16 Oct 2017

Zest and Zeal Event Notes Part 2 (v170)

Dear Maplers,

Thought it was over? Nope! Zest it up for the rest of the events lined up for you this Autumn (…or Spring as Cassandra thinks it is)!

Table of Contents

1. Sunday Maple Benefits
2. Sweet Race, The Honey
3. Colorful Maple!
4. Hallocat’s Halloween Party
5. Dice Master
6. Pre-Nova Hot Week



Sunday Maple Benefits are not over yet! We have a few more Sundays to go, so sit tight and enjoy these benefits in store for you.

Please take note that Sunday Maple Benefits starts at 0000hrs and ends at 2359hrs.

Fourth Sunday: 22 October 2017

  • 50% Off Inner Ability Reset Honor Point Cost
  • Burning Fields last longer
  • Burning Fields max stage increased to 15

  • Fifth Sunday: 29 October 2017

  • Free 4 pieces of 2x EXP (30mins) coupons
  • Additional combo kill orb every 99 combo

  • Sixth Sunday: 5 November 2017

  • 30% discount on Spell Trace upgrade cost
  • 5x higher chance of exchanging 10 Soul Shards for an Augmented Soul
  • 2 Elite Monsters are summoned instead of 1



    sniffs What’s that sweet, fragrant aroma? It’s the sweet sweet smell of honey!
    Honey! Honey! Bee! has found all kinds of amazing benefits that come with honey that’s all around Maple World!
    Enjoy the many sweet benefits that come with Honey! Honey! Bee! in Maple World!

    Duration: 18 October 2017, 1000hrs – 31 October 2017, 2359hrs

    Sweet Honey Benefits

  • Elite Monsters will appear at a faster rate with a higher chance
  • Runes will give 200% EXP buff instead of 100%
  • Sudden Missions will appear more often, and daily clear limit has been doubled to 6 times
  • Flame Wolf will now award 2x the amount of EXP

  • Sweets Attendance Check

    Duration: 18 October 2017, 1000hrs – 31 October 2017, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
    How to Start:
    Accept the quest in the Attendance icon from the Star icon on the left of the screen

    Event Mechanics

  • Accept the attendance quest daily, and defeat 2,000 Level Range Monsters!
  • Upon completion, click the Complete button to obtain a stamp on your Attendance Board
  • Each reward can be claimed only ONCE per MapleID

  • Rewards

  • Fairy’s Pendant (7 days)
  • Special Medal of Honor (7 days)
  • Spell Trace x2000
  • Yellow Cube x2 (7 days)
  • Special Medal of Honor (7 days)
  • Storm Growth Potion (7 days)
  • Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon (7 days)
  • Epic Potential Scroll 50% (7 days)
  • Golden Carving Stamp (7 days)
  • Purple Cube x2 (7 days)
  • It’s Raining Honey Medal
  •    – All Stats +30, Max HP/MP +2000, WA/MA +10, Boss Damage +10%, IED +10%
       – Stats will last for 14 days
  • Save Damage Skin Slot x1 Expansion Coupon (7 days)
  • Trait Boost Potion (7 days)
  • Damage Skin – Honey! Honey! Bee! (7 days)

  • honeyDmgSkin

    * Note: Level Range Monsters for hunting monsters refer to monsters between -20 and +20 of your character’s level with no exceptions for monsters above a certain level.


    Cassandra has been confused by the many events happening in Maple World that she is convinced its now spring!
    There’s colourful flowers blooming here and there, and such beautiful days are incomplete without Cassandra’s events.
    Cassandra has prepared the Colourful Maple event, thinking of all the warriors in Maple World. Four weeks benefits are lined up for you, the Maplers!

    Duration: 25 October 2017, 1000hrs ~ 14 November 2017, 2359hrs

    Week 1 Benefits

    Duration: 18th October 1000hrs – 24th October 2359hrs
  • Ghost Park
  •    – 2x EXP in Ghost Park
       – Free 2x EXP Coupon (30 min) upon clear, obtainable once per day
  • Profession
  •    – Free Fatigue Recovery Potions x3, obtainable once per day
       – 2x Crafting/Gathering/Mining mastery
       – 2x Gathering Empathy
       – 2x Mining Insight

    Week 2 Benefits

    Duration: 25th October 1000hrs – 31st October 2359hrs
  • Monster Collection
  •    – 2x higher chance of registering a monster in your collection
       – Exploration Expedition time lowered by half
  • Evolving System
  •    – 3x Monster Hunting EXP
       – 2x Coin Drop Rate
       – Evolving Coin Shop has special event items for sale

    Week 3 Benefits

    Duration: 1st November 1000hrs – 7th November 2359hrs
  • Maple Union
  •    – 2x Daily Quest Coin Rewards
       – Union rank-up cost lowered by half
       Note: Bonus Daily Quest Coin Rewards do not count towards the weekly Union Coin Rankings.
  • Dimension Invade
  •    – 2x Monster Hunting EXP
       – 2x Loot Box Reward

