast delay can now be cancelled with other skills' usage.

  • Heroes

  • Maha's Installation: Damage increased from 10% > 30%.

  • Evan
  • Circle of Mana: Can be used with Dragon Flash and Dragon Dive as Fusion Skill.
  • Dragon Break: Cooldown has been decreased from 30 > 20 seconds.
  • Onyx's Blessing: M.ATT Boost has been increased from 50 > 80.
  • Magic Amplification: Final damage has been increased from 15% > 20%.
  • Magic Mastery: Critical damage has been increased from 8% > 20%.
  • Reinforced Magical Residue: Damage increased from 50% > 100% for every 5 magical residues.
  • Dragon/Fusion Skills: Mana Overload will now affect fusion skills.

  • Mercedes
  • Ignis Roar: Has been changed as a passive skill, final damage has bee increased from 10% > 15%.
  • Ishtar's Ring: Damage has been increased from 200% > 220%, every hit now increases Ignis Roar's duration by 0.1 second, up to its maximum buff duration.
  • Rolling Moonsault: Can now be used without linking other skills, using this skill will now initialize "jump" action after use.
  • Wrath of Enreal: Damage has been increased from 300% > 400%.
  • Piercing Storm Enhancement: Has been replaced with Swift Dual Shot/Piercing Storm Enhancement.
  • Parting Shot Enhancement: Has been replaced with Rising Rush/Aeeerial Barrage/Rolling Moonsault/Parting Shot Enhancement.
  • Final Attack: Dual Bowgun Enhancement: Has been replaced with Stunning Strikes/Final Attack: Dual Bowgun Enhancement.
  • Gust Dive Enhancement: Has been replaced with Leaf Tornado/Gust Dive Enhancement.
  • Aerial Barrage Enhancement: Has been replaced with Rising Rush/Aerial Barrage/Rolling Moonsault/Parting Shot Enhancement.
  • Rolling Moonsault Enhancement: Has been replaced with Rising Rush/Aerial Barrage/Rolling Moonsault/Parting Shot Enhancement.

  • Phantom
  • Cane Expert: Critical damage has been increased from 8% > 15%.
  • Piercing Vision: Final damage has been increased from 25% > 30%.
  • Joker: Number of cards/hits has been increased from 11 > 14.
  • Blackjack: Will now seek for the highest HP enemy nearby except for the previously attacked enemy, unless there are no other enemies around.

  • Luminous
  • Magic Mastery: Critical damage has been increased from 8% > 15%.
  • Armageddon: Enters a state of invincibility while using this skill.

  • Eunwol
  • Critical Insight: Will now increase critical damage by 15% upon attacking an enemy with HP below a certain threshold.

  • Resistance

    Demon Slayer
  • Binding Darkness: Cast delay has been decreased.

  • Blaster
  • Blast Shield: A bug where link skill, Close Call has been activated will activate Blast Shield has been fixed.

  • Wild Hunter
  • Jaguar Skills: Enemies without Another Bite afflicted will be affected by Another Bite at a 100% chance, will not proc. with normal jaguar attacks.
  • Another Bite: Skill duration increased from 5 > 8 seconds.
  • Double Jump: Jump distance has been increased.
  • Another Bite Enhancement: Has been replaced with Summon Jaguar/Another Bite Enhancement.
  • White Heat Rush Enhancement: Has been replaced with Damage of Crossroad/Jaguar Skyward Rush Enhancement.
  • Enduring Fire Enhancement: Has been replaced with Double Shot/Triple Shot/Wild Shot Enhancement.
  • Jaguar Soul Enhancement: Has been replaced with Sonic Roar/Jaguar Soul Enhancement.

  • Nova

  • Cursebite: Final damage boost has been decreased from 25% > 15% when attacking enemies afflicted by a status condition, a passive 20% final damage boost has been added.
  • Guardian of Nova: An error where this skill could attack mimics (Bonus stage of Elite Bosses/Rune of Njord) has been fixed.
  • Ancestral Prominence: Attack count has been increased from 8 > 15.
  • Realign: Attacker, Defender Mode: Will now be affected by buff freezer.

