18 Sep 2017

Zest and Zeal Patch Notes (v170)


Dear Maplers,

Get ready for some Zesty class changes and Zealous in-game revamps in this content update!

Table of Contents

1. Quality of Life Updates
2. Sengoku Class Rework
3. Existing Skill Adjustments
4. Growth Progression Revamp
5. Monster Life Revamp
6. Cross World Party Quest Revamp
7. Miscellaneous Changes



In this patch, MapleStory has been reworked to improve general game experience for all players. Read on to find out a list of what has been changed in this patch!

  • Large UIs will now become translucent once your character enters Combat.
    • - Affected UIs:
         →Expanded Item Inventory
         →World Map
         →Expanded Maple Guide
         →Expanded Battle Statistics
         →Monster Collection
         →Maple Union
         →Fairy Bro’s Daily Gift
         →Maple Chat
         →System Options
         →Key Configuration
  • Dream Breaker’s UI has been changed to better align with the map.
  • Upon expiry of Additional Pendant Slot, a pop-up UI will appear in addition to the text notification.
  • Usage of skills are now limited to movement skills in Ardentmill.
  • You can now use up to two Chair Bags in your inventory.
  • V Matrix has been tweaked to provide a better experience.

  • image

       →Cores of the same kind will now be ordered according to their enhancement level.
       →In Crafting mode, you will only be able to see cores that you can equip.
       →Disassemble mode has been added. Multiple cores can be disassembled at once.
       →You can now choose multiple cores when enhancing.
       →You can now tap the ESC key to speed up the animation when opening Core Gemstones.
       →The mouse wheel can be used to scroll through the pages in V Matrix.
  • When using Resurrection Flames, items that cannot be flamed will be greyed out.

  • image

  • In the Cash Shop, you can now preview the items in your Cash Inventory. Simply click on the item in your Cash Inventory, and click on the “Preview” button.
  • Damage Skin Storage has been increased to a maximum of 20 slots from 15.
  • You can now search for specific Additional Potentials in the Auction House.
  • Several USE items have had their max slots increased to 3000.
  • Union Preset coupons are now available in the Union Shop. You can have up to 3 presets and they can be used up to 30 days from unlocking the preset.
  • Some items in Union Coin shop is now cheaper. Namely, the Attack Buffs, Meso Boxes, and Growth Potions.
  • Bosses have been made easier for completion.
  •    →Hard mode Hilla can now be entered solo.
       →Princess Nou has been simplified. The image Key for the Main Hall of Hieizan required for Princess Nou can now be obtained from NPC Ayame.
  • Transparency settings in the system options will now affect your pets and androids.
  • Most EXP and drop buffs will persist even after disconnecting from the game. Note that this does not apply to all buffs.
  • New Screenshot options have been added. You can now choose to take pictures in PNG or JPEG mode! There are also additional options to take multiple shots (2 to 9) in the new continuous shooting function. Another new function is automatic shots. When enabled, the system will automatically capture a screenshot if you fulfil the following conditions:
  •    →Level up
       →Job Advance
       →Successful Enhancement of 15 Stars or higher
       →Rare item drops (i.e. Cursed Kaisereum, Dominator Pendant, etc.)
       →Ranking Achievements
       →Killing a Boss Monster for the first time
       →And more!
  • Along with screenshots, a new Capture Mode has been added. In this mode, your UI will be disabled, and you can only see characters and NPCs. Capture Mode can be toggled with a hotkey. Please note that Capture Mode will be forcibly exited under certain circumstances.

  • image

  • The effect of Item Drop Rate increasing potentials has been adjusted. The drop rate of Core Gemstones have been adjusted to account for the change. Several items also have their Drop Rate buffs increased. Union’s Luck’s drop rate bonus has been increased from 30% to 50%. Wealth Acquisition Potion’s drop rate bonus has been increased from 10% to 20%.



    Kanna and Hayato have received updates to their skills to keep them relevant to the game.
  • Kanna’s Haku was balanced appropriately and Kanna received updates on her attacks to stay relevant to the game as per other Magician classes in MapleSEA.
  • Hayato’s Keen Edge was adjusted to match the rest of the link skills available in MapleSEA.
  • Battoujutsu Combo was reworked slightly to make it smoother and the attack damage buff was increased.
  • Hitokiri Strike’s Cooldown Cutter was reworked to include a longer buff duration for the skill in general.