    Week 4 Benefits

    Duration: 8th November 1000hrs – 14th November 2359hrs
  • Mu Lung Dojo
  •    – 2x Dojo Points
       – 2x EXP gained in Mu Lung Training Center
       – Mu Lung Points Shop has special event items for sale
  • Monster Life
  •    – Free Monster Life Gem x7 Coupon, obtainable once per day
       – 2x Tutorial EXP
       – 2x Waru storage and generation rate
       – 2x success rate when combining Special Monsters
       – Free Automatic Harvest of Waru


    It’s time for Halloween again! This year, we have cute Cat O’Lantern and Trick or Treat activities in store for you.
    Give and receive Halloween candy among your friends, and stand to win rewards and prizes from Hallocat!
    Duration: 25 October 2017 (After Maintenance) ~ 7 November 2017, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)

    Event Mechanics

    Obtain Halloween Candies through hunting Elite Monsters, Level Range Monsters and the Halloween Big Pumpkin Monster found in Henesys and Leafre every hour!

  • Obtain items by double clicking on the Halloween candy! Word has it that if you are lucky, you might even obtain a chair…
  •    – Pumpkin Flavor Halloween Candy
       – Trick or Treat Candy
       – Halloween Candy with a strong flavor (Gives 20 WA/MA for 15 min)
       – Extra Large Halloween Candy Chair

    Cat O’Lantern Growth

    Make your Cat O’Lantern stronger using Pumpkin Flavoured Halloween Candies!

    How to Start: Accept the quest, [Halloween] Hallocat’s Halloween Party!, from the Star notifier.
  • 5 Pumpkin Flavor Halloween Candy are needed for every level of enhancement.
  • There are 10 levels of enhancement for each available stat.
  • Obtainable Enhancement stats:
  •    – Attack/magic attack: 0~20
       – Damage when attacking regular monsters: 0%~20%
       – Damage when attacking Boss monsters: 0%~20%
       – Ignore Enemy Defense: 0%~20%
       – Critical Rate: 0%~20%

    Daily Reward

    Hallocat has a gift for you every day, if you have leveled your Cat O’Lantern sufficiently!
    How to Start: Accept the quest, [Halloween] HalloCat’s Everyday Cat O’Lantern Gift!, from the Star notifier.
  • Day 1 (October 25): Cat O’Lantern level 1 or higher
  •    – 3 2x Exp Coupons (15 mins)
  • Day 2 (October 26): Cat O’Lantern level 4 or higher
  •    – Special Medal of Honor
  • Day 3 (October 27): Cat O’Lantern level 7 or higher
  •    – Yelllow Cube
  • Day 4 (October 28): Cat O’Lantern level 10 or higher
  •    – Crimson Resurrection Flame
  • Day 5 (October 29): Cat O’Lantern level 13 or higher
  •    – Halloween Mask Coupon (coupon lasts 14 days, mask obtained is permanent)
       – Hallocat Buddies Chair (Permanent)
  • Day 6 (October 30): Cat O’Lantern level 16 or higher
  •    – Golden Hammer 100%
  • Day 7 (October 31): Cat O’Lantern level 19 or higher
  •    – Prepared Spirit Pendant (7 days)
  • Day 8 (November 1): Cat O’Lantern level 22 or higher
  •    – Purple Cube
  • Day 9 (November 2): Cat O’Lantern level 25
  •    – Epic Potential Scroll 50%
  • Day 10 (November 3): Cat O’Lantern level 25
  •    – Special Additional Potential Scroll 100%
  • Day 11 (November 4): Cat O’Lantern level 25
  •    – Rainbow Resurrection Flame
  • Day 12 (November 5): Cat O’Lantern level 30
  •    – Miracle Circulator
  • Day 13 (November 6): Cat O’Lantern level 40
  •    – Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon
  • Day 14 (November 7): Cat O’Lantern level 50
  •    – Rainbow Resurrection Flame

    Trick or Treat! Ranking Event


    Share your Trick or Treat Candy with your friends!
  • Obtain Trick or Treat Candy by clicking your Halloween Candy.
  • Sit down on your Trick or Treat Chair, and others can click on you for candy!
  • Obtain candy by clicking on other players sitting on the Trick or Treat Chair.

  • During the event period from 25 October 2017 (After Maintenance) ~ 7 November 2017, 2359hrs,
  • If you are Rank 1 to 100 in giving Trick or Treat Candy, you will get:
  •    – Damage Skin – Hallocat
       – Halloween Witch Hat
       – Extra Large Halloween Candy Chair
  • If you are Rank 101 to 1031 in giving Trick or Treat Candy, you will get:
  •    – Damage Skin – Hallocat
       – Halloween Witch Hat
    Note: You can only obtain Trick or Treat Candy 5 times a day per character from clicking other players.

