19 Apr 2017

[Gachapon Update 190417] It's Scarlet Fever Again in April

Dear Maplers,

This week, the Gachapon Machines in Maple World have been filled with a variety of items, such as Scarlet Accessories and other various items:

• Scarlet Ring
• Scarlet Earring
• Scarlet Shoulderpads
• Accessory ATT Scroll 100%
• Accessory Magic Attack Scroll 100%
• Super Hero Mount Coupon (90 days)
• Damage Skin - Purple

(Images above show only a partial selection of the items that can be obtained)

Scarlet equipment are items that can take the place of an equipment slot to provide the added bonus in a set effect ("Joker Set"). However, if there is more than one set effect to be found, the item will only apply to the set effect that belongs to the highest item level.

- MapleSEA Administrator