  • The skill changes for Kanna and Hayato are as follows:


      1st Job
    • Haku’s Heart: Adds INT.
      2nd Job
    • Shikigami Charm: Passively decreasing damage taken by 15%.
    • Haku Reborn: Passively increases Magic Attack. Adds Final Damage% when party members receive Haku’s buff effects.
    • Fan Booster: Buff Duration increased to 240 seconds.
      3rd Job
    • Soul Shear: Passively increases Final Damage%.
    • Lifeblood Ritual: Passively adds Status Resistance.
    • Unholy Radiance: Passively increases Critical Damage.
      4th Job
    • Tessenjutsu: Increased Mastery gain and passively adds Damage.
    • Haku Perfected: Passively increases Magic Attack. Adds Final Damage% when party members receive Haku’s buff effects.
    • Shocking Shikigami Haunting: Increased max enemies hit, and greatly increased attack range.


    Beginner Skills
  • Keen Edge (Link Skill): Master Level increased to 2.
  • Shimada Heart: Damage increase is now reflected in stats window.
  • Sword Discipline: Lowered MP cost.

  • 1st Job
  • Battoujutsu Combo: Provides attack damage % increase when using skills related to Battoujutsu.
  • Iagiri: Vertical range slightly increased.

  • 3rd Job
  • Willow Dodge: Damage increase is now reflected in stats window.

  • 4th Job
  • Rai Sanrenzan: Max Enemies Hit adjusted to 8.
  • Bushido’s Will: Changed to a passive skill.
  • Jinsoku: Balanced the avoidability granted.
  • Eye for an Eye: Adjusted to activate when Hayato successfully avoids an enemy.
  • Bloodletter: Damage over time adjusted to match other jobs.
  • Hitokiri Strike: Damage has been increased, and instant kill chance has been removed. The invincibility duration has been decreased.

  • Hyper Skills
  • Hitokiri Strike – Persistence **NEW**: Increases buff duration of Hitokiri Strike by 20 seconds.
  • Hitokiri Strike – Cooldown Cutter: Reduced Cooldown Time Reduction to 30%.
  • Falcon’s Honor: Modified to gain 100 Sword Energy upon using skill.


    Skills across the board have also received changes.

    All Jobs
  • Auto Restoration I: Skill cooldown increased to every 40 seconds.
  • Auto Restoration II: Skill cooldown increased to every 30 seconds.
  • Endless Attack: Skill cooldown increased to every 75 seconds.

  • All Archers
  • Guided Arrow: Damage increased from 500% > 600%.

  • All Thieves
  • Venom Burst: Damage over time increased from 25% > 100%, additional damage increased from 825% > 1000%, number of hits increased from 5 > 6 times.

  • All Warriors
  • Blitz Shield: HP consumed is changed to 5% of HP, and created shield has 15%~20% of HP.

  • Explorers

    Explorer Archer
  • Avian Awakening: Number of hits increased from 6 > 7 times.

  • Hero
  • Insizing: Combo cost has been decreased from 4 > 2.
  • Deadly Combo Fault: An error where a Boss Damage buff was wrongly provided has been removed.
  • Sword of Burning Soul: An error where changing maps would cause the summoned sword soul to disappear has been fixed.

  • Paladin
  • Blessed Hammer: Damage has been adjusted to be 546%~1050%.
  • Blessing Armor: Number of barriers will now be shown in the buff counter.
  • Blast: Damage has been adjusted to 194%~310%.

  • Dark Knight
  • Beholder Dominant: Modified to be a passive skill. Upon summoning Beholder, it will be in the Dominant status.
  • Beholder shock: An error where using this skill and Beholder’s Impact at the same time would cause Beholder Impact’s animation to be missing has been fixed.
  • Sacrifice: The cooldown reduction when Beholder attacks has been adjusted to 0.35 seconds per attack.
  • Beholder’s Impact: MP consumption has been increased to 1000 MP. Damage has been adjusted to 303%~375%.
  • Reincarnation: Cooldown of Reincarnation will now be shown in the buff counter.
  • Gungnir’s Descent: Damage is increased to 196%~225%.

  • Arch Mage (Fire/Poison)
  • Paralyze: Attack range has been increased.
  • Infinity: Now has a limit of 200% Final Damage boost.
  • DoT Punisher: An error where additional fireballs were incorrectly not created has been fixed.
  • Poison Nova: MP consumption has been decreased from 1000 MP > 500 MP. Explosion damage has been increased to 468%~900%.

  • Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning)
  • Infinity: Now has a limit of 200% Final Damage boost.
  • Lightning Sphere: Damage has been decreased to 200%.
  • Thunder Break: Final Damage will be decreased by 10% if it constantly attacks the same enemy.
  • Chain Lightning: Vertical range has been increased.