  • Angelic Buster
  • Trinity: Damage buff per stack has been increased from 5% > 10%.

  • Child of God

  • Doubletime: Condition to activate reduced cooldown has been changed to activate when the skill is used.
  • Broad Sword Mastery: Beta's Critical rate increased by 15%.
  • Critical Bind: When Alpha attacks the monster affected by Critical Bind, critical damage will be increased by 20%.
  • Resolution Time: 30% damage boost has been replaced with 25% final damage boost.
  • Flash Assault: Damage has been increased from 305% > 330%.
  • Advanced Spin Cutter: Damage has been increased from 475% > 520%, blade damage has been increased from 475% > 520%.
  • Grand Rolling Cross: Damage has been increased from 485% > 530%, blade damage has been increased from 645% > 700%.
  • Advanced Rolling Assault: Damage has been increased from 680% > 745%, blade damage has been increased from 680% > 745%.
  • Wind Cutter: Damage has been increased from 295% > 325%, vortex damage has been increased from 295% > 325%.
  • Wind Striker: Damage has been increased from 450% > 500%.
  • Advanced Storm Break: Damage has been increased from 610% > 670%, vortex damage has been increased from 610% > 670%.
  • Spin Driver: Damage has been increased from 710% > 780%.
  • Advanced Wheel Wind: Damage has been increased from 370% > 400%.
  • Giga Crash: Damage has been increased from 685% > 750%.
  • Jumping Crash: Damage has been increased from 610% > 670%, shockwave damage has been increased from 610% > 670%.
  • Advanced Earth Break: Damage has been increased from 695% > 760%, shockwave damage has been increased from 520% > 570%.


    With NOVA, we standardized the Level Range Monsters from Zest and Zeal to reflect the same standard regardless. Level Range Monsters now refer to monsters + or - 20 levels from your character's level. We have also further tweaked the date formats in the system for more of the formats in-game to reflect the DD/MM/YYYY format.

    There were a few QoL updates as well, as follows:
    • USE items with the same expiry will now be placed in a single stack if it can be placed in a single stack (Example: Fairy Bro Daily Gift's 2x Coupons, Rest EXP Coupons)
    • There is an additional alert window that appears when throwing Chairs to further prevent human error.
    • Players can now reissue selected titles by talking to the respective NPCs and paying a small fee.
      • Root Abyss: NPC Oko
      • Maple Chat: NPC Irene
      • Blockbuster Titles: NPC Moko
    • Alert windows will now be shown when trying to register an invalid skill for Pet Auto Buff or Skill Macro.
    • Decent Skills from Item Potentials can now be registered in Pet Auto Buff.
    • A pop-up notice will now appear when your Union Coins are at its maximum possible value.
    • Max slot for Crystals and Ores have been increased.
    • Core Gemstones can now be opened continuously when registered on a hotkey.
    • Character Selection Pages are now numbered and the amount of characters you have created will now be displayed.

    Other miscellaneous updates include:
    • Maximum character slots has been increased. You can obtain additional Character Slot Coupons in the Cash Shop for free.
    • Maple Storage Box has been added. It will mainly be used to distribute rewards.
    • Boss dungeon time limits have been changed to 5 minutes upon the boss clear.
    • Characters will now be unable to change equipment while sitting on a chair.
    • Party Quest: Dragon Rider's pre-requisite quests have been adjusted to an appropriate level.
    • Kritias's quests have been adjusted to an appropriate level.
    • Account gender display in the Character Info screen has been removed.
    • Equipment tooltip has been reworked such that if the item cannot be used due to class or gender limit, the damage increase or decrease will not be shown.
    • Buff Freezer effect will now be applied to several V Skills.
    • New monsters from Kerning Tower and Arcana have been added to Monster Collection.
    • Images of the 5 6 MapleStory Heroes has been updated on the Character Creation Screen.
    • Skill voices have been updated for Phantom and Eunwol.