10 Jan 2017

Afterlands Patch Notes (v164)


Ever wondered what happens to MapleStory characters that have died and never resurrected in game?

Discover a journey beyond the land of the living, a place many have stumbled upon only to remain there forever, never to return!


A place, known only as the Afterlands.

The Afterlands is made up of 5 different areas. It is mentioned that people who visited the Afterlands eventually became content and accepted their fate, abandoning any glimpse of hope of seeking a way out. Your task is so explore the Afterlands and find a way to unlock the sealed Gate, through a series of quests that needs to be solved like a puzzle.

Requirement: Level 75+, Zero classes must have completed at least Chapter 2 of their Main Story Quests
How to Start: Click on the image icon and accept the quest, '[Afterlands] A Voice Asking for Help'

Primal Land


The way out is guarded by a massive door, sealed with 12 different locks. The 12 keys lie somewhere within Afterlands, whether as a reward for completing quests, tasks or even exploring under specific conditions.

Twelve keys will set you free,
    Twelve keys you must find.
While some are plain obvious to see,
    Others hidden from eyes but not the mind.

NPC Ailet will be your guide during your journey in the Afterlands, but be wary! Ailet does not wish to see you succeed in unlocking the door.

Land of Warriors


The land of trueborn fighters, the people of this land are doomed to live in an endless cycle of temporal glorification.

Battle-hardened in the daylight and joyful merrymakers by nightfall, to prove yourself you must earn the title of the Greatest Warrior of the Day, and learn the ways of the people of the Land of the Warrior to unlock secrets that may help you find the keys to unlock the sealed Gate.

Land of Fortunes


The land of riches, the people of this land have kept themselves within some sort of a safehouse, living with the constant notion of worrying about the wealth and treasure that they have kept.

However the unhealthy obsession has led some of them astray from being normal, leading to the conclusion that there is more than what meets the eye in the safehouse. Learn what you can of the plight of some of the people of the Land of Riches and assist them, for some may hold the key to your problem.

Land of Meditation


There is only peace and serenity here, unfortunately it comes with a price. The colors found within the Land of Meditation have been all but drained away by an unknown enigma. Here is where you will meet NPC Adler, who will be able to lend you some assistance with figuring out the ways of the Afterlands.

Help bring color back into their life, dear adventurer!

Land of Innocence


Finally, the Land of Innocence. While color is vibrant and joyful of life, the inhabitants of this Land are only children.

However be wary, for things in the Afterlands may be affected depending on the mood of some of these children. Some feelings may be necessary to be triggered, for underneath the emotions lie secrets to be uncovered.

Extra Notes:

• The Afterlands is a solo instance-based content, while you can party up, you will not be able to see your party members while in the Afterlands
• The Afterlands revolves around the system of time and weather
• As you go through the introductory quests, you will learn about how to control these elements that will assist you in your objective(s)
• You will not be able to traverse each Land normally, there is a strict order that you must follow
• Hunting zones within each Land has a limited time of 10 minutes
• Monsters in these zones will scale according to your level
• Hidden quests in the Afterlands are not indicated anywhere - take your time and carefully explore each region!
*Tip* Make use of the mini-map to figure out where hidden quests may appear!

Content Rewards:

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