  • Bishop
  • Heal: EXP gain upon healing party members has been removed.
  • Angel’s Ray: EXP gain upon healing party members has been removed.
  • Infinity: Now has a limit of 200% Final Damage boost.
  • Prayer: Cooldown time has been increased from 120 > 180 seconds, duration of the skill has been decreased from 31~55 seconds > 30~42 seconds. HP/MP recovery has been decreased from 2% > 1%, increased HP/MP recovery has been decreased from 15% > 10%, final damage increase has been decreased from 10% > 5%.
  • Angel of Libra: Summon Duration is 30 seconds, damage buff is adjusted to 5% + 1% per 1250 INT, up to a maximum of 100%.
  • Angelic Vengeance: Final damage boost is increased from 25% > 30%.

  • Bowmaster
  • Illusionary Shot: Damage has been increased from 416% > 800%, and increased procs every 10 attacks instead of 12. Cooldown has been increased to 30 seconds.

  • Crossbowmaster
  • Piercing: Damage has been increased to 255~400%, and the arrow speed is increased.
  • Snipe: Arrow speed increased.
  • Long Range True Shot: Cast delay decreased.
  • Split Arrow: Cooldown is 120 seconds.

  • Night Lord
  • Critical Throw: Damage boost has been decreased to 1%~5%.
  • Mark of Night Lord: Number of stars decreased to 3.
  • Bleeding Toxin: Attack boost increased from 30 > 60, DoT duration decreased from 8 > 3 seconds, cooldown increased from 90 > 200 seconds.
  • Claw Expert: Critical Damage boost increased to 5~15%.
  • Fuma Shuriken: Mark of Assassin proc. rate has been increased to 40%.

  • Shadower
  • Eviscerate: Instantly move to enemies wounded by Assassinate to inflict a deadly attack, and can be linked with Assassinate. Eviscerate will ignore Damage Reflect.
  • Midnight Carnival: Damage has been increased to 84%~160%. Number of hits decreased to 7 hits.
  • Dagger Expert: Critical Damage boost is increased to 11~20%.
  • Shadower Instinct: Base attack boost has been increased to 2-40.

  • Dual Blade
  • Blade Fury: Damage has been adjusted to 192~250%.
  • Dual Wield Expert: Final Damage boost has been adjusted to 5~20%.
  • Phantom Blow: Damage has been adjusted to 188~275%.
  • Blade Storm: Damage has been adjusted to 603%~1155%, number of hits decreased from 8 > 7.

  • Viper
  • Dragon Strike: Final Damage boost duration has been increased from 10 > 15 seconds.
  • Serpent Screw: Energy consumption has been decreased from 150 > 110, and energy consumption is reduced by 60% on bosses. When fully charged, consumes 100 energy. Damage has been adjusted to 374%~710%.
  • Corkscrew Blow: Damage has been adjusted to 82%~120%, number of hits increased from 1 > 3 hits.

  • Captain
  • Dead Eye: Damage has been adjusted to 1248%~2400%, and max number of enemies hit has been decreased from 15 > 12, and cooldown of the skill has been increased from 15 > 25 seconds.
  • Parrotargeting: Final Damage boost has been adjusted to 7%~25%, critical damage boost has been adjusted to 11%~20%.

  • Cannon Shooter
  • Mega Monkey Magic: Skill Duration increased to 180 seconds.
  • Big Fuse Gigantic Cannonball: Preparation time for cannonball has been increased from 20 > 25 seconds.
  • ICBM: Damage has been adjusted to 2184%~4200%, and the ground damage is adjusted to 364%~700%. Character will be invincible while casting ICBM.

  • Cygnus Knights

    All Cygnus Knights
  • Cygnus Phalanx: Summon duration is adjusted to 22.5 seconds, with a cooldown of 30 seconds.

  • Mihile
  • Soul Blade: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Royal Guard: Attack boost when succesfully guarding for the 3rd time has been increased to 25.
  • Soul Driver: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Trinity Attack: Attack range of the skill has been increased.
  • Soul Assault: Attack range of the skill has been increased.
  • Rho Aias: An error where the final damage buff would not be saved by Buff Freezers has been fixed.
  • Claimh Solais: The ability to reset the attack duration buff duration of the Royal Guard has been changed to a function that increases the attack duration buff duration by a certain amount. The skill is usable even without the Royal Guard buff.

