28 Mar 2017

[Gachapon Update 290317] How March is too March?

Dear Maplers,

This week, the Gachapon Machines in Maple World have been filled with a variety of items, such as Absolabs Weapons, Upgrade Scrolls, a special Android and Android Heart:

• Absolabs Weapons
• 12 Star Force Enhancement for Item of Required Level 160 Coupon
• Damienroid
• Fairy Heart
• Sweet Donut Mount Coupon
• Shopping Cart Mount Coupon
• Cheer For Me! Chair
• Damage Skin - Star Star
• Various Resurrection Flames; Level 110 to 140
• Premium Pet Equipment ATT/M ATT Scroll 100%
• Premium Accessory ATT/M ATT Scroll 100%

(Images above show only a partial selection of the items that can be obtained)

- MapleSEA Administrator