30 Jul 2019

[Gachapon Update 310719] Almost Anni-Hilla-tion

Dear Maplers,

The following items will be added into Gachapon Machines for 1 week!

Assorted Black Scrolls (One-Handed ATT, One-Handed M.ATT, Two-Handed ATT, Two-Handed M.ATT, Accessory ATT, Accessory M.ATT)
Ring Accessory Recipes (White Angelic, Dark Angelic, All Mighty Ring)
Maple Mania Hilla Card**


(Images above show only a partial selection of obtainable items)

**Note : Players are reminded that the Maple Mania event will be ending by 6th August 2019, 2359hrs (GMT +8). If you still wish to get the Hilla Card to complete your card collection, this update will be your final chance.

- MapleSEA Administrator