  • Soul Master
  • True Sight: Final Damage Boost on debuffed enemies is adjusted to 5%.
  • Soul Cleaving: Damage is adjusted to 2900%.
  • Elysion: Final Damage reduction has been increased from 40% > 50%.

  • Flame Wizard
  • Advanced Magic Mastery: Critical Damage Boost has been removed.
  • Incarnate's Anger: An error where this skill could not be used occassionally in Hungry Muto PQ has been fixed.
  • Burning Conduit: Damage Boost has been increased to 31~60%. Skill duration is now 30 seconds with an adjusted cooldown time of 45 seconds.

  • Wind Breaker
  • Spiral Vortex: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Wind Chime: Attack, DEX, and HP boosts have been changed to passive effects.

  • Night Walker
  • Shadow Bat: Damage dealt to regular monsters have been increased by 10%.
  • Throwing Mastery: Damage boost has been adjusted to 3%~30%.
  • Quintuple Toss - Boss Rush: Boss Damage boost has been adjusted to 20%.
  • Shadow Jump: Attacking skills that throw stars will now have their final damage increased by 10% if used while jumping.
  • Guise of Shadows: The 3 shadows damage has been adjusted to 65% / 45% / 25% respectively.
  • Critical Throw: Critical Damage boost has been increased to 10%.
  • Throwing Expert: Critical Damage boost has been increased to 10%.

  • Striker
  • Bolt Anchor: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Expert Knuckle Mastery: Critical Damage boost is adjusted to 1%~5%.
  • Blitz IV: Critical Damage boost has been increased to 25%.
  • Lightning in Unity: Damage has been adjusted to 416%~800%. The number of lightning attacks have been changed to 7 hits.
  • Shark Missile: Damage has been adjusted to 1040%~2000%.

  • Heroes

    All Maple Heroes
  • Freud's Oathguard: First stack of the skill will reset skill cooldown faster by 10%.

  • Aran
  • Maha Installation: Combo count is instantly increased by 100 whenever this skill is used.

  • Evan
  • Imperial Breath: Damage has been adjusted to 520%~1000%.
  • Dragon Breath: Swift of Wind's damage boost has been increased to 131%~160%.
  • Breath of Earth: Damage distribution formula has been modified whereby 35% of the attack’s damage is not divided, depending on the number of enemies attacked.
  • Dragon Breath - Wind Bonus Chance: Damage boost has been adjusted to 85%.

  • Mercedes
  • Leaf Tornado: Damage has been adjusted to 184%~260%.
  • Sylvidia: Rush attack's cooldown has been decreased to 0.95 second.
  • Ignis Roar: Changed to passively grant 1%~10% Final Damage boost.
  • Dual Bowguns Expert: Critical Damage boost has been adjusted to 1%~10%.

  • Phantom
  • Claire de Lune: Skill has been changed to passive.
  • Joker: Number of cards thrown has been adjusted to 11.
  • Black Jack: Errors where this skill was affected by Combat Orders, as well as the last attack would cause Dark Sight to be removed have been fixed.
  • Mille Aiguilles: Damage has been adjusted to 71%~100%.
  • Cane Expert: Final Damage boost has been adjusted to 10%-25%.

  • Luminous
  • Darkness - Light Gauge: Will no longer reset after resurrection of character.
  • Ray of Redemption: EXP gain when healing party members has been removed.
  • Apocalypse: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Morning Star: Cast delay has been decreased.
  • Punishing Resonator: Skill duration has been decreased to 6 seconds.
  • Ender: Damage is adjusted to 298%~385%, number of hits adjusted to 7.

  • Eunwol
  • Spirit Trap: An error where a message would not not be displayed when the skill is used on enemies that were resistant to binds has been fixed.
  • Expert Knuckle Mastery: A 1%~10% Final Damage boost effect has been added to the skill.
  • Spirit Summoning Circle: Damage is adjusted to 624%~1200%.

  • Resistance

    All Resistance
  • Resistance Line Infantry: Damage has been adjusted to 223%~415%.

  • Demon Slayer
  • Demon Awakening: Final Damage boost has been removed, buff duration has been adjusted to 36~60 seconds.
  • Demon Cry: Damage is adjusted to 370%~515%, number of hits adjusted to 7.
  • Blue Blood: An error where certain images would appear awkwardly during the cast effect has been fixed.

  • Demon Avenger
  • Demon Frenzy: The skill now reduces damage taken from attacks (including % HP attacks) by 30%.
  • Blood Feast: Adjusted consuming of HP to 3% per seconds instead of 4%.

