19 Jan 2021

Sengoku Era 3 Patch Notes (v201)

Dear Maplers,

Konichiwa! The Sengoku Era is back! Along with it, comes a few changes to the patch update! So let’s go~!



1. Zero Class Creation Restriction
2. Pink Bean Creation Reopened
3. Miscellaneous Updates

Zero Class Creation Restriction

It’s been fun~


As of v.201 update, Zero class creation will be restricted. Stay tuned for future updates on it’s reopening~!

Pink Bean Creation Reopened



Creation Period: 27th January 2021, After Patch ~ 23rd February 2021, 2359hrs

Pink Bean is back! For a limited time only, players can create Pink Bean characters in Pink Bean World! Don’t miss out!

For more information regarding Pink Bean World, do refer to the Sengoku Era 3 Event Notes (v.201)!

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Fixed an issue where the Infinite Cluster weapon will have no cash effect when jumping
  • Fixed an issue where players could link more than 12 link skills.
      ➢ Players that currently have more than 12 Received Link Skills would have their link skills initialised/reset.
  • Fixed an issue where certain quests in Lacheln will display the wrong quest Dialogue NPC
  • Fixed an issue where Hoya Hat, T-shirt, Shorts & Weapon can be applied with Avatar Scissors of Karma.
  • Fixed an issue where cancelling Viper’s Transformation will cause characters to be stripped of their appearance
  • Fixed an issue where an abnormal phenomenon will occur when excessively clicking on the enhance button while Star Forcing
  • Ursus Golden Time will be adjusted to 1900hrs-2259hrs starting from this update.
  • Fixed an issue where Cute Dinosaur Mount will cause the client to abruptly terminate itself while having Devil’s Contract or Devil’s Summoning equipped