    Hallocat’s Halloween Mask Gift

    How to Start: Accept the quest, [Halloween] HalloCat’s Everyday Halloween Mask Gift!, from the Star notifier.
  • Get a free temporary Halloween Mask every day from Hallocat!
  •    – Halloween Vampire Mask
       – Halloween Frankenstein Mask
       – Halloween Skull Mask
       – Halloween Warewolf Mask
       – Halloween Mummy Mask
  • If you collect all Halloween Masks, you will be able to obtain Halloween Mask Coupon that lets you obtain a permanent mask of your choice!



    Never lost a single board game before? Bored of training or hunting or doing mundane daily tasks?
    This one’s for you, take on the challenge of Game Developer Jun for a fun-filled game experience, and many rewards!
    Duration: 1 November 2017 (After Maintenance) – 14 November 2017, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
    How to Start: Accept the quest from the Star icon > Dice Master icon on the left of the screen

    Event Mechanics

  • Dice Master is a Board Game in MapleStory.
  • Collect Dice from Level Range Monsters to participate in the event!
  • 10 dices will be required to enter 1 round.
  • You can participate up to 5 times a day in the same World.
  • Your main goal is to roll the dices, move your character along the board and make it to the end of the map! Simple, isn’t it?
  • Tiles on the Dice Master Board differs, and some of them will activate a special effect.
  • You can obtain EXP, Mesos, Enhancement supplies, and Honor EXP!
  • However, some tiles serve to deter your journey by moving you backwards. Look out for them!
  • If you step on a special DICE BATTLE tile, Game Developer Jun will pop out of nowhere to challenge you to a DICE BATTLE!
  • There are two kinds of Dice Battles that you will encounter:
  •    – Guess the Number: Game Developer Jun will roll two dices. Guess the sum of the two dices rolled! You gain an extra dice for guessing correctly, but you will lose a dice if you guessed the wrong range.
       – THE DICE BATTLE: Both you and Game Developer Jun will roll 3 dices. The one with the higher sum wins! If you win, you gain an extra dice. However, if you lose, you will move back the difference between the two sums. (Imagine rolling a sum of 3 against an 18. Brutal, huh?)


    Play Dice Master and win a certain amount of times for various event exclusive rewards!
  • Clear Dice Master 1 time – 2X EXP Coupon (30 min)
  • Clear Dice Master 2 times – Golden Hammer 100% x2
  • Clear Dice Master 3 times – Epic Potential Scroll 50%
  • Clear Dice Master 4 times – Trait Boost Potion
  • Clear Dice Master 5 times – Safety Charm x10 Coupon
  • Clear Dice Master 7 times – Damage Skin – Dice Master
  • Clear Dice Master 9 times – Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon
  • Clear Dice Master 12 times – Dice God (Medal)
  • Clear Dice Master 15 times – Rainbow Resurrection Flame Double Pack
  • Clear Dice Master 18 times – Special Additional Potential Scroll 100%
  • Clear Dice Master 21 times – Dice Master Chair

  • diceReward

    Dices can be obtained from level range monsters.
    Note: Level Range Monsters for item drops refer to monsters between -10 and +20 of your character’s level, and if you’re above level 150, any monsters above level 150 will count.
    P.S.: Having a hard time landing on the tiles you want? Do you think this game is rigged? Well you can too, just be careful not to get caught… wink


    Can you wait for Nova? No one can! Let’s bring Novamber in with daily gifts right before Nova hits!
    Duration: 8th November 2017 (After Maintenance) – 14th November 2017, 2359hrs
    Requirement: Level 33+ (Zero classes must complete Story Chapter 2)
    How to Start: Click on the icon on the left side of the screen.

    Event Mechanics

  • Log in daily and receive gifts!
  • Receive different rewards daily once per world.
  • Collect all Hot Week Boxes to be rewarded with a bonus reward on the last day!

  • Hot Week Rewards

  • Wednesday, 8th November 2017 – EXP 2x Coupon x3
  • Thursday, 9th November 2017 – Special Medal of Honor
  • Friday, 10th November 2017 – Select Tab 4 Slot Coupon
  • Saturday, 11th November 2017 – Innocent Scroll 60%
  • Sunday, 12th November 2017 – Spell Trace x150
  • Monday, 13th November 2017 – Carved Golden Seal
  • Tuesday, 14th November 2017 – NOVA Coin x30

  • Hot Week Bonus

  • If you have collected all Hot Week Boxes between 8th November – 14th November, a bonus gift will be available on Tuesday, 14th November 2017!
  • Apart from receiving the regular reward on 14th November, you can choose one more reward from the list of items that were given out between 8th to 14th of November!
  • To be eligible for the bonus gift, you must have collected the daily reward at least once per World.