  • Blaster
  • Charge Skill Changes: The issue where using Charge skills while using other skills to cancel their actions repeatedly would sometimes cause the client to shutdown has been alleviated.
  • Shockwave Drive: Damage boost has been decreased to 82%~140%.
  • Magnum Flash: Damage boost has been decreased to 122%~160%.

  • Battle Mage
  • Battle Mastery: Critical Damage boost has been adjustsed to 1~20%.
  • Staff Expert: Critical Damage boost has been adjusted to 6~20%.
  • Union Aura: Extra damage has been adjusted to 300%.
  • Black Magic Altar: Altar duration has been adjusted to 40 seconds, altar preparation can be only done after 25 seconds, cooldown has been adjusted by 0.5 second.
  • Dark Chain: Can now be linked to Blow Skills and Battle Burst.
  • Battle Burst: Can now be linked to Blow Skills.
  • Spell Boost: Magic Attack boost has been adjusted to 10~25%.

  • Wild Hunter
  • Wild Arrow Blast: Damage has been adjusted to 282%~340%.
  • Wild Arrow Blast - Boss Rush: Damage increment has been adjusted to 20%.
  • Drill Container Unit: While riding a Jaguar, damage to regular monsters will now be increased by 10%.
  • Extend Magazine: All Stats boost has been adjusted to 2~60 All Stats, 20% Damage boost has been replaced with a 5~15% Final Damage boost.
  • Feral Fury: Attack now has a 100% chance of inflicting the maximum number of Another Bite debuffs.
  • Jaguar Storm: Summon duration has been adjusted to 40 seconds.

  • Xenon
  • Surplus Overload: The skill now consumes 250 MP upon activation, and continuously consumes 199~175 MP per second.
  • OOPArts Code: The 30% Damage boost has been replaced with a 10~25% Final Damage boost.

  • Mechanic
  • Micro Missiles: Damage has been adjusted to 442%~850%, cooldown adjusted to 25 seconds, adjusted to fire 30 micro missiles.

  • Nova

  • Guardian of Nova: An error where the previous Kaisers would disappear has been fixed.
  • Ancestral Prominence: The skill now increases the Morph Gauge by 50 when used.
  • Tempest Blade: Devastate: Fire Damage has been adjusted to 700%.

  • Angelic Buster
  • Soul Seeker: An error where only 1 orb would be created when fighting 1 enemy has been fixed.
  • Soul Shooter Expert: Critical Damage boost has been adjusted to 1%~15%.

  • Child of God

  • Formulae Changes: Lapis/Lazuli’s attack additional options logic has been changed to match other jobs’ weapons. Existing characters’ items will be automatically modified.
  • Air Riot: An error where the shockwave activation delay was changed has been fixed. Critical Damage boost has been adjusted to 12%~50%.

  • Other World

  • Pure Energy: Replaces the skill, Pure Power.
  • Increase Mental Power: Replaces the skill, Psychic Reinforcement.
  • ESP Battle Order: Skill has been changed to passive.
  • Psychic Grab: Vertical attack range has been increased.
  • Psychic Grab II: Vertical attack range has been increased.


    Theme Dungeons and Quests below Level 100 have been adjusted. The following questlines have their EXP and rewards increased:
  • Ellinel Fairy Academy
  • Kerning City Swamp
  • Riena Strait
  • Land of Boars
  • Mushroom Castle
  • Sleepywood Dungeon
  • Orbis Garden
  • Elnath
  • Verne Mine
  • Ariant (Sahel)
  • Heliseum

  • The starting level for Blockbuster and Spinoff contents have been adjusted as follows:
  • Friends Story: Level 100 and above
  • Black Heaven: Level 120 and above
  • Heroes of Maple: Level 135 and above

  • Medal quests are now available for several regional questlines!
  • Kerning City Swamp
  • Orbis Garden
  • Ariant (Sahel)



  • A new category of monsters, Erdas, have been added to Monster Life! Along with that, Monster Life has now included the newly released monsters including the ones that reside along the Arcane River.
  • Monster Combination has been revamped, there is a chance that you can obtain a specific monster that you want! This is only available for monsters up to S grade.
  • Beauty Points Cap has been increased to 999,999. Extra benefits come with higher Beauty Points! Decorate your farm to have the best farm around.
  • Road Network has been added. There will be bonuses when a road network is placed around buildings (increased Waru), and around decorations (increased Beauty Points). Maximize your road network bonus effect!
  • Rankings have been added to Monster Life. Top 3 farms in each category will be shown. Work to be the very best farm and have your farm name on the rankings! Rankings are available for the following:
  •    →Visitors
       →Assembly Count
  • Monster Life Coin Shop has been revamped.
  •    →Fairy Tear now works differently, now restoring HP and MP at fixed intervals. Using multiple Fairy Tears will increase its effect.
       →Monster Life Farm Reset Scroll can now be purchased in the shop. This item will reset your farm, except for the farm name and the amount of Gems.
       →Mastery Books can now be bought from the shop.
       →Several items are now removed from the Monster Life shop.


