25 May 2022

[Gachapon Update 250522] Summer's Divine Destiny

It is your des~ Oh


Note : You can obtain the Breath of Divinity Ring through the Gachapon even if you already have one in your inventory. However, as a general rule of thumb, please be reminded that the item is a "One-of-a-kind" type, so you will not be able to obtain another one through trade, looting, withdrawing from storage or Auction House, or any other basic item transfer operation.


Note : Rewards listed above shows only a partial selection of obtainable items

Gachapon Ticket Piece Update

  • Exchange your Gachapon Ticket Piece immediately for the new Summer Night Firefly Chair!
  • Note : Summer Night Firefly Chair is Tradeable.


    GENTLE REMINDER : We would like to remind all players to trade items with the appropriate in-game Trade or Cash Trade function, instead of using alternative methods that are not intended for in-game item trading, such as drop trading.