22 Aug 2017

[Gachapon Update 230817] Star Forced

Dear Maplers,

This week, the Gachapon Machines will have the following items included!

12 Star Force Enhancement Scrolls for lvl 150/160 Equipment
Accessory Attack/M. Attack Scrolls 100%
Unique Circulator
"Days of the Week" Badges*
Terminus Weapon Series

(Images above show only a partial selection of the items that can be obtained)

*What are "Days of the Week" Badges?
• There are a total of 7 badges - Mano, Chiyou, Botan, Donar, Fruba, Saturnus & Junna
• Each badge comes with the following stats: +7 All Stats, +7 Weapon/Magic Attack
• The badges come with bonus stats when worn on a specific day

- MapleSEA Administrator