  • Entry restrictions for Cross World Party Quests have been removed. Monsters in the PQ now have fixed stats and individual characters will have adjusted stats.
  • EXP rewards have been increased and the upper limit of Level 180 for EXP reward has been removed. Party Quest EXP Booster will no longer be available.
  • Party Points system will be reworked, and existing Party Points will be converted accordingly. You can revive in Party Quests with 10 Party Points.
  • The Party Points shop has also been updated with Party Quest items.
  • New quests have also been added for rewards upon completing certain Party Quest’s criteria!
  • Moon Bunny Cross World Party Quest is now easier to complete.
  • Ariant Tournament is now added as a Cross World Party Quest. Team up and collect Spirit Jewels!

  • image


  • For Root Abyss Bosses, all party members will be moved when the party leader enters the portal to the boss map.
  • Upon defeating Lucid (Normal/Hard), dead party members in the map will be respawned in the reward map.
  • Fantastic Theme Park has been fitted with a new BGM.
  • God of Control content has been removed from the game.
  • The date format present on the expiry of items and in general has their formats changed to DD/MM/YYYY. Not all date formats have been changed.
  • The effect of Cooldown Reduction Potential on items have been changed on skills with a cooldown of less than 10 seconds.
  • The HP of Hekaton is increased and is now scaled to the amount of character levels in the map. Players among the top 50% of the Hekaton rankings will also receive more rewards.
  • The HP of Ursus is increased. The Mesos reward for “C” ranking and above has been increased as well. An additional restriction has been added to disqualify players from entering matchmaking for 10 minutes if they have previously failed to respond to a completed Ursus matching.
  • Bot prevention measures have been put in place at Ardentmill’s harvesting maps.
  • Directional keys mini-games are no longer separated by colour and the arrows can be repeated.
  • Level Range Monsters have been adjusted to be between -20 to +20 of your character's level. The exception for monsters above level 150 has been removed. Elite Monsters and Bosses will now spawn according to the new criteria. (For example, a level 225 character’s Level Range Monster will be between levels 205 to 245.)
  • With the abovementioned changes, please take note that events/quests that require you to hunt monsters will take into effect of the new Level Range Monsters, while events/quests that require you to collect item drops from monsters will instead apply the previous format. All changes will be fully applied with the next Content Update (v171+).
  • Cursed Runes have been added to the game. Runes will now spawn regardless of level, and after a certain period of not using a rune in the map, the rune will become cursed. The EXP and drop rate from the monsters affected in a map by the Cursed Rune will decrease in stages.
  •    →Cursed Stage 1: 50% EXP/Drop Rate decrease
       →Cursed Stage 2: 65% EXP/Drop Rate decrease
       →Cursed Stage 3: 80% EXP/Drop Rate decrease
       →Cursed Stage 4: 100% EXP/Drop Rate decrease


  • Upon usage of any rune, you will receive the Liberated Rune power and will not be affected by Cursed Runes. This can be seen in the buffs section on the top right of your screen.
  • Runes can now be used regardless of level. However, if your character level is 20 levels or lower, the rune will break (and curse, if any) and you will not receive the rune effects.
  • The way Lucky Items work in sets have been changed. Only one Lucky item will be recognized if multiple Lucky Items are now equipped. Lucky items will now be included in all sets that have at least 3 pieces of a set, and if the Lucky Item matches an empty slot in the set.

  • image

  • Meso Market now requires a minimum of level 60.
  • Dream Breaker Coin Exchange input window has been removed.


  • An error where the player was unable to exit Hieizan’s Main Hall if the player was in a different map when Princess Nou was killed has been fixed.
  • An error where the incorrect entry limit is shown in the Boss UI for Princess Nou has been fixed.
  • An error where the BGM would not go back to normal after the BGM changes due to events (Bonus Stage in Elite Boss) has been fixed.
  • An error where Dual Blade’s Mirrored Target would not get attacked has been fixed.
  • Minor Text Fixes.