18 Apr 2023

[Gachapon Update 190423] Here comes the Reaper

The Reaper is here.


(Rewards listed above show only a partial selection of obtainable items)

Gachapon Ticket Piece Update

150 Gachapon Ticket Piece for Damage Skin - 3D Drawing! #VALUE

Note: Jumping Frog Chair and Damage Skin - 3D Drawing are tradeable.


Note: Items in this reward rotation will be available from 19 April 2023 (After Patch) to 17 May 2023 (Before Maintenance).

GENTLE REMINDER: We would like to remind all players to trade items with the appropriate in-game Trade or Cash Trade function, instead of using alternative methods that are not intended for in-game item trading, such as drop trading.

May the RNG be with you~